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All true. My point was that these have come around relatively recently, so that mixture of pure performance and practicality haven't been around terribly long or combined terribly often. Luxury sedans with 400-550 bhp are relatively new (other than those customized with aftermarket attachments).Doh, didn't even see a link there; was too distracted by the sheer ugliness of the car The fact that it's referred to as the GLE Coupe leaves open the possibility that the ML will...
No idea. And to be honest, it may be one of those "time will tell" situations. I mean think about it, how long have we really had production four-door sedans capable of sub-five second, let alone sup-four second 0-60 times? Used to be that the benchmark for a full-sized luxury car was six seconds, with the moderately tuned XJR, E/S55, 540/M5 and S6/8 being the "monsters" that posted 0-60 times of between five and six seconds. Those didn't require nearly the tuning and...
Is that the GLE? Wasn't there a post somewhere back about MB's new naming scheme, whereby the GL would become the GLS and the ML would become the GLE?Either way, ugly as balls.
BARF! It (along with the X4 and X6) look like those toy cars you used to get as a kid that you pulled back on, then released and watched them drive over the floor (and spin out or hit the wall). BMW bills its as "Sport Activity Coupes". Who the fuck wants a four-door, AWD coupe with that kind of ground clearance?!?!?! It looks like a 5 Series GT (ugly) and a VW Beetle (uglier) had a few too many drinks one night and this was the result.
Well, I'm not an engineer, so can't say for sure. I always think that things will achieve optimal performance/longevity when used as intended. For example, a self-winding wristwatch will probably wear better if worn daily so that the oils stay fluid (vs. non-wear, though less an issue with today's synthetics) and the manual winding/setting mechanisms aren't overtaxed (when compared to periodic wear that requires restarting and resetting). Or think of an airliner: on the...
With a shawl lapel, I agree 100%. With a peak I go back and forth. Something about a four button peak lapel DB DJ looks off balance to me. Not sure what it is... Maybe it's just the particular ones I've seen.
I think that DB Belvest looks great, why sell it? May need to let out a touch here and there and lengthen the sleeves a quarter inch, but unless it's uncomfortable or you don't like the look I would say keep and wear. As far as odd DJs go, I'd probably say go velvet since they're readily available, pretty classic and won't run the risk of looking cheesy (you'd have to go up to the Kiton level in order to get a textured one that didn't look like you were doing "creative"...
If something is designed to be a high performance machine, perhaps reliability would be better if it were used solely as a high performance machine. Perhaps parts intended to propel a car to 200 mph aren't well suited to the stop-and-go, rough road driving, frequent parallel parking, etc. done by those who use these as daily drivers.
The website still says "handcrafted" engines, so sounds like it. However that doesn't necessarily indicate greater reliability. My Patek has a movement built entirely by hand which has been rebuilt entirely by hand since I've owned it while my Rolex was built largely by robots and hasn't had a single issue (knock on wood).
Same age as me, but been into cars since I was about 11 so even if I didn't drive it I still appreciate the design and heritage and remember when it was featured in auto magazines (remember those?!) and could be seen in person when leaving WI to take trips to Chicago or Florida.
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