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camel sold
Nice, where'd you find those? The heels looks a bit high though
From the looks of the denim its not NS, maybe LVC?
...if you can't touch your shoulders with your hands....
For Sale: LVC Levi's Selvedge 1967 505 Rigid jeans 32x34 BRAND NEW WITH TAGS Made in Turkey size: 32x34 Price: $145, retailed for $250 Features: Slim fit with slight taper from knee. 100% cotton rigid sanforized selvedge denim. Zipper fly Chainstitched hem
Yep exactly, so people should stop complaining about how fast CPs wear out etc..
yep, and I believe the soles on my filippa K's also use the same sole, and they were only $60.
I think it depends on how your heel strikes when you walk (overprone, neutral, underprone). I think if you're neutral then shoes tend to last longer since it doesn't wear out on one side as quickly.
They all use the same sole from the same factory, some might be the thinner version and some are the thicker version. But yeah, if you wear CPs like beaters, then they will wear out like beaters, simple as that. More expensive =/= lasting longer
honestly, I think you pay for the looks and not really the quality. I've had $20 shoes that last forever, but CPs which cost $200+ can only last half a year like you said. and that's because of the sole, it's not like they use some crazy sole, many designers use the same sole and they will all last the same time no matter which brand made the shoe. Sure, the leather might be "better" and stuff as the shoe gets more expensive but honestly once the sole wears out who cares...
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