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Was it in electric blue, or a little more subtle? Volvo still makes some of the best sleepers around IMO. And it's one of the only sedans I'd take outside right now (I'm also in Chicago).Given your image concern, the only Japanese car that might do for you is Infiniti. Between Audi, BMW and Mercedes, I'd go strictly on reliability were I buying used.
One other thing, unrelated to my post above: wrinkle-free shirts can sometimes develop holes around the elbows (or possibly other stress points) more easily than others, due to the increased rigidity of the fabric.
There, in my mind, three definitions of "lasting" when it comes to a dress shirt: 1. How well the construction holds up. 2. How durable the fabric is. 3. Whether it remains stain-free. All but the first is largely in the owner's control (or is at least predictable), based on how they wear the shirt (frequency, environment) and how they care for it (dry clean or launder, hot or cold wash, do they sweat). The main difference between a shirt and a suit in this regard is...
I think it's a question of the cars being driven hard by people who don't really know anything about driving performance cars. The risk isn't that it will have been in an accident because someone was driving recklessly, it's more about the mechanicals being in poor shape because it was driven irresponsibly. At least that's what I inferred.
Just like perceived dick size.
In that case, I'm afraid the point of the event itself has probably been lost on you.
I would agree with your statements about bluchers vs. balmorals with one exception: those balmorals with only two (maybe three) eyelets. I own a two eyelet pair of EG for RL which I wear with BT without a second thought. Since the laces are completely covered by one's trouser leg it has a sleeker overall appearance than a typical blucher with four or five eyelets.
I would say that blue/navy is at the peak of its popularity now, but true midnight ("midnight navy" doesn't really exist in this regard, IMO) will always be pretty timeless. The picture thing you bring up doesn't really matter since a true midnight will look black in photographs (same way black sometimes looks purplish or blueish).
If they are within budget, I would, without a doubt, go with these:http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503461727&cgid=mens-loafers&index=1Absolutely love that style for a formal shoe. It has certain elements of the pump/slipper but with what I consider much more masculine lines and is highly polished without having the almost plastic look of most patent shoes.If that's more than you want to spend, Paul Stuart does a "budget"...
The Japanese cars seem to hold value really well, but you left off Acura, Infiniti and Lexus; not sure if there was a reason. While I like cars, enjoy discussing them as well as the mental exercise of building my dream cars on manufacturers' websites, I would also plant myself in the "doesn't feel too strongly about cars" category when it comes to actually buying one. For people who truly fit that description, my go-to cars would be Volvo, Acura and maybe Lexus. I've owned...
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