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Same age as me, but been into cars since I was about 11 so even if I didn't drive it I still appreciate the design and heritage and remember when it was featured in auto magazines (remember those?!) and could be seen in person when leaving WI to take trips to Chicago or Florida.
And, while not the 43, also kind of like this one, as it makes me nostalgic for the days when MB still saw the virtue of I6 instead of V6 engines: Then again, I'm a believer that a true Benz has angular (not rounded) lines, zero or minimal body kits and black plastic door handles.
Test drove one of those (pic, not C63) and it drove like shit. Less ugly than its successor IMO. My favorite C of all times though:From back in the day when AMGs were true sleepers.
Anything is better than the previous C. Then again I thought the previous generation of MB cars were amongst the ugliest. Sort of like the generation of BMWs that came prior to that.
I'd say the best way to reconcile this is to say that the MDX makes for a better looking Acura than the X5 does for a BMW.I think both have that sort of awkward rear to be able to accommodate a true third row. Makes sense in principle as Acura is the only one of the big three Asian luxury brands without a full-sized SUV (Lexus has two; a full-size and a mega-size) and MBW needs the X5 to compete with both the M Class and the GL Class.
You think the trend in similarities will continue now that the two are under completely separate ownership?I do remember that prior to going all V8/V12 AM's DB7 shared much of its underpinnings with the Jaguar XJS and its I6 engine was a version of that in the XJR of the day.
Don't sell yourself short, it applies outside of clothing as well. That's why most new ideas/companies fail very, very quickly.
But what it sounds like you're describing is "cocktail attire" replacing black tie, just the way black tie replaced white tie (for the most part). Nothing wrong with that per se, but it's an evolution to a less formal form of dress, not an evolution of black tie itself.Also, the bow is making a comeback for regular daytime dress as well, so I think that one is likely to stick around, as more and more guys get comfortable with wearing them in general.
I'm banking on self-cleaning underwear. You heard it here first.
While I'm sure this has already been explored, do any dealerships that are close enough to you still have '14s on the lot with good incentives attached?Problem with this is that the smaller engines aren't readily available here to counterbalance the larger ones. Currently, only the SUVs and E Class offer Diesels and the smallest petrol engine available on each model here is larger than the smallest available on its European market counterpart. So, unlike, say the UK, where...
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