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He said that his child is currently four, which means a little while longer in a child seat. The regular A7 (which will still be more potent than OP's A5) seats five, but the S model only seats four. Same thing with the CLS 550 and 650i (though the 650 will allow anchoring of a child seat between the two rear seats, so for now it can hold five).If price were a concern, I'd go for the S6, hands down. If not, I'd opt for the A8 4.0. Then again, I'm just not a huge fan of the...
http://www.audiusa.com/models/compareIf you look, the A8 is about 6.5in longer than the S7, about 1.5in taller and 1.5in wider, so you're not talking a substantial difference (bigger difference between the 6 and the 8). However, the sleek lines of the S7 vs. the more stately lines of the A8 make it look like there's a bigger difference. Also, if you happened to be standing next to the A8L, there's definitely a bigger difference there.I just love how understated it is.
Were I going to step up to the S7, and that weren't a budgetary stretch, I'd probably seriously consider the A8 4.0. Same engine, without the "S" badging (which I find a little tacky; others will disagree), more overall space and an easier car to "grow into" as your kid gets bigger (or there are more kids). Definitely more trunk space than the 7.In the four door coupe category, though, I'd probably pick the Mercedes CLS550 or BMW 650i over the S7, though I think those will...
From a practicality standpoint, the FF is the far better car. It also has a V12 and AWD. But practicality really isn't the main point picking a Ferrari. Of course the most beautiful Ferrari GT (IMHO) was the 456 GT that went out of production a decade or so ago.
Honestly, that's one I could be convinced on, largely because it's the last true manual transmission in the AM lineup. The California, OTOH, not so much. No manual, and even with a turbo it doesn't match the other V8s in terms of power.
Exactly. Used to be distinctive. Now that the "diffusion" model has arrived on the scene, they are much less so. Just like a Rolls Royce, back when each was painstakingly handmade by craftsmen who did everything the old fashioned way (which died in '97 when the BMW V12-powered Seraph hit the market).
Not exactly. I think that cars like the Ghibli are for people that want it because of what the flagship car is, not because of what it is. Sort of like the Ferrari California or even Vantage V8. Really no great reason to buy one if you can afford the more expensive version. Kind of like clothing makers which put their label on cheap, made-in-China crap to milk the label further (Armani white label, for example) even though the quality/performance that made the original...
Is that the Ghibli? The Ghibli is the car that always made me ask: "What makes you a bigger dick: driving a $125k Maserati or driving a $65k Maserati?"One of those cars that screams "this will be a much crappier overall package than a comparable MB, BMW or Audi but I'm the kind of douche that has to have the Maserati badge, even if it's mostly Chrysler parts underneath". Which, as you say, is quite typical in OC.
The Tiguan/GLA are going to be a lot smaller than any of the others you're looking at. A lot. The GLA is meant to compete with the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 as well as some upcoming domestic and Japanese models.Why not add the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and Acura MDX/RDX?
While I'm not in the market for an Aston Martin any time soon, I feel like if it's worth getting, it's worth stepping up to the DB9. In my mind, a much more elegant looking car while the Vantage is too much like the Maserati Ghibli to me (a car that was added to the line to make the marque more accessible but doesn't quite live up to the legacy of the flagship model).
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