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If it comes with the buttons installed, it almost certainly does NOT come with fake buttonholes, meaning a tailor can just cut them off and move them.
The Anniversary Sale and the Rack are totally different animals. The Anniversary Sale is a sale on all kinds of new merchandise, while the Rack is an outlet (for Nordstrom stores as well as other retailers). The Rack can be pretty hit or miss, while the regular store will likely have what you want, though not necessarily on sale. Have you considered calling the regular store's shoe dept. to see whether they have AE on sale?
I suppose my reaction was more a "this is really fucking stupid and I want no part of it" than "oh, this will never work from a functional perspective". And the collar also doesn't quite make it to the lapels on my jacket, which is the main reason I ordered this over the comparable Tyrwhitt shirt, which I'll now be ordering.
What I meant was that I think having something fancy, like the buttons you refer to, sewn on, as buttons, instead of having cheap studs. If you're going to do five of them, no reason not to do it that way.
That's fine if going out and buying studs, but if one already has them (particularly vintage) then it would be difficult to add more. It could also be uncomfortable to have them pressed between the shirt and waist covering.If one isn't going to wear a waist covering, then I think the only way to realistically do this is a covered placket shirt with a bib that extends all the way down.I suppose that instead of MOP buttons, something similar to the front of the cheap studs,...
Ah, right, forgot about the difference in cuff between black and white tie shirts. It would seem you are correct about the purpose of the tab:http://www.blacktieguide.com/Classic/Classic_Shirts.htmMy hypothesis wasn't so much based on knowledge of its intended purpose, but rather what I see as the practical applications today. With more guys foregoing braces and waistcoats, it seems like it may have found a new purpose of holding slobs together, lol.
First of all, I'm not sure I understand the difference between a "marcella bib" vs. a "plain bib". My understanding is that one wouldn't starch the bib as much as for white tie, but that it's likely up to the wearer's discretion. Personally, I hate starch and won't let it touch any of my shirts.If the shirt has a detachable collar, as you seem to suggest, perhaps it was originally intended for use with white tie, in which case yes, it would be heavily starched. However I'd...
That's how it's supposed to be, but I think that four has become more of the standard (in that the vast majority of shirts I see have four stud holes). Probably shirt makers saw two things happening:1. People wearing lower-waisted trousers and fewer waistcoats (meaning it was possible to see the fourth stud, even with a cummerbund).2. Confusion over the fact that most stud sets came with an extra, leading to the erroneous impression that four were meant to be worn.
I suppose my point is then why don't they just use fancy buttons, why bother with removable studs at all, seeing that stud sets come with three or at most four studs if you don't plan to use the studs that came with the shirt.
I decided to order the Suit Supply tux shirt to try and it arrived today. It definitely wins the award for most idiotically designed tux shirt ever. What moron thought that a tux shirt with five, count 'em, five stud holes was a good idea?! When I get a $99 tux shirt, I think it's assumed that I'm not going to want to put work into it by jerry-rigging some solution so that my four-stud set will work instead of the cheap crap included. I guess that this, along with a bib...
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