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Not only will it go unnoticed, it will be much easier to tie. Grosgrain trends to be thicker and more difficult to work with.And good call on going with a cummerbund and braces! The cummerbund is essential (unless opting for a vest) and though technically optional (based on the fit of the pants and whether they have side adjusters) I think braces are the way to go. That way it's possible to leave a little room in the waist and be more comfortable. I now wear them with all...
If anything, today's black tie events should call for the most formal interpretations of the outfit because it is now used in only the most formal settings. I feel like it used to be that any evening event one attended was black tie, and it was more of a way to set daytime apart from night than a way of signifying formality.A better example of the "natural evolution" referred above is the shawl collar appearing on dinner suits (vs just smoking jackets) and being perfectly...
So you're like SF's version of one of those "Jesus is returning" guys who stands on the corner holding a sign and bible, willing to look ridiculous because he know's he's doing the lord's work? Got it, in that case, carry on.
I think what he's saying about dressing the way men "30, 60 or 80 years ago" did is a bit more nuanced than you make it out to be. Just adhering to the classic elements of black tie that have been in place for the last 120 years doesn't mean that styles won't change with the times. For example, things which will have evolved (and ensure you most certainly won't look like your grandfather) but don't interfere with the classic options are:Pleats vs. no pleatsJacket/trouser...
I'd have the seat/crotch of the trousers let out if at all possible; otherwise you could have trouble sitting. Honestly, I might consider buying an extra pair of trousers in a size up, since SS sells those separately too. However, it all depends on how you like to wear them. I have thick legs/glutes as well and prefer my trousers a bit roomier because my braces will hold them at the proper height then and they won't be pulling anywhere.Also, I'd wait to adjust the length...
Thanks. Was pretty excited when I found it on sale at Neiman's last week.FYI, if you're a 42r and your tux budget has stretched to $1,300 there was one left when I was there to get fitted last weekend.
Starting to wish you'd kept it that way
Why don't you stop being a dick to people who have been around here a lot longer than you have.
Oh, and as to the youngster in the middle, is one supposed to button the bottom button on a DB DJ? Never was sure on that or whether one should even have a 6x2 on a DJ.
Well, aren't they all some form of HRH, lol?As to the pockets, I have plenty of sport coats with flap-less pockets and after a while they start to sag a bit, which is fine for a casual jacket, but not what one would want for a DJ.
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