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I didn't think of space as the issue as much as the lack of a seatbelt of any kind in the middle of the rear seat? Not sure if other four-seaters (besides the 6 Series) have the ability to fasten a carseat in that position.
But wouldn't an S convertible still be a four-seater? Or would that replace a different car? There's always the BMW 650i Gran Coupe; in spite of only having four seats I believe it does allow for a child seat to be placed in the rear middle position.Are they really competing with one another, given that the BMW is, at the end of the day, a far more practical car? Or do you think it more likely that the typical M4 buyer would particularly care about a rear seat or actual...
Oh, wasn't suggesting you switch; I was saying why it doesn't make sense for me to shift from OTR to MTM. Your rationale for going MTM makes 100% sense.Oh, and BTW, H&M ain't even that cheap anymore; the real dress shirts there now start at $40!!!
Which is why I just try and find OTR that work; the absolute most I spend is about $150 for shirts on sale that retailed for about $3-400 with most being below $100 and a good % being below $75.
Setting aside that this used to be an acceptable definition, your ego is demonstrated through the fact that you nitpick word choices (and completely ignore the poster's intent) on a level that would put Rain Man to shame simply so that you can be right and someone else can be wrong, as well as taking yourself so goddamn seriously that you can't even take a good natured ribbing about the size of your ego. Or perhaps it's not your ego and, as deeptim seems to suggest, you're...
The massive ego initially made me think you were perhaps a surgeon. The above makes me really, really, really hope I was wrong (and if I was, I'll HAPPILY admit it) !
Have you tried RLPL (on the high end) or Tyrwhitt (on the low end)? They both have a wider cutaway than the Borelli shirts I've seen.
Two different issues here; turbocharging gasoline vs. diesel engines and improvements in turbocharging of gasoline engines over the last few years.The presence of turbo lag is very different on a diesel engine vs. petrol:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbo-dieselSo on the one hand, turbo lag is pretty much always less of an issue with a diesel, since the turbocharger leads to smoother overall performance, while on the other hand, the issues surrounding turbo lag on gasoline...
I think we're largely in agreement here. What's changed, IMO, is that the improvements have led to a reduction in lag sufficient to keep regular everyday drivers from avoiding turbos, hence an increase in the availability of turbos, even though the lag hasn't been eliminated.
Yes, according to the second paragraph of this, I was going by an outdated definition of the term:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbocharger
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