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Or interesting uses of a dinner jacket outside of black tie.
All depends on what circles you run in I suppose. However not only do I consider Ferragamo synonymous with the bit loafer as well (incorporating their own dual omega logo), but in general I think they are considered a bit more prestigious these days than Gucci, particularly in the shoe department.Yours may also be higher quality, since they seem to be one of the brands whose quality has declined over the past decade. Perhaps the quality of the classic bit has stayed...
Looks like something worn by a Bond villain. Or Dick Cheney.
AE is a far better made shoe than Gucci. If what you want are wide bit loafers, then I'd keep an eye on www.myhabit.com, which often gets Ferragamo shoes in EEE sizes. I wouldn't waste my $ on MTO shoes (these will probably be MTO, not MTM) from Gucci. Their stuff tends to be half-glued crap.
Sorry, I had two thoughts in the same sentence (that the wagon you saw was awesome and that my S60 was one of the only cars I saw not sliding all over the place today).I think I'd prefer the black version personally, but either of them are awesome.
True. But that assumes you don't have a situation where the bottom falls out of the market and there's an early payment penalty.
On the other hand, the cheapest money you can borrow is money you borrow from yourself. If you are disciplined enough, take the money out but repay it by putting an amount equal to the monthly payment plus some interest into your savings each month.
Well, given how you're looking at it, perhaps a lease of a new car, with as little money down as possible, would work if you can 1) get the payment below the lost income and 2) your work situation is one in which you can write off much of the monthly lease as a business expense and therefore can cut down on the lost income. To take your issue one level deeper, not only are you sacrificing the income + depreciation now, you're sacrificing the income indefinitely until you...
First one was a joke. As if to say you gave to look to minor parts commonality in vehicles to find common ground with the family. Just a little ironic humor for a snowy Sunday.Second was a short way of saying that people lump luxury models together, assuming them all to be some kind of superior vehicle, until they actually experience one and realize how crappy the amenities are.
Until they're riding in one, look for the power button for the passenger seat and are thinking "WTF?! Even my Kia has that...".
New Posts  All Forums: