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Wow, how did I never know this one?!?! Used to go right by there when I lived in the West Loop and shopped at the South Loop Whole Foods. Will need to check that out! Are most of the higher end lines in there as MTM-only, or do they have a lot of high end OTR suits/shirts too?
Depends on what you're looking for. If suits are your aim, then Syd Jerome in the Loop is as good as you'll do pretty much anywhere, and it wouldn't shock me if they had the tail end of their sale going on. Their shirts and shoes aren't quite at the same level as the shoes, though, IMO. Oak street is very nice and has Tom Ford, Paul Stuart and, at the end, Barney's, in addition to Church's, which has already been mentioned. In the Loop, in addition to Syd Jerome and some...
Thinking about this some more, I think if I were to ever experiment with such a color/fabric, the cummerbund would be the place to do it.
Wearing an ivory tux shirt is fine. Wearing an ivory tux shirt because your wife tells you to is not fine.Just kidding .For my recent wedding, one of my only two absolute requirements was that I have complete, 100% discretion over my outfit and that (other than the stupid lapel flower, which I made our florist find magnetic fasteners for) nobody got to tell me what to wear but me, though my wife was allowed to select the level of formality.As a result of my two "absolutes"...
Out of curiosity, when you got your Suit Supply tux, did you go with their shirt and, if so, what did you thin of it in terms of quality and fit?
I would imagine that the theory behind this is that, since midnight looks "blacker than black" under artificial light, it's a way to get the bow to stand out and look like the "blackest" part of the outfit. However, in practice, finding such a dark shade of midnight without going custom is going to be very difficult. I think it'll be even more difficult if going with grosgrain, since it's less iridescent and will probably stay bluer looking.What I think might look good (or...
Perhaps it's just me, but I couldn't justify spending under $600 on a tux (at full price) and then spending $325 on just the tie/cummerbund. To me that's like all the $1,500/mo apartments I used to see in LA with $800/mo BMWs in the garage.
At that budget, I'd consider the Martin Greenfield offerings from Gilt:http://www.gilt.com/sale/men/formal-9275/product/1029706974-martin-greenfield-black-slim-fit-peak-lapel-chelsea-tuxedoThere's a shawl version as well. If you want to spend well under $1k then the tuxes we've been talking about, Suit Supply and Benjamin, are a good bet.
Did you look at the long in Benjamin too? I ask this because of the obvious jacket length issue, but also trousers; I don't know how Benjamin does things exactly, but I find that I am much more comfortable with the extra rise afforded by the long in some other suits. But I agree with your assertions in general.Finding a grosgrain self-tie bow and cummerbund set can sometimes be a bit of a challenge (since you'll want them to match the jacket facings, which I believe are...
Well, Polo one was in-store, so that's out. As I mentioned in my last post, Benjamin is full canvas but could be too slim. JAB, for all the flack it gets around here, isn't poorly constructed by any means and probably offers more classic proportions than the others. Not sure how they are with int'l shipping, though. My only concern in your case with SS is whether it's trimmer than you suggest you're looking for.
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