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And now available to the masses: http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=00505019150222&q=valextra&index=0
I saw these on Yoox too and was wondering the same thing. Is there no "Belvest" label on the inside of the jacket? And as far as canvased vs. not, did you try the "pinch" test between the first and second button on the front to see if that extra layer is in there? If they are actually mainline Belvest, then it might be an interesting way to experience the brand, which you don't find too often.
So I've come to the conclusion that English cuts are by far the best on me since they are less fitted than Italian, more fitted than American and are best for those with an average to athletic build. That being said, there aren't many English brands available here, so I'm at a bit of a loss who makes an English cut (regardless of whether made in the UK, Italy or the US). So far the only ones I've come up with are: RL (PL and BL) Paul Stuart (sort...
I thought that even a midnight tux was supposed to have black facings, no?That being said, I've never heard it referred to as "midnight tie", lol so you should be fine.
No offense taken, and I realized that my post could be interpreted as "stay away from grosgrain, just in case".
Perhaps I should have said: If you have trouble with getting a grosgrain bow to tie properly, due to it being thicker silk, then just go with a satin tie since having it tied right is better than having it match your lapel facings if you can only pick one.I wasn't suggesting to abandon grosgrain for satin automatically, but rather to just make sure whatever grosgrain you are looking at isn't too thick to get it tied properly (which has as much to do with one's bow tie...
Not to mention a goodyear welt is only of value if you expect the upper to last significantly longer than the sole. If you have a grosgrain upper, I doubt it'll take more abuse than the leather sole underneath it (not that either will take much abuse given how infrequently they are typically worn these days).
But if you do purchase as a set, make sure it's not a pre-tied bow, as many sets have this.Before going with grosgrain, make sure the tie is easy enough to tie. Grosgrain is thicker and I've found grosgrain bows difficult to tie at times. Better to go with satin and have it tie right than the alternative. Plus I don't see many grosgrain waistcoats or cummerbunds.
If you haven't bought one yet, this is by far the best bang for the buck:http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-15492/Benjamin-Sartorial-Tuxedo-cln--36S/DetailI have one of their suits and it's as nice as suits retailing for 3-4x the price. Only thing which isn't really my taste is the double vented jacket (I prefer unvented for a tux) but that's fixable.Oh, and depending on your exact build, you may want to try a 36r and/or 38s too, as they run a bit on the shorter and...
Try looking at their European website (uk.hermes.com is in English) so you can at least find a pic or style name. There is often a more extensive selection there, even though you can't ship to the US.
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