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Yes, doubly so since I live in a country with LHD vehicles .
Screen itself also looks like tacky, aftermarket crap. Can it be folded away?But yea, that interior is ugly. Though aren't the AMG interiors supposed to look a little more spartan since the focus is on "sport" (hence the floor vs. column-mounted gear lever)?
As long as you end up looking like the one on the left...I could see it working, perhaps in a linen/wool blend, worn tieless and sock-less.
I thought that silk facings were an option, but that most were self-faced, but perhaps I'm mistaken as I've never gone shopping for a white/ivory DJ. And agree about ivory/white trousers being useless with ANY kind of silk stripes (since I don't think it's a good look with a black jacket either and it would look really stupid to wear them on their own/with a sport coat).
Are you suggesting that he get a single-button, peak-lapel summer suit and then just use the jacket as a summer DJ? Not necessarily opposed to the idea, just making sure you weren't suggesting that the trousers be dinner trousers (with a cream satin stripe, etc).
They may do tailoring, but if it's anything like SS then STAY THE FUCK AWAY. They don't have real tailors there, and it's well worth the (modest) investment of time and money to find and pay for a good (hell, even half-decent) independent one vs. the one at the shop. That's particularly true of shops selling sub-$1k suits.
They have several in NYC as well as DC and Chicago (maybe others too?). Like J Crew, they sell as separates so can take different trouser/jacket size if needed.
Of course not. Just pointing out that many may be self-faced, in which case the shawl is a nice differentiator.
I would only get a white/ivory DJ with shawl lapels because they are typically self-faced. Therefore, without the distinction of a shawl, there's really no difference between that and a single-button white/ivory blazer (other than possibly having covered buttons).
FYI, now that I'm back at a regular computer, this is the shirt I'd referenced earlier: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=50702126&cp=32150926.48177516&ab=ln_nodivision_cs_dressshirts%2Cties%2C&view=99&parentPage=family Great deal if you like pleats.
New Posts  All Forums: