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But they are less offensive on the BMW, since they don't also include a hood scoop; they're made as subtle as possible rather than being as stylized as possible. Don't see such a bulge on the IS; do you mean the 2015 model or a previous year?
Yes, it's a great ride. Had an '07 for six years and it was a fantastic car. Wanted AWD when I moved to Chicago so traded it for a Volvo, otherwise I'd still be driving that puppy.
Honestly, looks cheap to me. The M5 doesn't have one, the E63 doesn't have one, the RS7 doesn't have one, so why should this one have one? It shouldn't. Unless you're trying to get that "tricked out muscle car" look, which happens to look cheap IMO.
There's no hate on HF suits with these characteristics. More the partially canvassed, lower end fabric suits they are producing more and more of. Guarantee those PRL suits will not be full canvas; they weren't even doing full canvas on the previous seasons' suits and they were selling for about $300 more.
I guess the distinction I draw, and this is totally personal, is there's no point to an E63, but I understand. What I don't understand is the idea of combining track-worthy performance numbers with an SUV body. If I want to drive really really fast some times that's great, but I'd want a car that's meant to be driven like a performance machine, not one originally designed to haul lots of kids and gear to soccer.
Do the Aston Martin DB9, Jaguar XK and Maserati GT count as "big ass coupes" and if so, were they not in the running?
Still not sure I understand the point of the GL AMG. Never really saw a purpose to an SUV that goes that fast, but I suppose it's one of those things you buy because you can and for no other reason. Even if performance is a purchasing factor, the 550 is still plenty quick.
Actually, I don't see an E coupe there, I see a Honda Accord coupe when looking from the side. Not good...Yea, the only company to really make a big-ass coupe look good has been Bentley, but sadly the last one, the Brooklands, hasn't been around in some years (those VW-powered Continentals do NOT count). The previous generation of Bentley coupes, that went away in the late 90s, were also stunningly beautiful.
Wholeheartedly agree. My favorite of all times was the last LR-designed, first BMW-built RR; something I just loved about that car:And the original RR Sport (when it still had the obligatory matte black plastic doorhandles) was very similar in design and proportions, which I think is why I like it so much:
Of course that was when AWD cars were few and far between. Today there are the crossover and AWD wagons that basically occupy the same segment. Sort of the principle behind the Audi Allroad or Volvo XC 70.
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