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I'm not entirely shocked; somehow I don't think a British-built car, owned by an Indian manufacturer would necessarily be that popular in Der Vaterland. As to the wheels, I would guess that the winter tire comment is spot on, but would also point out that cars like the E Class and 5 Series are available in much lower trims in Europe than they are here. In France, for example, I'd regularly see those vehicles with textile seats and cheap plastic trimmed interiors.
My thoughts exactly. The last "classically beautiful" Jag model to debut was the original XK8 in 1996. Even the current XK is ugly by comparison to its predecessor. The XF could have been a beautiful car, had it been styled after the E models of the 70s. In general the lines are a little harsh, and no Jag should have a cheap V6, but the main aesthetic details that ruin it for me are protruding body-colored door handles, the lack of the swing-out trunk door of the older...
For me it comes down to an aversion to current AMG styling (loved the previous generations, with their simple, "block" wheels and lack of body work) but the bigger issue would likely be space: we just had our S60 fitted with a baby seat for an upcoming addition to the family, and space in the back was pretty tight, so would want one category of car larger next time (since the booster seats are even bigger).
I wasn't considering it a comp by any means. I was saying that if it were $65k, $70k w/options, I'd prefer to have the larger S6 for not much more money. Same reason I'd prefer the A6 3.0 to the C400. So the point was really that for the money you pay for the new C, you can step up to a much nicer vehicle with similar performance. Alas, we don't get the RS4/RS6 here, so hard to compare. However I prefer Audi's styling on its performance models (at least the S versions) as...
Any ideas what US MSRP on the new C63 will be? I too am a fan of the new C's styling, but at the end of the day, I think it's overpriced. For the price of a loaded C400 one could have a loaded (minus the B&O sound system) A6 3.0T, which I'd take over a C any day. I'm wondering if the 63 will be priced such that it's entering S6 territory and therefore won't have nearly as much appeal to those who want a performance sedan but are somewhat brand-agnostic.
IT also requires that your hips and/or glutes are pronounced enough for the trousers to rest on. This isn't true for all guys, and if you have a bit of a gut the pants will just fall down. In that case, for multiple reasons, braces are best.
I wouldn't go with the latter. Even if it didn't look strange (which I think it would) it would still create an unwanted bulge under the front of the vest.
I think it also depends how intact the paint stays. The only rust spots on the body of my last car was where there were some scrapes and the paint was completely scraped off. Don't know about the chassis, as I never looked at it myself.Reminds me I need to go to the carwash...
My personal preference (for all my suits; both two and three-piece) is for side tabs and brace buttons. However I have reasonably large glutes/quads and therefore am much more comfortable if the top block is a little loose, making braces the primary method of actually holding the trousers up. I would not do any other type of tab on the front or back because, frankly, it can appear a bit odd when the jacket is off. I would, however, probably do a double hook-and-bar for...
RE: Pathfinders, I don't know how many years back you're looking, but the Armada used to be called "Pathfinder Armada", so just make sure you're not getting those, as those are Sequoia/Landcruiser sized. The last Pathfinder didn't have that weird "bubble" roof and was available with a V8, IIRC.
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