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Yes, according to the second paragraph of this, I was going by an outdated definition of the term:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbocharger
A turbocharger is actually a type of supercharger.I agree with the original question, as to why these aren't utilized more. For best performance I'd heard that a gasoline engine should be augmented with a supercharger and a diesel engine with a turbocharger.
Of course. However I don't hear the same level of complaints about that that I used to, which led me to believe that newer models have found ways to reduce this.
I was using "interesting" facetiously; it looks terrible, but my point was that rather than a terrible looking "creative black tie" ensemble, it's a terrible use of a DJ for a non-formal function.
And of course this only applies to petrol drinking cars. I forget the rationale, but do recall reading that in the days of older model turbos, petrol turbos would suffer from turbo lag, while diesels would experience improved performance under any circumstance. And, indeed, it doesn't seem like too many diesels have lost cylinders as a result of turbos being introduced, save for the discontinuation of some of the V8 turbo diesels offered in previous generations of the A8,...
I think the former. It's not just a lack of cylinders, but a reduction in cylinders, plus the addition of a turbocharger, that irks folks. BMW, for example, has removed two cylinders from the base models (offered in the US) for each range sedans and coupes from the pre-turbo days. And Audi has reduced two cylinders from the top end of the range of the A4/A5/A6 cars, as well as some of the S models (S4/S5/S8). Jaguar and Range Rover used to come exclusively with V8 engines...
But Porsche is different/gets a pass, since they've been using turbos on the top end cars since before it was cool. They're part of that small, exclusive club including Porsche, Bentley, Volvo, Audi (and VW and Suburu, to be fair) that has always utilized turbochargers and didn't just recently discover them for petrol powered cars.
When meeting the lapels/laying under the jacket is the issue, my solution has been cutaway collars, as they tend to always accomplish this, as do the widest spread collar shirts.
Also, not to thread-jack, but any suggestions on sub-$100 white dress shirts that are completely opaque? I'm not a big wearer of undershirts in general (get too hot) but really don't like having to make the choice between people seeing undershirt lines and chest hair/nipples...
Out of curiosity, what kind of collar is that?And I'll agree to the extent that issues of slimness are limited to the body; nothing will look worse than a perfectly fitted dress shirt with sail-like sleeves. Okay, so a lot of things will look worse, but you get my point .
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