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That's a good point about selling a lifestyle. Perhaps BL was a brand intended to attract a younger, but still discriminating, buyer to RL, who would "grow up" and move on to PL. But if that never happened, the logical fix would be to try and bring that buyer into PL earlier, and simply try and move him to higher echelons as he aged. More similar to Brooks Brothers, I'd argue.Your mention of QA/QC and Gucci/Armani also brings up another point: having extremely high QA/QC...
I'd heard (I believe in one of the SF RL threads) that when PL was made by Caruso it was made in a special section of the factory dedicated to the line. That would suggest that any similarities were coincidental, which makes sense since the RL pieces are not just rebranded Caruso suits; the silhouettes are quite different.
The PL were probably largely handmade while the BL mostly done by machine (if I had to guess). That may be harder to distinguish if you're not used to looking for it (I certainly couldn't!).Bingo! I think this gets back to the point I made earlier: even though BL stuff was arguably all intended for a customer with a particular style and budget, the difference in quality between tailored clothing and sportswear was significant. There was either a desire to minimize the fact...
Yes, it will be a problem if you need to size up to accommodate your shoulders. But I have chest and back that's a little disproportionately thick compared to my shoulders. The strong shoulder helps with that.
While they aren't my taste I totally get and appreciate that. What I don't get is something like an AMG G Class. At least with an S 65 you could actually unleash it's full potential but that G would probably tip if tested to the limits.
Well it's been out of production for decades and somewhat predates the SUV frenzy. If including that then the original Hummer probably should have been included too (as its origin, purpose and evolution largely mirror that of the G Class).
But the proportions are only "comically large" because he has an 11 inch drop. Those physical proportions are impressive, not comical.The suits are also great at creating that "V silhouette" for those with a significant drop but not particularly large shoulders.Personally, I find them to be the best fitting OTR suits out there for me. Only alterations needed are a slight shortening of the sleeve and letting out of the trousers (which are cut for men who skip "leg day").
I meant options like leather seats, wood trim and premium audio. Those suggest one isn't buying a truck primarily for its intended purpose.
True, but at least the market has tended to spank those attempting the "luxury label" pickup truck. Though many still outfit regular trucks with lots of unnecessary options.
I'm guessing that ended when Caruso stopped making the PL suits and production went back to St. Andrews.
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