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MMM Margiela GATs in original white/gray suede. Lamb/calf split leather. Worn around 15 times, but still in excellent condition.
i just had someone taper it for me, looks fine
Drops on black resin crinkle jeans
homer simpson
Yes exactly, those are teh perfect combz. I guess it takes a certain weight of denim and certain fit to achieve those. If the denim is too tight then you won't get defined fatty combs like those but instead you'll get female looking combs kind of like jeggings
Alright guys, so is there a tutorial on how to get teh perfect honeycombz? I'm looking for that super crisp, well defined honeycomb. I always get these squiggly vertical lines in between the combs and come on, we all know that's no bueno. Also, it looks weird if the combs are too narrow and squished. So any honeycomb Ph. D's out there who's got some tips?
big drops across the board
If anyone needs a size 42 in these same price let me know
Hmm, I'm guessing it would just fit like a regular cut Jcrew shirt, where it's not baggy persay but not that slim either. I haven't had experience with BB but maybe I'll drop by and try out their shirts
They fit exactly like my APC PS in the same size. Very great cut imo.
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