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How about Styleforum affiliate eHaberdasher's house brand, Benjamin? They are about $500-550, a good balance of modern and classic, high quality materials and about as high quality construction as you can find at that price point. They don't go on sale so to speak (slight markdowns on a few, from time to time), but are a very good value as is. And if you have any questions, Ben, the owner, is a regular here and great at answering them either in his affiliate thread or via PM.
You won't find Belvest or Caruso for that price in a retail store except maybe, just maybe, on clearance. Belvest mainline starts at about $3k and Caruso mainline I think starts just south of $2k. Only places I've ever seen come close are Yoox (they typically have two or three Belvest suits and a bunch of Caruso, some of which will be in the $1k range). Not particularly familiar with the others.
I believe they have gone back to using St. Andrews for RLPL in the last year or so.
Are you sure that Belvest Silver is half canvassed? I thought it was full, just machine made. Regardless, the fabrics would put them in a higher category than listed here. Also, according to the guys at the RL store in Chicago, RLPL is back to being made by St. Andrews as of late.
I was referring to the list quoted a few posts up, and my point wasn't so much that both should be listed, but that they should be in the same category, since they were essentially the same suit.
There are a few others I'd take issue with as well. For starters, whether excellent or very good, Isaia and Belvest belong in the same category and Isaia definitely doesn't belong in a higher category (and I had extensive experience evaluating both as I was choosing between them for a wedding suit). However if you want to break up Belvest into black and silver label, then I'd say black belongs in excellent, silver in very good. Also, if Tom Ford goes in the excellent...
What would be a worse sin: Failing to match the tie/cummerbund color to the facings, or failing to match the material to the facings? Been having difficulty finding a set that's dark enough blue to go with midnight facings, and the one potential option I've located is grosgrain, while mine are satin. So, better to go with that or black satin?
The point I've been trying to make the whole time
What makes it douchey is the fact that it's clearly trying to come as close as it can to copying Panerai's exact design without running afoul of trademark laws. Even the name, "Marina" on the front, is the same. Therefore, one can only conclude that the vast majority are purchased so as to suggest to people that they are in fact wearing a Panerai. It is that behavior that makes one a "mindless, vapid badge-whore", not the calling-out of that behavior.
What a douchey first post... Oh, and might I add, entirely uninformed about watchmaking.Probably best to forego a second post.
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