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I don't think I'd do that outfit. A black suit might be OK for this type of thing, but I wouldn't do the light grey shirt/dark grey tie. Perhaps a white shirt (new one if you have to) and perhaps a burgundy tie, perhaps with white polkadots. Also, no button-down collars for this type of event and no patent shoes with a non-tuxedo, ever.
It's unlikely it will, unless it's a seasonal variety. For example, a few years ago they did a double breasted, which eventually went on sale. And I got a midnight peak lapel one at Neiman's last summer on sale. The only one that may get cleared out eventually (and I have no idea; you'd have to contact the store) is the blue shawl lapel version I saw this season. It's bluer than the midnight one I have, but has midnight facings. Not sure if it's supposed to be a new staple...
I saw the movie and actually thought it was a fit. The style of the car says "reckless" but the model is exactly the sort an immature trust fund baby without too much real income would buy. At least that was my take - he wanted to self destruct but was a bit too much of a coddled pussy to really do it.
Probably just struck someone at the studio as being the right fit. Or they wanted to be able to drive it when the film wasn't shooting .
Why not just call it the Porsche Evoque...
They shouldn't be smaller since many OTR shirts come with a removable "button tape" for those who opt not to use studs. Those buttons are standard shirt buttons. Perhaps the KW studs are just large? Try fitting them through the holes on a regular shirt and see.These are also dual-sided:http://www.ctshirts.com/mens-accessories/mens-tuxedo-accessories/Mother-of-pearl-and-onyx-stud-set?q=usddefault||lf047slv|||||||||||||Perhaps order them in conjunction with a CT tuxedo shirt...
Personally, I'd look at different shirts before looking for different studs (if you like the studs). I don't like the ones with the straight bar on the back since they tend to flop forward too. The best choice, if you want that particular shirt, would be ones that have a fixed back but one that is smaller/thinner than the KW set. But again, unless there's something you can't live without on that TML shirt, I'd explore other options for that first. You'll likely have many...
If looking on a budget, look at some of the shawl collar DJs J Crew has. They have some in interesting dark fabrics that, at the very least, may be of some inspiration.
There were some that were blake stitched (like all the rubber soled ones), though the majority were goodyear welted. There was definitely a price difference, and at the higher end they all had the goodyear.
Loding prices must have gone up, though I was quoting what I remember paying once VAT came off. They appear to be corrected grain, and they certainly aren't made in France, though I do like that they're goodyear welted. Ultimately they proved a bit narrow on my and I never got around to having them stretched, which I can still do of course.
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