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Perhaps J. Crew when they have something on sale and then have an additional 20-40% off sale with a coupon. Otherwise, you can scour sites like Barney's Warehouse Sale (now year-round and online) or Yoox. At the end of the day it'll be a little tough to find something that really has polish in that price range at full price. End of season sales at Bloomingdale's would also be a decent place to look.
Personally, I like Rag & Bone; that's pretty much all I wear. I think you might like J Brand as well (used to have some of these too). You can also always go to J. Crew, their denim tends to be rather removed from seasonal trends and they'll be a bit cheaper than the others. At retail, the first two are +/- $200, while on sale you can probably expect to pay about 1/3 to 1/2 less, depending on your size. J. Crew will probably start in the $80-90 range, and they have coupon...
Does this also have to do with men's trouser waists getting lower as the years went on? Even with a waist covering (if it is a cummerbund, I guess) you'll end up showing more shirt than in years bast since even "regular" rise trousers are lower than in the first half of last century.I also wonder whether this happened by accident: stud makers began including an extra stud (when they stopped being made from precious metals, most likely) as a spare and shirt makers...
The one problem I see with that statement is the fact that a full-dress waistcoat (white) is considered acceptable, and it will lead to the same problem if one buttons their jacket in the first place.
I think in some ways we're looking at the "formality" issue the wrong way: on the one hand we have the argument that leaving the jacket open is less formal, while on the other hand we have the argument that it should be left open as a carryover from white tie. The way I see it, those two don't have to be in conflict.In today's world, for the most part, black tie is, for all intents and purposes, the most formal level of dress the majority of us will encounter but, lest we...
Not sure that it requires the white-tie shirt, with it's higher, stiffer, detachable collar, though I do think it looks a little better with a wing collar. The one absolute, though, in my opinion, is NO pleated-front shirts; marcella only. Reason being is that the pleats of the shirt will contrast quite badly with the pique material of the vest.
Which supports my point, that it is not the showing of white when one's jacket spreads open, rather the hiding of the bib/studs to smooth/buttons transition of the shirt that necessitates the waist covering.Here's a waistcoat that should match the above-mentioned specs:http://www.ctshirts.com/men's-suits/suit-vests/Slim-fit-dinner-suit-vest?q=usddefault||DJ037BLK|||||||||||||&page=2&canned=11071815
So I'm sure the OP has found something, but in the mean time have seen...
I also love the look of a chelsea with black tie, and I'm fine with bucking certain traditions. However, I think the cummerbund/waist coat serves another purpose as well besides the showing of shirt/brace attachments: most tuxedo shirts have a bib and studs which only go part of the way down and if you don't have a waist covering you'll see the noticeable transition between smooth cloth and bib and buttons and studs.
I saw some nice and interesting looking wallets and card cases at Barney's and RL recently and am curious if anyone knows who makes them? They were regular leather, and at Barney's it was the mainline house brand and at RL it was the "regular" (as in not Polo or Purple Label). Trying to judge if it's good stuff or not and I suppose knowing the maker is a good start.
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