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Ok, I think I got into the right light to get a decent picture. Marks are just to the left of that long line of reflected light:
Yea, there are a few marks like that on the rear of the shoe. There appear to be more of them than would happen from just that but what do I know. I got the last pair in a 9 online but will have to see whether another pair can be located in a store to compare to. Otherwise perhaps I can get a discount on this pair (then see if a good shoemaker can buff them out).
I ordered a pair of these: http://www.barneys.com/crockett-%26-jones-kensington-loafers-503461727.html#prefn1=brand&prefv1=Crockett+%2526+Jones&start=37 They are a very high polished calf from C&J and the vamp of the left shoe appeared to have a number of scuff marks on it (couldn't get a good photo because of the polish) but the shoes appeared never to have been worn. That suggests that this is how they left the factory, which is either poor QC or that's the grain of...
Question on mixing metals: Given the yellow tones (these are sterling with MOP center and eggshell enamel), could i wear these studs with plain oval yellow gold cufflinks, or better stick to the pair from the set (or plain sterling)?
But you can't book those in advance, they now have a booking fee and there isn't a simple flat-rate price to/from the airports. And they don't have cars on standby at all three airports.
But you can't beat Dial-7 (or do you use Carmel?) for value and convenience. I remember I used to get off a plane at JFK planning to take a cab, would see a mile-long line for cabs, call Dial-7 and have a car there within 8 minutes.
Or go back to doing what they did better than anyone until a few years ago: offer S-Class size with E-Class price/performance. The DTS, IMO, was a much more differentiated product than any of the more recent Cadillacs.
Is this a quote from your wife?
Sure it is, it's just not the best you can get for the money. Beautiful fabric and full canvas construction, albeit machine made.Personally, were I shopping in that price range in Italy I would try Belvest or Isaia. They are probably about 5-10% more expensive than a comparable Zegna but with a lot more handwork. Given OP's stated preferences for style, I'd imagine Isaia is going to fit the bill better (many OTR Belvest I've seen have an eight inch drop and a more English...
I'm a firm believer that interview attire should reflect company culture. Even before the update, based on the OP, I'd have said a suit was overkill and would send the wrong message on many levels. Now, if interviewing for a position in senior management, I'd go with whatever you'd be wearing on a daily basis. chances are you've proved what you need to prove through experience and should really just be showing people exactly what they'll get if they hire you (vs trying to...
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