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IMO, every M model after the E39 M5 has been so horribly, excessively over-styled that they look like aftermarket tuned franken-bimmers. The E39, though, is one of the most beautiful cars ever to come from BMW. I think it may also have been the last M model to come with an old-school manual gearbox as the one and only option.
Looks like both C5 and subsequent C6 were available as sedans. C5 made it to the States while C6 didn't.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audi_RS_6
Perhaps he was referring to his vehicle's contemporary, the V10-powered E60 M5? If so, then the B5S might have a slight edge in terms of performance, but not to the point of being an "M5 eater". Moot point for me; wouldn't want anything in the E60 body - ugliest sedan BMW has produced in decades (if not ever).
I realize that the RS6 Avant is still available but didn't see the sedan.
But then you've got issues if you need to seat five. More fair to compare the RS7 to the CLS63/M6. Is the RS6 sedan completely out of production in all countries?
Out of curiosity, wouldn't the "regular" E63 be a more equal comparison to the M5? More similar power/torque/acceleration numbers and nearly identical base price.Either way, have to agree with this. E63 interior looks significantly more luxurious than the M5, which is a bit spartan for a $93k+ car with four doors.
I lived in SoCal and I used to see shit like that (though don't know anyone on food stamps doing it). Always seemed like seriously fucked up priorities to me but then again I always lived close enough to work/school that I spent more time in my home than my car and my belief regarding cars is that if you can't afford to pay cash for it, you can't afford it (beyond basic transportation, that is).That F-type coupe bothers me because Jaguar could have done so much more with...
Or Iraq.But not with the V12. I loved/miss the flagship luxury cars from the mid-90s. That's the last time they were classy, elegant and understated without being over-the-top in every conceivable way (you know, before the interiors were all machined aluminum and touch screens). The S600, 750IL, XJ12, first A8 and even the original, grille-less Infiniti Q45. When I walk by them there's something cool about seeing one with he built-in (probably analogue) cell phone!
I like the lines of some of the cars, but the higher end ones tend to be over-styled for my taste. I like the "rolling bank vault" look MB had until the mid-90s. My favorite one of all times:
Didn't realized they'd migrated it to the Avalon platform. And I agree, there used to be much more of a differential between the two. In the mid 90s nobody got into a Camry and said "wow, this is actually pretty nice". So I agree that the cost differential used to be far more justified, but I think the cost differential has to be maintained in order to take Lexus seriously against its European competitors, even if that means unjustifiably high MSRPs and great "sales".
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