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One of my two absolute "musts" for our wedding was that what I wear was in my sole discretion, within the confines of whatever level of formality my now-wife wanted. Worked well as part of my overall "If you ask my opinion I'm going to give it to you and you'll have to take it into account but in 95% of circumstances if you tell me what we're doing I'll just go with it". The suit fell into the 5% (though she didn't care; she know's I've got good taste).Out of curiosity,...
On some level I think the lower quality is to be expected, seeing as they are now starting around $1k (think they used to start around $1,300). I think $350 is a good price to buy at as well. I like the Black Label suits, which now are around $1,900-2,000 and I generally try and find them for at least 60% off (so same discount).
A number of interesting suggestions so far.The link/turn-back option seems a bit inherently less formal, which is fine, if the environment will be on the less formal side of BT. Those details aren't my taste, since they seem overall a bit precious for my taste (and details for the sake of details). But what do I know...I like T&T's suggestion for a DB DJ, but my question would be about silk and how easily it would get damaged as you are inevitably "hug-raped" throughout...
Sure, my point was just that the model alone doesn't mean much in terms of the owner's financial situation given the range of cars out there with that designation. But of course there are deadbeats out there in all socioeconomic brackets.
In which case we may, from that driver's POV, be talking about a $35k car for an 08/09), not a $150k+ car. Big difference.
Ah, got it. I wouldn't even bother with cummerbund removal since it's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation (either folks see the back clasp of the cummerbund or they see the brace attachments and the awkward "studs to buttons" and "bib to smooth" transitions on the shirt).
I thought it was an S Class AMG, which could be an S63, S65 or even the old S55 (so not necessarily a brand new ride by any stretch).
Well, I'm a braces guy myself, whether black tie or a regular suit. If the event is formal enough to warrant black tie it may be too formal to go in shirt sleeves, but I'm not sure exactly what kinds of events you're talking about. I actually don't mind people seeing my braces when I remove my suit jacket but tend not to remove my DJ since people will see the back clasp of the cummerbund as well as undershirt sleeve lines.However, if jacket removal is just part of your...
Typically one would wear a cummerbund (in black or burgundy, depending on tie choice/event) with a white DJ. The white DJ was intended for use in warmer climates, hence why one might want to avoid the extra layer of a waistcoat.I also think that a waistcoat looks a little out of place with a pleated shirt, and a black one (which is really the only option here, IMO) just doesn't look quite right with both a white shirt and jacket.
The C&J are nice, though they are a bit too thick and clunky for my taste (though I realize they are a somewhat more casual shoe). That doesn't diminish their quality in the least, though. Interestingly enough, the English RL shoes don't seem to sell for much, if any, more than the manufacturer's own brand shoes. The other stuff seems to sell for a larger markup due to the RL branding.Not sure which Italian shoes are the Sassetti ones, but I do have a pair of RLPL Italian...
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