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Always sort of liked the Phaeton, but only thought it was cool when fitted with the W12 or a huge diesel engine. Not sure if it was ever outfitted this way, but would love to see it with the V10 TDI that was briefly available in the Tourag. The six-cylinder models don't do it for me.
If I had to guess, I'd guess that it would stand up well against the Bentley Continental/Flying Spur, but wouldn't hold a candle to the Mulsanne or former Brooklands (or any other Bentley with a classic 6.75L RR V8 under the hood). Every picture I've seen suggests that these two lines of Bentleys are in entirely different leagues.
I think only one of those terms, when applied to car design, could possibly end well. Getting too "creative" can easily end in disaster.
You mean so all we'd actually do in this thread is discuss tuxedos? Where's the fun in that?!
Ok, I see. Objectively, I agree with you completely. However I just an't change my mind about the car or why I feel that way...
I don't quite see the analogy, since it's not comparing a new Benz with an older one. But to answer your question, I think it has something to do with a hope that a $100k+ car would be more original and distinctive. MB in particular (as well as BMW to a degree) has been far more vanilla in its designs over the last decade or so, rather than employing that "unmistakably Benz" styling of the 190/260/300E and S/SEL up through the 90s
Agreed. Especially when considering its resemblance to this:That's why the new S Class coupe was ruined for me; I thought it was beautiful until I spotted the resemblance between this:And this:
Guys, guys, guys, we're going around in circles over this, which we've already done over and over again. My OPINION on the matter is that "traditional", "proper" and "preference" are all mutually exclusive terms and just because they happen to align, or there is a causal relationship for some of us, doesn't make it true in general. Let's look at the analogy of marriage (fitting, I'd say, since it's often a cause to wear black tie): -Traditional marriage (in the US) is a...
Was that directed at me? I was just making a joke regarding the judgmental elitism regarding things that 99% of the population wouldn't give a fuck about.
As though hipster-ism has even invaded black tie...
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