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To be honest, if I had a daughter, I'd hide her from anyone dressed that way...
Pun intended?! LOL.As to your real question, about alternatives, I've heard that eHaberdasher's Benjamin line tuxes are pretty slim and are around the same price. Martin Greenfield for Gilt will cost more, about $400 more IIRC, but they make a "slim" version (and the regular already looks plenty slim) and it'll be a very nice suit.And finally there's J. Crew, where at least you can order separates (though they are probably between SS and MG on price). If you do that,...
Depends on the definition of "similarly". You don't want one to show up in a black suit, white shirt and silver wedding tie and the other in a tan suit, striped shirt and knit tie. So there should be some guidelines, but other than that it's fine (even good) if they all look a bit different. Perhaps specify things like:-Color family for suit (some shade of navy, some shade of grey, etc.)-Shirt color-Shoe color-Tie color family (unless you're buying them ties)
Thought I'd share one from my own wedding this past spring. Ignore the fact that the tie is off center and the buckle in the vest; I'm turned slightly towards the bride in the pic. ETA: for context, it was an evening wedding in downtown Chicago
I'd been reading through some old BT threads on this forum and came across an interesting one on the whole mixing midnight and black issue, but rather than necro-posting, I figured I'd bring it up here: There was an idea that when mixing the color of the facings and accessories (i.e. midnight facings, black accessories) that one should also mix the textures/materials. So, for example, if one's DJ has midnight satin facings, it would be better to do a black grosgrain...
Gorgeous, wear it in good health.And don't worry about the bow; short of my dad (who wore bow ties every day for 25 years) I've never met anyone truly skilled at tying one, which becomes part of the charm of a "real" bow tie.
So, would anyone actually wear this for BT: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/Neiman-Marcus-Polka-Dot-Silk-Bow-Tie-Black-Silver-Ties-Pocket-Squares/prod169020060_cat40450753__/p.prod?icid=&searchType=EndecaDrivenCat&rte=%252Fcategory.jsp%253FitemId%253Dcat40450753%2526pageSize%253D120%2526No%253D0%2526refinements%253D&eItemId=prod169020060&cmCat=product Would be with midnight tux with midnight satin facings and a black cummerbund. Kind of like it, but not really sure it's...
Yea, doesn't look like the right fit. How are you standing, do you have your chest puffed out/back clenched?
So have you always lived in LA? Sorry, but I still (even though I lived in LA for six years) chuckle at the idea that an extra layer would be needed indoors when already wearing a long sleeve shirt and waistcoat .
Beautiful jacket! Seems as though you use it for its original purpose, though (the "gentleman's sweatshirt", if you will), since you're wearing it with a regular shirt, tie and trousers. Do you also host BT events in your home and wear it instead of a DJ, or do you use it strictly to replace your suit coat upon returning home?
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