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I definitely think that the racing aesthetic will stay, since I'm guessing that comes from RL's love of classic cars. On that note, I highly doubt it would go from "driver" to "mechanic" style. Much of that (in particular, the leather jackets) can probably fit fine into the PL stuff.
Actually, I think you and I are largely saying the same thing. Brand whores bought Armani suits "because it's Armani" (even though others like Canali, Zegna, Belvest make a better $3k suit) and they associate the name with "the best" suits. Nobody makes that association with RL and tailored clothing because of that little (but growing) horse - it's considered "luxury" sportswear when shopping for $100 shirts, not $5k suits. So, it'll be those RL/general men's clothing...
Shouldn't be difficult to find a suitable substitute, now that you know what you're looking for and that they exist. My instinct says to try the other moderately priced English menswear retailers (Aquascutum, TM Lewin, Austin Reed). Good luck.
I think success here comes down to having salespeople who are able to effectively communicate to that $5k suit customer why they are still purchasing something very exclusive. The fact that far fewer retailers sell RL than Armani doesn't hurt, either. At the end of the day, if the customer understands what makes the $5k suit different from the $2k suit, all will be well, and I'd wager that more PL customers fall into this category than Armani customers.
Looks like it. Which I have a hard time grasping, since "Polo Sport" was/is already a brand but is nothing like the athletic wear featured in the new line. The old stuff was mostly collared shirts, windbreakers and golf shorts, if I recall. Guess it's just a matter of consolidating lots of stuff under the Polo name.
What about the 50s beatnik style? That seems ugly and cliche enough to attract big brands.
I go back and forth regarding RRL. While it doesn't seamlessly blend, perhaps the target customer for PL and BL is a bit more nuanced than we typically think. When the guy buying a $5k suit says "show me the best jeans/flannel you have" he may truly want a totally different look than his suiting style. In that case, RRL makes way more sense than the denim offered in BL. If you think about it, isn't part of the lifestyle seeming "worldly" and sophisticated, in which case...
I think that the BL suits will fit in with the PL just fine, as an extension of that line. I don't find the Anthony, the flagship cut, to be particularly "trendy"; that would be the Austin (soft shoulder, higher buttoning point, half lined), but the Anthony, with its very English style (large, structured shoulder, lower buttoning stance) is anything but "super trendy". You're dead on regarding the sportswear (or that horrible, short-lived Black Label Denim sub-line); that...
Interesting. I was eyeing the plaid for when the next markdown hit (or the glitch returned) but may have to reconsider. A pity as I love the pattern and in general prefer peak lapel suits. That double breasted looked nice too but pretty sure my size was gone.
Just doesn't feel as substantial when it comes to a real business suit. It doesn't indicate lesser quality per se, but it indicates a more casual style and perhaps represents cost-cutting.
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