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I thought that the bigger issue, particularly when it comes to shoes, bags, etc, was that 90+% of the production happens in Asia or Eastern Europe, with the finishing touches put on in Italy, France, etc. Not sure whether that's the case for clothing or not.I would imagine, though, that factories such as this are still far more expensive to produce in than those in Asia. Interestingly, the jeans seem to be the only item on the Acne website saying "Made in Italy".My hunch...
That was my thinking too, but I ended up ordering a pair of Acne instead. They also have some higher waisted jeans and their raw denim is significantly darker in its raw state than APC (I couldn't tell if the Low Standard was the same denim as the other raw jeans). Acne also appears to be making some of their jeans for this season in Italy, which is a nice change.
I'd almost say J. Crew or Rag & Bone too, but with a decidedly American slant. Like APC, though, I think R&B's prices are only justified for denim (and even that's become more questionable). The rest of their stuff, for the most part, is now being made overseas (and I don't mean Italy). J. Crew at least is less expensive, but a bit more rugged looking than the others.
I actually have found that their stretch denim stretches more than the 100% cotton. I buy (bought; they seem to have stopped making it) the 'Fit 3' and would buy a 33 in all cotton and a 32 in stretch.
Has anyone had the opportunity to try the "Low Standard", which appears to be a new fit? I often have trouble fitting into APC jeans (and prefer darker shades of indigo than APC's typical raw denim) so was curious whether these would be worth a try:
What ever happened to the deal whereby Hickey Freeman was going to produce for PRL?
I've seen some of the new suits in department stores, and they still start at $1,995 there, but the ones sold (so far) in the RL stores and on the company website seem to start at $2,295. This suggests to me that the suits are pretty much the same, but RL has decided to make a price jump, while the independent retailers still want something in the $2k range.
I've seen it and it's quite lovely; much nicer feeling than anything Black Label. The Chicago store had a bunch in a variety of sizes so perhaps call there? One of the reasons I liked it so much was that I much prefer peak lapel suits. Couldn't justify it, though, given how seldom I actually wear suits and the fact that I have a very similar Black Label suit already.Probably in-store. In-store prices are lower (most Black Label suits are $7-750) and at least last weekend...
Seems like they're trying to emulate Zegna's model, which makes sense because as far as I can tell it is the only other company able to effectively mass market both $2k and $5k+ suits with minimal branding to differentiate the two and seemingly healthy RTW and MTM businesses.
The changes in labeling make a lot of sense for two reasons: 1. It provides a subtle differentiation between the different levels of PL (only the $4k+ suits will be "handmade"). 2. I've always associated the term "custom fit" with the Polo line; perhaps there's a drive to differentiate from that? 3. If there's really only one RTW fit at that price point, then there's no reason to mark it as being either slimmer or more traditional, since those terms are only good for...
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