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I'd just buy the standalone tux. People here have had good luck with it, but I'd skip the rest of it. No cummerbund and I thought their shirt was annoying since it is meant to be worn w/o waist covering and therefore has five studs (which I guess is OK if you're going to use theirs but sucks if you want to use your own). Shoes look cheap and crappy. You'd be better off spending the extra money for a matching tie/cummerbund (if you can't find a cummerbund to match your tie)...
Was in the Chicago store today and saw the tail end of the sale. Purple Label suits down to anywhere between $1,100-$1,650. It's one of the most frustrating situations one can be in: seeing an amazing deal and still the stuff being too expensive. Grrrrrrrr. Wish I could justify paying that much for suits right now, unfortunately I just don't wear them enough . However someone should jump on them. The most beautiful by far was a charcoal glen plaid three-piece with a SB...
Because of manufacturing efficiencies, I'd imagine. Not to revive the peak vs notch debate, but for those who argue that manufacturing efficiencies are responsible for the rise of the notch, the same could be said here. The 6x2 is the exact same layout as regular double breasted suits meaning no design modifications necessary. And, unlike a single breasted jacket, which doesn't necessarily require changing the proportions between one and two button models (even though they...
So, first of all, if you managed to get that brand new at the store, that's a good deal, no matter what folks here say about JAB! Assuming it's this one here:http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_101491I don't think I'd snip the buttons; when I see a DB tux jacket, my favorite is the 4x1:http://www.blacktieguide.com/Classic/Tuxedos/pakeman_co_uk_DBPL_14oz_barathea_ribbedfacing.jpgnot the 4x2, like this, which is what yours would...
I'd say a hidden placket shirt with a marcella front would go nicely with that tux. The lines are quite trim so the minimalism of the shirt will go nicely. This is an especially good option for those who opt not to wear a cummerbund or vest as you don't have the awkward studs-to-buttons transition you otherwise might. Are you having the shirt made or is there one you are planning on getting that you've seen?
If the tux in question (JAB) doesn't have buttons attached at the cuff, it will ABSOLUTELY, 100% have them included in a little baggie. No doubt in my mind about that.
If it comes with the buttons installed, it almost certainly does NOT come with fake buttonholes, meaning a tailor can just cut them off and move them.
The Anniversary Sale and the Rack are totally different animals. The Anniversary Sale is a sale on all kinds of new merchandise, while the Rack is an outlet (for Nordstrom stores as well as other retailers). The Rack can be pretty hit or miss, while the regular store will likely have what you want, though not necessarily on sale. Have you considered calling the regular store's shoe dept. to see whether they have AE on sale?
I suppose my reaction was more a "this is really fucking stupid and I want no part of it" than "oh, this will never work from a functional perspective". And the collar also doesn't quite make it to the lapels on my jacket, which is the main reason I ordered this over the comparable Tyrwhitt shirt, which I'll now be ordering.
What I meant was that I think having something fancy, like the buttons you refer to, sewn on, as buttons, instead of having cheap studs. If you're going to do five of them, no reason not to do it that way.
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