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I used paypal instead as the payment option and it works
I'm trying to order but it says street address not valid with postal code?
How do you size these compared to achilles?
-Paypal only -Pm me for shipping price Brand new Margiela for H&M sidezips size 43 in black leather. Fully leather lined.
that's because of the camera angle, a direct front shot would be better
-Paypal only -Shipping via USPS, pm me for price -Any questions, please ask! J. Crew Macalister shearling-lined boots size 9 US. Worn once. Retails for $199, yours for $85 "Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we're introducing a new cold-weather version of our most popular MacAlister boot. We gave it a slightly higher cut and lined it in soft shearling to keep you extra warm and well protected as the mercury drops. That means that now you can wear your...
-Paypal only -Shipping via USPS, pm me for price -Any questions, please ask! Quoddy Grizzly Boots size 9.5US, worn once. Top notch quality leather, with deerskin lining and a waterproof crepe sole. Comes with dust bags. Retails for $360, yours for $250 "Owned and operated by the Shorey family since 1909, Quoddy first became famous for its hand-sewn moccasins and is now also legendary for its time-honored craftsmanship and high level of artistry. Each pair of moccasins...
You should give sfers a deal, rather than selling them for more than twice the amount you paid for them
how about one without a filter on it lol
those are pretty bad imo
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