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$80 then; I couldn't remember exactly. So slightly less diabolical.0.25 inches seems within the margin of error, particularly if they are measuring it themselves instead of relying on manufacturer specs. Seems odd to lower the tabs, though, given that the trousers are supposed to sit pretty near the hip already.
Been looking for some new jeans now that Rag & Bone has seemingly discontinued its Fit 3 (the Fit 2 fits alright, but front pockets are wayyyyyy too shallow; phone doesn't even fit). Wouldn't mind a similar aesthetic (raw, rinsed, washed/distressed or even wax/resin coated are all fine) that can be dressed up or down, slim but comfortable and rise at 10in +/- since I'm not a fan of some of the really low stuff out there. I'm not a denim head, but don't want it to look...
That's pretty much where most of the non-staple suits have started for a couple of seasons. I think some staples were still $1,795-1,895, and maybe there were some seasonal ones at that price, but most were a bit higher. Of course, now it'll be easier to talk people into spending the extra $100 for working sleeve buttons since the buttons aren't affixed from the beginning (which I'm sure was the diabolical plan all along ).
I could be mistaken, but the rise on the Austin suit I tried felt just a tiny bit higher than the Anthony suits I have. I say this because in Anthony I absolutely need a long for the sake of trouser rise, whereas the Austin pants were high enough on a regular suit (just a bit too fitted in the seat). However the difference is negligible, particularly for someone who plans to rely on the side tabs and not also wear braces.
This should answer the question as to the starting price of the new RLPL "entry" suits: I don't see a ticket pocket, but the one visual difference I do see are side tabs below the waistband, which make me wonder if the new ones have a slightly longer rise (hoping). Also, when staring at racks of suits,...
Tyrwhitt. You have to opt for the pocket for an extra $6, but it's available. And ignore the $100 "price"; there's the perpetual "4 for $199" deal.
So it just as easily could have been an issue of wardrobe screwing up, or someone spilling on him two minutes before showtime and everyone scrambling to find a clean white shirt before the camera began rolling.
But the shirt goes perfectly with Black Fleece's abominable excuse for a tuxedo,default,pd.html?dwvar_FK00070_Color=BLCK&contentpos=2&cgid=0717
Sounds like the cut would work for a casual sport coat, perhaps worn with jeans (how I typically wear them) but not for a suit. I much prefer a more classic look and the Anthony model is about as fashion-forward as I'd go.
Thanks. Seems like that won't work for me then. I'm a perfect 42L in the Anthony and I doubt that I'd fill out a 44L in the Austin (and I'd need that in the trousers).
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