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Also, if you don't mind my asking, how tall are you? Trying to decide whether to go R or L.
Thanks for the replies. So just to be sure, are the current iterations of the Benjamin a bit more fitted than the originals a few years ago? Tried one then in my regular size and it was a bit big.I typically take a 40/50 and currently have jackets from Zegna, Ralph Lauren (Black Label) and J. Crew. The jackets all fit well but my issue is with the trousers: they are too tight from the crotch to the knee as well as in the seat (I have big glutes/quads). I also tried on Suit...
I was hoping someone could provide some insights as to what other popular suits the Benjamin Sartorial suits currently available fit similarly to (so I'll know whether they work for me and what size(s) to try). I've been having some difficulty lately finding suit trousers which fit my legs (a bit on the thick side) without being oversized elsewhere. How would they fit compared to RLBL or Zegna's (now defunct) Roma fit (jacket and trousers)? Also, would I want to go with...
Another question: For anyone who has tried both, how does the fit of the London model compare to the fit of the Tuxedo? Also, I can't remember if I asked this, has anyone had the tailors there remove the belt loops? If so, did they do a good job? I tried a London and liked the fit but not sure I'd trust the in-house tailors to do more than the necessary let-out of the trouser waist/seat (and maybe not even that if others had bad experiences; have heard mixed reviews).
Looks good. I like that yours aren't synthetic lined the way most wallets seem to be these days.
At least all but two of the black tie rigs were correct; no notches, neckties or 2B jackets. The exceptions were the Jordanian prince (notch lapel, button-front shirt, Rolex GMT) and the EU president (non-black bow).
As well as on encouraging (rather than discouraging) the groomsmen to procure their own tuxes (as in buy one that suits them but is within your prescribed dress code)!
Check your PM.
And of course one more: http://www.barneys.com/Felisi-Leather-Two-Tone-Folding-Card-Case/00505024521093,default,pd.html?cgid=mens-wallets&index=42 I know nothing about them, but was perusing the site for a business card case and noticed it. Seems close to what OP is seeking.
While I knew it wasn't an actual collaboration, since the two are rivals (well, BV would probably consider H a rival, not sure about vice versa) but I'm a little disappointed the wallet itself does not exist. Though I'd never carry an orange wallet I think it looks good in BV's signature woven style.
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