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That doesn't quite make sense; the difference is less than 200lbs, while the difference in weight between the S600 (V12) and S550 4MATIC (V8) is almost 300lbs (600 is heavier), yet the 600 is faster 0-60 than the 550.
Can someone explain how, if you go by MB's #s, the S65 takes 0.3 seconds longer to go from 0-60 than the S63? What, besides proverbial dick-measuring, do those extra four cylinders, 44 ponies and 74 lb-ft of torque do?!
I'll second the jacket/slacks/no tie suggestion. In the colder months, when everyone is wearing bulky outerwear anyways, a sweater in place of the coat could work (particularly if you're wearing a lab coat over anyways). Perhaps a V-neck sweater with a tie? As to the shoes, AE seems to offer amongst the widest range of sizes. Also, check My Habit (Gilt-like, owned by Amazon) since they tend to get lots of Ferragamo shoes in EEE widths. While not the best in the world they...
How would you be fastening the cuff with the link; like a button or like a double cuff, minus the folding of the cuff? My personal opinion is to avoid for two reasons: 1. If you're wearing links instead of using the buttons, chances are you want to use some cool links, but might wobble around since they were meant to go through twice as much fabric. 2. It looks silly to do this with the button still attached, so you'd need to remove it, thus losing the option of wearing...
Oh, and I would imagine that the new X5 has that minivan-like rear to better accommodate the third row of seats along with some cargo space. Latest MDX has a similar look, too.
While I've not driven the top end of any of the aforementioned makes, I can see what you mean from the photos. I like how Audi uses leather and wood materials, as well as the color combinations they come up with more than MB, and way more than BMW. Ever since its beautiful interiors went to shit, I feel like it is the legitimate successor to Jaguar in that department, which would always win on material quality and style, but NEVER on functionality. The icing on the cake...
+1. And, while beautiful, that tuxedo is most certainly not midnight.
Obviously this is a conscious choice by RL (vs. cost cutting or oversight), since all lines, Purple, Black and Blue, use plain buttons instead of covered and are differentiated from the suits when it comes to other aesthetics (venting, buttons, lapels, etc.). I have one of their tuxes and considered for a hot second swapping for covered buttons. However my suit and facings are deep midnight and I thought finding a match would be darn near impossible.
Well, other than believing the CLA was positioned between B and C Classes, I don't see what was incorrect about what I said. I was merely making what I considered an interesting observation about the three makers and their four-door coupes, of which each has two. On the one hand, you have the CLS, 6-Series and A7 (and their respective AMG, M and S/RS counterparts), all of which compete directly with one another. Then, you have the other four-door coupes, of which two...
I guess not... But when pricing it out I don't know how you'd really draw any other conclusion unless the card are positioned very differently in Europe than here.
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