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Assuming there are a lot of Chrysler underpinnings? Seems like the worthy successor to those Maserati-badged Chrysler LeBaron cars from the 80s or 90s...
That's where I had them, but I see where that may have been ambiguous. The JA/Men's Wearhouse collaboration commercial says they're made in Massachusetts, but I don't know if that's where all of them are made.Also, aren't some Brooks Bros. suits USA-made? Not sure by whom.
I recall some discussion elsewhere in this thread about the S Class primarily being a chauffeur-driven car outside of the US market (and increasingly it would seem as a livery sedan here). Perhaps the thought was that if the car gets a flat, most want to continue to their destination and have the driver worry about it once they arrive, rather than waiting for roadside assistance. And some places may not have the same robust roadside assistance network as the US; it's...
Isn't Joseph Abboud all USA-made? I'm assuming they rank somewhere between the high end of HSM and the low end of HF?
Well, in between doing nothing and kicking him is the good old fashioned "that's a stop sign you fucking asshole; I hope you ride into a wall you stupid piece of shit" yelled at a high volume.
That's because they're much more likely to die in a motoring accident than those of us in cars.Cyclists, though, are seriously the worst; more entitled than Prius drivers. None of them can seem to get it through their heads that the rules of the road governing cars also apply to bikes (you know, using the correct side of the street, stopping for stop signs and red lights, only going the right way on a one-way street, using the street not the sidewalk). I really wish that...
Good link to have! Seems like a great deal on C&J shoes, thanks!
If budget is limited I'd definitely go with a high-polished calf shoe that can do double duty with suits when needed. Never have had AE myself but they have a great reputation. Not sure if you've ever tried Barney's house brand shoes, but if you can fit a regular width this is still there in a 13, and probably a pretty good bargain at $120: http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/barneys-new-york-cap-toe-balmorals-501743066.html#prefn1=colorFamily&prefv1=Black&start=2
I think I walked by "BOS5IN's" asshole uncle in Chicago. I'm starting to think of "boss" as synonymous with tool, based on my experience with license plates...
Sort of like going back to just holding hands?
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