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Any Canadians in the mood to spread some Christmas cheer and act at a proxy for me so I can grab some Veilance tshirts and hooded vest from SportingLife?
MatSE is a field with a lot of opportunities and the programs generally offer more specialization than what you get from a BME program that can leave you trying to put together the pieces for yourself at times - from my perspective at least. That being said, I know MechE's who are doing software engineering and most other combinations that exist. I recommend you go into the strongest and most general program you can get in to at the university that you choose (think EE,...
You have a very nice mismo offering.. wouldn't mode a discount on that
M2 is going to be the nicest place and the nicest location, but as of last year it was still pretty sparsely populated. The mexican place mentioned above is called Maize and it's good. Radio Maria and Big Grove Tavern are other good places to eat, Bacaro is the top tier place and Papa Dels is where you get pizza if you have any interest in Chicago style. As far as bars where you can avoid undergrads.. I have no advice since I was only there for undergrad. Depending on...
Polyrock that looks insanely good
Can someone post a link to a gallery of the various boots that moto has to offer? Thanks
If anybody sees the plain brown cardigan from this season in a large at a store or something drop me a message, I'd really appreciate it
That looks really good, with added slit pockets like the ones on the new CM it'd be perfect. Just sayin'
This is a one off that TOJ did, one of the most coveted jackets they've ever created. Probably has been worn 10 times between me and the original owner (Razele). Beautiful jacket, light grey, very minimalist and the only one of it's kind. Put through a soak by the TOJ guys which gives it great drape. Ideal for someone from size 50 up to a size 52 If interested please PM me, I have measurements on request as well. (I can also direct you to more, higher quality photos)
Can anybody tell me the lengths in the sleeves and body for the sweaters? (Don't really care about the small, just the medium and large)
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