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How did you leave it with them before the repair was made? Did you specifically give permission to do the repairs they did? Did you leave it vague (as in 'do what you have to')? Or did you tell them you wanted to be consulted prior to repairs being performed if they fell outside certain parameters?If they performed an unnecessary repair without consent then you may be able to take legal action if they attempt to charge you for it.
This thread got me thinking: I think the best "car year" of my lifetime was 1998 as it was the only year when all of my all-time favorite versions of the following were in production simultaneously: Mercedes Benz W140 S Class Range Rover P38A BMW E39 5 Series Jaguar X308 XJR Mercedes Benz W210 E55 Audi D2 A8
My leather and wood comment was about the use of more modern looking materials today and the fact that there was something unmistakably British about the older ones. Same goes for older Jaguars and RR/Bentley cars.And my favorite Range wasn't the original sport, rather the previous generation, which was about the same size and I believe the last one designed pre-BMW. The original sport is just my favorite modern one.
I love the old RRs, that were made from about 95-02; best looking SUV ever in my opinion. Also from when there was no substitute for real leather and wood for interiors, as opposed to today's metal and touch screens. Abysmal on road performance (sub-200 HP from an ancient, Buick-derived V8 on the base model) and dreadful reliability, but nothing else had that combination of presence, subtlety and authority, its stateliness was rivalled only by the S-class of the same...
Love the look of that car but the 2015 E lineup is a huge disappointment. The top-of-the-line non-AMG version is now the E400 and it has a twin-turbo V6 with only about 25hp more than the E350. To add insult to injury, that's the exact same engine as in the top-of-the-line C-class for 2015. I know that everyone has been downsizing (except BMW) but MB has, by default, ceded all of the mid-range V8 sales to BMW.
Is the current version of the MDX, which has three rows, really that much smaller than a Q7? My mother in-law recently bought one and loves it and it definitely looks bigger than its predecessor.Lexus GS would probably be worth a look and I also wonder about the Nissan Armada, since it's most similar to the Sequoia but probably less expensive. Those are just about the last pickup-based SUVs imported from Japan so will probably drive the most like trucks...Were it me, I'd...
There's this option from Hober:https://www.samhober.com/bowties.htmNot sure it'll be "floppy" enough, though.I think the one that Hanks is wearing in that pic is Tom Ford, since I'm pretty sure that's who provided his wardrobe for the awards. So perhaps try there?
Sorry, I should have clarified... On the pair with straight pockets, the braid does not cover the seam, rather the silk is to one side of the seam but the braid is thin enough, and the edges symmetrical enough, that one does not realize they are looking at the seam unless you look at the underside. On the pair with slanted pockets, the silk is merely sewn over the seam and you can see very faint stitching along the outer edges of the braid on each side.Both pairs have back...
Actually, the pictured trousers appear to be a single pleat.Just checked my own trousers and one pair appears to have the braid right at the seam, but just behind it while the other has it covering the seam.
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