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Sort of like "poor man's" Oxxford in a manner of speaking (sort of the way that an Audi R8 is a "poor man's" Continental).
Given the style and price range I'm going for, I'm definitely open to suggestions that fall within those parameters, so thanks, will check them out. What's the fit like on those?
Ironically, I thought perhaps the shorter collar on the TML would achieve that result, because this is exactly what I've had difficulty with on the CT shirts I own. The collar is too long and therefore the points don't come flush with the lapel.
Honestly, I'm a good enough OTR fit that the ability to return/exchange far outweighs the benefits of anything custom/MTO.Any thoughts on the different shirts listed?
So I need a tux shirt and have it narrowed down to four similarly priced/styled options and would like opinions on quality and fit (all are turn-down collar, Marcella bib, studded): 1. Charles Tyrwhitt extra slim. This is what most of my shirts are and the fit is great. However the collar points tend to stick out as opposed to laying flush with my lapels. There's also a raised placket which looks less clean. 2. TM Lewin full fitted. A little cheaper, smooth placket and...
That's too bad; guess the image of Polo as a brand for rugged, athletically-built guys is going by the wayside. For anyone with any semblance of a "V" shaped torso, those super high button stances look ridiculous and for those with real glutes/quads, good luck with those trousers.
No idea. They had one left in the Chicago store two weeks ago, but wouldn't surprise me if it had been bought since then.
Probably short jackets, low rise trousers, high button stances/armholes.
I think they run fitted, but they also run long. I tried on the London (granted, probably one of their longer cuts) and only needed a regular. Also, I saw some HF midnight tuxedos on Gilt, which run on the longer side, I believe. They were $800. SB/PL.
Were they really dressing specifically for dinner, or did they just happen to be going there before going to something at RCMH that happened to still be BT-worthy?
New Posts  All Forums: