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drop to $210
What do you guys think about this?
I have a pair of cream suede ones that I will paint white shortly edit: they are MMM ones though, not the original gats sorry
-Paypal only -int'l please pm me -any questions please ask! I don't have measurements, but you can contact J crew online assistant or tell me your sizes you usually wear and I can let you know if they will fit similar. I tried on these jeans at home once and decided on another pair of jeans instead. BNWOT J. Crew 484 selvedge jean in raw indigo size 31/32 Our slimmest fit yet—this jean is a favorite among our designers (and rightfully so). This is the jean for the denim...
What's your usual waist size?
Looks fine to me
Sometimes the sizing is off, my medium navy stark that I'm selling fits similar to a size small stark, in length as well
Not sure on MDR or 2010 DR =/
If you want some for $10 let me know
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