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Yes, I would imagine so. My advice to any amateurs who insist on going this route would be to make sure the shoulders fit and otherwise order the stock trial suit, then go to a tailor for alterations, rather than trying to specify them yourself. And, if in doubt, go a size bigger on the pants.
I do recall reading that. However I thought it was prefaced on the midnight tux having black facings. It didn't seem to cover a midnight tux with midnight facings.
Define "emergency". How much time, for example, would you have for tailoring? Assuming that's the budget you want to stay in there's also Benjamin (eHaberdasher's house brand) or the Jos. A Bank signature tux (which is actually pretty good in terms of proper details, I just don't like pleats):http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_101786This will be very conservative.If you live near a RL store, there's a Polo one and there on the current sale that's...
The trouser looking too baggy is an issue of cut, not how much it's let out. You have to make sure it's draping nicely. Leaving the waist a little looser and holding the trousers up with braces will help with that.As for the shoes, I'd consider Barney's house brand on sale. barneyswarehouse.com will have some.
I agree with what's been said. I think in future, the only way to do this (until you have a fit that's perfect) is to go over the trial suit with a competent tailor and have them suggest the modifications. Offer to pay for their time, but have an expert make the suggestions and take the measurements. Your best bet at this point is to probably seek out said tailor and have them do the following: 1. Remove belt loops; as has been said, a vest sits much nicer over braces...
FYI, eHaberdasher will take returns and, in some cases, even allow suits to be split up as separates (if you would take the jacket from one size and the trousers from another).
Some of Belvest's fabrics can be a bit delicate, too. I know that after all of the molestation... I mean, hugs, I had to endure during my wedding the back of the shoulders had a bunch of tiny pulls, which fortunately the retailer's tailor was able to get out. I think Isaia has also changed its cuts a bit; my dad used to love their suits, but when he went to get one for my wedding he ended up with Belvest as well because he said that the Isaia just didn't fit right.I should...
First, regarding Martin Greenfield, I think the person who listed it was looking specifically at the suits they make for Gilt and sell as OTR (since my understanding is you can only get the MG label as MTM otherwise). I don't Imagine those are made mostly by hand and, while nicer than others retailing for the same, probably aren't in that "very good" category.Second, regarding Belvest vs. Isaia, perhaps you are correct. My experience with the two was when picking a wedding...
True, but I don't want to choose where to get my tux from based on whether they make matching accessories. That would typically leave me with the relatively low end and ultra high end makers. Will probably just go with black because the facings are almost black anyhow and just about every blue tie I've seen is too light and/or the wrong material. And that's to say nothing of the blue cummerbund options.
Some of them definitely are, they definitely have the silver tag on the sleeve. However those are still around $2k at retail, so the Yoox prices aren't terrible. The Caruso stuff is probably mainline and sometimes the Isaia can be had for those prices on Yoox or STP.
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