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^ whats the point of a tie, its not like you cant keep your dress shirt on without it
^i not do know, but you have if check on Nordstrom rack, they do got it doscount sometimes on clarks DB
Quote: Originally Posted by syro Hi guys, I been looking into the Common Projects Achilles Perf Summer Edition and I have a question about sizing. I'm a true size 9, so does that make me a size 42? For references I'm size 9 in Clarks desert boots and 8.5 D in Allen Edmonds Strand. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you guys if you are 9 clark you are not a true size 9
drops on rainbows, now $30 for single stack, $35 for double! that's $15 off retail
drop yoko jacket
drop on OL jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y to burn with the hiking boots posted above. it's funny because these boots got nothing but praise in the b&s thread
added new rainbows 1 men's medium tan single stack 1 men's large black double stack
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