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Even at that price, a mostly polyester tuxedo with a notch lapel is rubbish. I'd try the sale section of Austin Reed; some very good looking deals there.
I think the dinner suit sounds fine, particularly as it is the slightly less formal shawl collar version. As it sounds like the suit is black, I don't know that I'd go with a midnight waistcoat, especially if your tie is black. In fact, for a less formal affair, I'd almost certainly prefer a cummerbund. If you are at all concerned with being too formally dressed, I would recommend swapping out your current marcella shirt for a pleat front one (the wider, five-pleat...
Not a fan of that suit; the black trim looks a bit cheep/cheesy and one-button suits that aren't tuxedos often look painfully trendy. I'm also not a fan of a bow tie in this situation. Personally, I find bows more casual than long ties when not worn in a black/white tie setting. Were it me, I'd go with a dark charcoal suit, lilac checked or solid shirt and a dark purple long tie. The white shirt with those items will look a bit too much like business wear.
I'd also only wear a turndown collar with a notch lapel. IMO, the tall, detachable wing collar, like the white pique waistcoat, should be done with a peak jacket when worn for BT instead of WT.
Well remember, the size stamped on an article of clothing indicates what size body part it is meant to fit. Someone with a 15.5in neck would require more than 15.5in of fabric in order to not strangle.Good point about stiffness and size (insert joke/pun here).Interesting also about Lorre and an aversion to tight collars; given the character it would also make sense that they'd want to make him appear a little more slight than he actually was.
The one film where I'd disagree, particularly regarding formalwear, was "The Untouchables". They had Armani do the wardrobing for that one, and the few scenes with guys in formalwear showed both the multiple variations in acceptable black tie as well as the distinction between black and white tie dress and events.I would imagine they tell you to size up because you'll have an extra layer in between (band collar on the shirt) and perhaps this isn't accounted for in...
Looks like a white tie shirt, too; if you look closely you can see that it has single cuffs. However back then I think there was far less difference between black and white tie shirts, since pretty much all high-end dress shirts, even those intended for daytime/business wear, had detachable collars.Of course, I would imagine the further back you go the more likely you were to find men who owned both black and white tie rigs, wore them with some regularity, and would swap...
For reference, it's this thread; posts 43, 44 and 63:http://www.styleforum.net/t/22452/midnight-blue-dinner-jacket-what-color-bow-tie/30
Honestly, and no offense to the OP, but the outfit/haircut combo days "I am the loyal man servant to a crazy old southern lady who lives on a disused plantation and sleeps in bed every night with her husband... Who's been dead for six years". This is the guy who brings the husband his morning paper and coffee.
To be honest, if I had a daughter, I'd hide her from anyone dressed that way...
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