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Spot on advice. I'd even go one step further and inquire about what is really meant by BT-optional, and whether you'd be the only one availing themselves of the option, or the only one not. And while I agree about not out dressing the groom, there are some notable exceptions; some grooms will go tieless for a casual wedding, but wearing one is still fine, and some may opt for a more casual version of BT at a BT/BTO wedding, such as an ivory jacket in summer, and I don't...
Again, as long as you're prepared to have people think you're basically in costume (which is totally fine at most NYE parties) then go for it. In some ways, I think it's better if you wear it to someplace that everyone else is in jeans vs. everyone else in cocktail attire for example. In order to pull off an outfit like that, you either need to be in a place where everyone takes formal dress very seriously, or nobody takes dress seriously at all.Yes, everyone today pretty...
As long as you are OK with people thinking it's a costume, and you don't take the idea of being in such an outfit too seriously then go for it. Personally, I wouldn't wear such a thing to such an event because the likelihood of getting stuff spilled all over it is too high, so I never wear particularly good clothes to those kinds of parties. If I wanted to wear "black tie" to a non-BT NYE party, that's when I'd go get the $70 velvet jacket at H&M to pair with old tux pants...
If you're a size 40 or 46 suit, you could start here:http://www.myhabit.com/#s?sr_p_4=Tom%2520Ford&dept=men&node=1040658&ref=qd_men_ref_brand_55It's hard to tell exactly how the stuff fits, since it can be pinned in a million different ways for the photos. The suit not displayed on a model, though, doesn't appear to have the wider leg trouser.And here's another potential source:http://www.yoox.com/us/men/shoponline/tom%20ford_dI can't tell if those suits are true...
Wider in the though or wider below the knee? Doesn't Tom Ford still cut a little wider down below? I also had a Paul Smith that was cut wider down below, but that was a while ago.
I'd say J. Crew for pants for sure, without a doubt. Possibly the coat too. I'd order shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt because they have some of the slimmest available on a budget and most are non-iron. There are many places to get a suit, and I'm guessing there would be about $500 left in the budget for one, just enough to go somewhere like Suit Supply, which should be a good option for now.
Uh, yea, I have a rule against spending more on the tie/cummerbund than I did on the tux itself .I'd consider custom, but without being able to see it I won't be able to know if it truly matches and looks better than black would.
Well, the thing about limiting the colors is that, aside from the shoes, that would be the only actual black in the outfit, since the suit and facings are all midnight. Will see what the tie looks like when it actually arrives and how close a match it is. If I went with a different shade of midnight then perhaps I'd also go with a different texture, like some kind of pique weave so it's at least clear they were never supposed to match exactly.
So I think I may have located a midnight bow dark enough to go with the facings of my jacket but there isn't a matching cummerbund available... Should I: Just go with black for both? Find the best match even though it won't be perfect? Go with something non-solid (but still not loud) or a different color solid (black, deep plum, etc.)?
The look can work, but not on a tuxedo cut like that. It needs to be one with a much better drape, an very structured shoulder (to the point of looking severe) and probably works best on a double breasted jacket. You can have lapels that scream "Dracula" but only if the rest of the suit does as well.
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