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My personal preference (for all my suits; both two and three-piece) is for side tabs and brace buttons. However I have reasonably large glutes/quads and therefore am much more comfortable if the top block is a little loose, making braces the primary method of actually holding the trousers up. I would not do any other type of tab on the front or back because, frankly, it can appear a bit odd when the jacket is off. I would, however, probably do a double hook-and-bar for...
RE: Pathfinders, I don't know how many years back you're looking, but the Armada used to be called "Pathfinder Armada", so just make sure you're not getting those, as those are Sequoia/Landcruiser sized. The last Pathfinder didn't have that weird "bubble" roof and was available with a V8, IIRC.
I think it's the Suburban/Tahoe and all derivatives, all Toyotas besides the Highlander (and Lexus derivatives), Expedition/Navigator, theNissans (including the Patrol-based Infiniti) and the Mercedes G.
Like the aggressive looks of the current one. As far as SUVs with "real truck" underpinnings, there's also Nissan. They offer one on either side, in terms of size, of the Toyota in the form of the Xterra and Armada. The Xterra is one of the last also available with a manual transmission, though that doesn't sound like it really plays in to your decision.
I like a brand called Jay Robb, sold mostly at Whole Foods. That said, I prefer the egg white to the whey because I think it tastes better and is less clumpy when mixed. I also remember reading that egg white is preferable for anything other than directly post-workout because your body process it slower and therefore you receive more benefit from it.
I've also learned that, for certain things (squats in particular), a workout shirt in a technical material is about the worst idea ever. Cotton is much better because it doesn't get slippery when wet and you don't risk the bar sliding off your back.
ToucheFirst off, I think keychains, on the whole, get a pass because it is in some way related to driving the car (unlike a baseball hat). I also go back and forth on whether they are more or less useful with the current key fobs. I keep my car key on one precisely since it's too big to go on the ring with my other keys (since I always carry those, but not always the car key) but I want it to have some sort of ring on it for some reason. One of the keys is on a silver fob...
By the way, seeing as this is a car thread in a men's clothing forum, what do you think about purchasing clothing or accessory items cobranded with a car you don't own? I know that Panerai has done watches with Ferrari, and Breitling with Bentley, for example. And then there are all the other stuff out there like hats, shirts, etc. oh, and Porsche has licensed its name to an entire boutique's worth of stuff.
Hmm, not sure about being a BMW driver with AM shoes...However, if he goes with those shoes, the ~$3k in additional savings could, theoretically, go towards the purchase of a custom-made green breast pocket wallet...
And now that he's not having the manual conversion done, they don't even have to be $4k driving shoes; they can be any kind he wants!
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