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Thanks. My concern is that I already had to have the trousers let out of the suit I got from the current lineup, so given this isn't a time-sensitive purchase, I'm probably best off waiting till the new ones come in some time later this year.
Thanks, and hope it was a good trip! The event I'm thinking of specifically is this fall so it's hardly a time-sensitive issue. Based on what you said, can I assume that the current iteration is slimmer through the trouser than the same size of one of your suits (based on the post I quoted)?
I didn't go through the whole thread, so apologies if this particular question came up some time in the last two months, but when do you anticipate cutting new tuxedos? I saw a reference to spring or summer but was wondering if you had more specifics yet. I ask because I will likely be in the market for a new tux in the next couple of months, but would definitely wait until there was one available that was more forgiving in the seat/thighs. I have a Benjamin suit, which I...
Sometimes in the store it's that way too. However it's less noticeable because things are in different rooms so when you're told "this room is X% off" it feels like it's "everything".
Is there anything special about the laces EG uses? I bought a pair of RL EG shoes and they have these stupid leather tassels on the ends of the laces, so I'm going to replace them, but wasn't sure if there was any compelling reason whatsoever to seek original EG laces or just get whatever the shoemaker happens to have that are the right length?
I have some of these: http://www.zappos.com/onitsuka-tiger-by-asics-oc-runner-grey-navy I wore them one day to the gym to lift in after I stepped in dog shit with my regular gym shoes and decided I actually liked them better since the sole was fairly thin, there was very little drop but the foam cushioning was also pretty hard. Wouldn't wear them for running, though.
I have a similar problem to the OP and have found that there are three possible solutions (on the clothing side) when it comes to suits: 1. Go MTM/MTO and take the trousers one size larger than the jacket when compared to OTR suits 2. Find suits which can be let out in the waist and seat enough to accommodate your glutes/quads without having to buy a jacket which is too big 3. Go with suit separates; SF affiliate eHaberdasher's house label, Benjamin, are probably among...
I wear suits without ties all the time, but would never wear a three-piece sans tie. If you want a vest, I would recommend a sweater vest, which could go with either a tweed jacket or suit.
Sorry if I came off as a dick. One thing I have learned is that the in-store pricing and online pricing are often different. When I go onto the site, it specifically mentioned the 25 + 40 for total savings of 55%, but the stores take intermittent markdowns more often. For example, I got a suit with an initial markdown of 40% in-store but which only showed a 30% markdown online.
Not to nitpick, but 25% off of 40% off does NOT equal 65% off; stacked percentage discounts don't work that way. You take 40% off of the original price, and then 25% off of the resulting new price, so the total discount is less than 65% off the original price. Easiest way to think about it is that after the first markdown, you were paying 60% of the original price, and now you are paying 75% of that, or 45% of the original price, which is 55% off.
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