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You're not referring to me, are you? I grew up in WI where all it did was snow during the winter.
But the article failed to take into account how different cars with different drivetrains handle in snow. Both of the cars I've had in Chicago had "all weather tires" (though I don't know if there's an objective measure such things) and AWD has proven superior for two reasons:1. Handling on slick surfaces. Volvo's system typically sends most of the power to the front wheels, until it detects slippage, at which point it distributes it accordingly. For that reason, it...
They aren't. I have brought in sale stuff before and been charged; free alterations are only on full-priced stuff.The Polo tux is nice, but personally I think that the Brooks Bros Gatsby Collection tuxedo, which was under $400 on the recent Veterans Day sale, was a better deal. That shirt, though, is a great deal; unfortunately (fortunately?) I don't need one as I recently bought a Zegna formal shirt and prefer a pique front to pleats (and really don't need more than one).
Speaking of the current RL sale, someone in the market for a pleated front shirt HAS to buy this: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=50702126&cp=32150926.48177516&ab=ln_nodivision_cs_dressshirts%2Cties%2C&view=99&parentPage=family
No, that's essential. But implying that RWD with winter wheels on a fairly lightweight car is as good as most AWD systems, and that since that's how it was back in the day it should be fine for us, is silly. There are lots of things that "used to be" and just because we survived them doesn't mean we haven't evolved.
This, honestly, is just plain silly from all practical standpoints.
Totally fair point regarding the winter driving, and absolute worst case scenario, you can rent an AWD car for a week. I found that it wasn't simply being RWD that was a problem for me in Chicago, rather the combo of that and a very light weight car. A truck would be totally different, IMO. Two years ago we had a mild winter (for here) and my Lexus slid all over the place. Last year, it was horrible, tons of snow, but the AWD Volvo I'd bought the previous summer handled it...
Why not consider the AWD Fusion? Great to drive, very practical and good looking. The Mustang will be unusable in a Midwestern winter (if you're doing the trek then) as I found out with my RWD Lexus IS after moving from LA to Chicago.
Yup, seems as though this has become the vehicle of choice for livery companies today (must say, though, I see a lot more S Class/7 Series livery vehicles than I used to, also).That said, I do think that the Suburban is far more practical as a year round livery vehicle than the Towncar, particularly when there are more than three passengers. Smaller than a stretched limo and way better in snow. Would be nice if GM reintroduced a diesel version, which would improve mileage.
I agree 100% in that I'd never buy a car that large to self-drive. What was far more comical was when I lived in LA and used to see people self-drive in Phantoms. I might (if I could afford it!) self-drive a SWB 750 or A8, but the style of the S Class and the fact that it's only available in LWB here means it wouldn't appeal to me as a self-driver. Which, again, is why I don't understand the purpose of the ultra high performance versions, though the new S Class coupe is an...
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