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Well, other than believing the CLA was positioned between B and C Classes, I don't see what was incorrect about what I said. I was merely making what I considered an interesting observation about the three makers and their four-door coupes, of which each has two. On the one hand, you have the CLS, 6-Series and A7 (and their respective AMG, M and S/RS counterparts), all of which compete directly with one another. Then, you have the other four-door coupes, of which two...
I guess not... But when pricing it out I don't know how you'd really draw any other conclusion unless the card are positioned very differently in Europe than here.
Care to elaborate?
Guess it makes sense, more sense at least than what they currently do.What's really interesting is that, while MB has positioned its upper end four-door coupe (CLS) well to compete with its chief competitors' offerings (A/S/RS 7, 6 Series/M6), its lower level four-door coupe (CLA) is pretty much a base model (in the US), which I'd argue falls more in between the B and C classes, vs. its competitors, the A5 (Europe) and 4 Series, which fall between the A4/A6 and 3 Series/5...
And the W221 S (my personal least favorite) appears to share its front fenders with the current Chrysler 300
My earlier comments aside, my main problem with it is that it is a dead ringer for the Infiniti Q70. Same reason I have a little trouble with the new S Class coupe: it's a beautiful car, but a beautiful car that shares just a few too many lines with a Honda Accord coupe.
Is it just me, or should any Benz with four doors (save for the four-door coupes) have a regular grille with a hood ornament, instead of the huge star integrated into the grille? I sort of like it on the current E, but don't like it as the new standard for MB front ends.
Self-faced, not silk? That's a bit odd, seeing as the buttons are silk-covered; I'd have assumed the lapels would be too.
I think it's more an issue of being able to actually put in a seat and then get the kid into it with ease, which the A5 doesn't really allow. At least that's how I read it.
He said that his child is currently four, which means a little while longer in a child seat. The regular A7 (which will still be more potent than OP's A5) seats five, but the S model only seats four. Same thing with the CLS 550 and 650i (though the 650 will allow anchoring of a child seat between the two rear seats, so for now it can hold five).If price were a concern, I'd go for the S6, hands down. If not, I'd opt for the A8 4.0. Then again, I'm just not a huge fan of the...
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