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What makes it douchey is the fact that it's clearly trying to come as close as it can to copying Panerai's exact design without running afoul of trademark laws. Even the name, "Marina" on the front, is the same. Therefore, one can only conclude that the vast majority are purchased so as to suggest to people that they are in fact wearing a Panerai. It is that behavior that makes one a "mindless, vapid badge-whore", not the calling-out of that behavior.
What a douchey first post... Oh, and might I add, entirely uninformed about watchmaking.Probably best to forego a second post.
So I'm always wary of any of the "buy tuxedo cheaper here now" sites, but came across this: http://www.buy4lesstuxedo.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=White-Laydown-Gitman-Diamond-Weave-Tuxedo-Shirt Says "Gitman Gold" in the label, but the company description is of Gitman Bros. The shirt looks the same as the $170 version on Gitman's own site, but the label is different and I'm wondering whether this is equivalent to the "factory store" or "made for Gilt" products that...
Same thing with the T&A bow I have; almost the exact same setup. I remember when my dad was wearing a lot of bow ties he used to get some that adjusted in back with buttons, so you could both adjust the length or take the tie apart using them. Don't recall whose they were.
Yea, skip the pleated version with the wing collar. Tunnel collar shirts aren't particularly common mostly because they are a pain in the ass and require either a pre-tied bow (which you NEVER want) or a bow which can come apart at the back and essentially be split into two pieces. With the latter, you would sever the two halves, thread them through the collar, then reattach. The "tunnel" part is almost like a very small turn-down flap, but it's corners are sewn down to...
If by "bibbed" you mean a marcella pique bib, then that would be the correct front for a wing collar shirt. Given its origins with white tie dress, a wing collar has no place on a pleated front shirt, which would be considered more casual.I think what you're referring to is that a wing collar is most appropriate for white tie, which is considered the most formal of formalwear (white bow, white waistcoat, black tailcoat), not a white jacket, which is considered the least...
I like that actually. To me that's the same as going with really loud/fun braces or jacket lining; you know it's there, you did it to make your garment "different" but outwardly it appears completely traditional.
Yes, if you'd prefer to be an exhibit, rather than a patron.
My problem is I spent too much on the tux, now don't have anything left to donate to charity... Darn.
So I noticed a bit of schmutz on the lapel of my new tux that wasn't brushing off. So, like an idiot, forgetting that this was silk, I did what I'd do with a suit; I wet my finger with a drop of water and gently brushed it out. Well, schmutz gone, but now, even a day later, I swear I can see a mark from the water. Any remedy? Nobody else will ever be able to see it, and I'm not even 100% sure I can, given how different satin looks in different lights, and how much it can...
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