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Loding is a solid shoe; bought a few pairs when I was in France, but that's like a $200 shoe, so not necessarily what the OP is looking for. Were it me, I'd go for C&J, particularly if it's possible to take advantage of the depressed euro. I know, they're English, but still great shoes. The men's shoe section at Bon Marche is also worth a look. Not super extensive selection, but pretty wide range of brands.
I've sometimes wondered same. With the 7 I get it, since there's no M version and the V12 can't be had in SWB (at least in the States).With the 6, though, I think you're entirely correct. Only thing aside from styling and raw power that differentiates them is available AWD on the 650. If the M or Alpina came with a true manual tranny if see the need for at least one of them. But I suppose it comes down to whether you're a car enthusiast (650), a car enthusiast with a...
First things first, are you sure tweed is a good idea for a July wedding?! Depending on where in the US you are, isn't it possible that a linen blend would be a better choice? Either way, $2-300 could be a bit difficult to find a nice looking one of, particularly since shopping on sale will be hard (since you need several of them). Maybe H&M? Perhaps the outlet lines from Polo or Brooks Bros (if you have an outlet mall near you)?
Right. Would most likely come into play with family transfers (or situations where a car would be given away). However, my guess is that the requirement for a notary has more to do with ensuring people (such as the elderly) aren't having their cars essentially signed away without their knowledge and perhaps the DMV requirement/suggestion is there to ensure you aren't selling to someone whose license isn't valid. For example, just because someone has an unexpired license...
How's that add up to tax evasion? If anything, the state could argue that the opposite would constitute tax evasion; buying a car that's worth $50k but only paying $5k (since the $45k could be construed as income). Otherwise, the seller is never making money (unless it's a collectable car that's appreciated), so no actual "income" and the buyer is paying money (so again, the only other opportunity for tax evasion would be to try and claim more is being spent on a capital...
Does it say that it must be the notary at the DMV or could it be any notary (and they just suggest the DMV's because then the state collects the fee)? Otherwise, if you want to do it at the bank where you'll be depositing the check, see if they have one on staff (larger banks often do).
If they prefer cashier's check you could always have the sale take place at the parking lot of the seller's bank. Go in, make sure the check is good, then hand over keys and title.
I know that in many states it is the dealer's responsibility to make sure a buyer has insurance before driving off the lot; is it not the same for a private sale? Genuine question, I have no idea...
I would. Can't imagine that going commando in a tuxedo would be fun. Though in that case I'd suggest the silk variety
I bought these and they're gorgeous:http://www.barneys.com/crockett-%26-jones-kensington-loafers-503461727.html#prefn1=brand&prefv1=Crockett+%2526+Jones&start=33This is a nearly identically styled, but somewhat less expensive (and less shiny) option:https://www.paulstuart.com/men-s/formal-wear/noche-formal-slip-on.html
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