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Ha! You must have been typing this just as I was editing mine above .I'm also curious whether the regulations separate out regular passenger cars from commercial vehicles (such as livery cars). Now that the DTS and Towncar are history, I see more and more limo companies making the Suburban and Escalade their vehicles of choice.Guess that's why Jaguar and Land Rover had to downsize so many cars to V6 engines and even Volvo is downsizing its FWD cars to I4s from I5s and I6s;...
Why are they not impacted in the same way, is it because they don't also make monstrous V12 machines and unbelievably fast and powerful sportscars?I didn't mean to imply that all of those would start making little crap boxes, just that everyone is downsizing, likely in the name of fuel economy, and it seems to be killing the V8 among other things.ETA: Forgot about the fact that the ones you mentioned are also part of large conglomerates that produce lots of small cars too....
Is it a really bad looking car or just a really bad looking BMW? There have been a bunch of cars over the years that I thought were decent enough looking cars, but just a sorry excuse for the marque they were representing. The current Jaguar XJ comes to mind in a big way.
Sadly I think the above is accurate. Was realizing today that just a few short years ago, the mid-range (~$50-70k) car from every luxury maker (other than Acura) offered a V8 in non-tuned (AMG, M, S, etc.) form. That included the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6, Cadillac STS, Lexus GS, Infiniti M (replaced by Q50), Lincoln LS (now MKS) and Jaguar XF. Today, it's just BMW (at least in the US).
It looks like the Ford C-Max meets the restyled MB GL. Not sure why they went this route as opposed to their own version of a car like the Volvo V40. This thing sucks.
I will if I'm going to wear them more casually, such as with jeans and a sport coat. For a dress shirt, worn with a suit, I wouldn't, but then again I'm less concerned with opaqueness since I don't mind an undershirt as much (can't stand the look of one sticking out under an open-collar shirt.Those CM shirts would probably do nicely for my purpose, since the collar won't ever be closed (meaning exact neck sizing and collar style are largely irrelevant).However, I see...
If you're not already signed up, try My Habit (Amazon's version of Gilt). As I mentioned, they often get Ferragamo horse bits at decent discounts, which I think of as both a better quality and more prestigious shoe than Gucci: http://www.myhabit.com/#page=d&dept=men&sale=A1320CRHV1M69C&asin=B00NGBSE62&cAsin=B00NGBSIXQ&qid=1423449199&sindex=12&ref=qd_men_eb_1_12
Thanks, will check them out!
How opaque are they? Is an undershirt required for them to not appear see-through?
Sorry, I should have been clearer that I was referring to engines used in any of VW group's cars. My bad. I was talking about the V10 diesel which briefly appeared in the Tourag and Phaeton.And speaking of huge diesels, would be awesome to se a big car like the A8 get that diesel V12 that the Q7 got briefly.
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