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Price drop! From $200 to $185.
Up for sale is a brand new, unused Filson Rugged Twill & Leather Medium Field Bag in Black. Decided it was too big for me. Excludes shipping, which is from Singapore.
Hi, not sure if this should be posted here but here goes: i just bought a pair of Church's called Coppice. However i cant seem to find any info about it online. It's from an outlet though. Just wondering if it's discontinued or what? Thanks!
Anyone has the Rugged Twill & Leather Medium Field Bag? Hows the leather flap? I guess its no longer waterproof then?
Price drop. Now going for $180.
SOLD! Thanks for all the queries! Up for sale is a Yves Saint Laurent YCONE Cardholder in green. Has 5 card compartments and 1 zip compartment. Only been used twice and in perfect condition. Comes with certificate of authenticity.
Up for sale is a pair of BN Rayban Original Wayfarer 2140 54mm. Purchased from an optical shop and decided it wasn't suitable after trying it on again at home. Confirmed authentic - check out the RB etching on the left lens in the last picture. Comes with two booklets, cleaning cloth and leather case.
I eventually sent a message to the Sportco customer service asking about it. However, before they got a chance to reply me, I went ahead to order the out-of-stock Brown Medium Field Bag as the sale was ending soon and made payment for it. Thereafter, I got a reply saying that I could not order items that were stated unavailable. I then replied by saying I had already gone ahead to order. It's been a few days and I still have not gotten a reply. I'm just surprised they...
Anyone knows if Sportco is out of stock in brown for the medium field bag, can i still place an order for it?
Im thinking between the medium field bag and the small carryon bag. But I read from that the way the strap hangs from the small carryon is kind of awkward. However, fitting a 13" macbook pro would be quite a stretch for the medium field bag. Any advice on this?
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