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   Someone requested photos of the soles, so I thought I'd attach them here.
I have a brooks brothers linen black fleece windowpane shirt for sale, sized BB1. (blue checks on white linen) I bought this shirt last year and it ended up not fitting me the way I'd like - I never got around to returning it, and it has been worn only to try it on. (for all intents and purposes, its new) - $75 OBO (200ish new) I have another brooks brothers shadow grid spread collar shirt for sale, also sized BB1. This one is blue/green squares on white. I wore this...
I have a pair of black ralph lauren oxfords(? actually, I'm not sure what these are) for sale. There's a rubber addon for the sole on them right now, and I used them to walk around on rainy days. My job no longer requires me to do much walking, or to wear dress shoes any longer, so I'm offering these up for sale. They're made in England, though I'm not sure what the make/model are. They've been in trees since I've had them.
I have a large superdry leather brad jacket for sale. I bought it back in 2009, if I remember right, and just find myself not wearing it much anymore and needing more closet space. Looking for a good home! Price includes shipping in the lower 48.
Am I missing something? the prices online are all in pounds, and cost quite a bit more than they would from c&j direct.
To get that last 5-10%, yes you must go bespoke or be very fortunate with your build. If you need to have 10+ jackets/suits, going through the learning process with a tailor makes plenty of sense. if someone were to buy 1 or 2 suits that they wanted to look great - off the rack is not necessarily a bad choice.who is TaT?
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