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Just realized, grey is out. This is for a wedding, a wedding my wife is in (but I am not), and the bridesmaid dress is dark grey. No way I'm letting people think even for a second that I did it for the purpose of matching, no thank you sir!
I think the only place you'll find a white tie event in the states are certain diplomatic functions (where a good percent of the invitees won't be American) and certain old money private club functions.No real problem with that, either, seeing as there have been many types of formalwear that have evolved over time and whose predecessors are now obsolete.
If we didn't overthink these things, this thread wouldn't exist in its current form.I was going to do that, until I found a blue bow in the exact right satin, and after all the searching, can't just ignore that. Issue I've had is that facings are midnight, not black, so that makes pairing more difficult. However I'm not opposed to adding a little color through the cummerbund, especially since that's the one place it's allowed.
That was the darkest reference I could find, but yeah, I agree.
Thinking this shade of grey, but NOT with the pattern:http://www.kjbeckett.com/mens/accessories/cummerbunds/robert-charles-rose-cummerbund-grey.htmlHave to see what I can find that doesn't look cheap, since a cheap grey one will look like silver, which will always look cheesy.
I could definitely get both, but will probably wait to get a black one, seeing as I can always pick one of those up. Thinking I like either a super dark pewter or plum. Burgundy is nice with black, but with midnight it's too "red, white and blue" to me. Bottle green is also good but something about that with the blue looks too informal. FWIW, this was the alternate blue I had found and was...
So not to re-highjack a thread that's already been highjacked so many times, but I finally did it: I found a midnight bow that matches the midnight facings of my jacket PERFECTLY. However, there is a catch - no matching cummerbund made. So my options are to: 1. Go with black satin (hey, it'll still match the shoes). 2. Take the advice of Black Tie Guide about the waist covering being the place to throw in a little color and do that (ultra dark grey, deep burgundy or...
That argument can work for or against you, depending on why you are wearing white tie. If it's a party where nobody else will be in formalwear, then the "quirky tuxedo" is actually probably a better fit than a regular tuxedo, because those who see white tie as such will think you're doing it to goof around a bit, just the way they see this as their one excuse per year to wear the purple sequins blazer they have. If it's a party where everyone will be in suits, then being...
I doubt it, actually. I didn't before I came here. I just thought that a tailcoat was a "more formal" tuxedo but it never registered with me that it was paired with a white bow and vest exclusively or that it was worn to functions that a tuxedo would not be and vice versa.
But the fact that more people in London may understand the difference between black and white tie may actually contribute to this. As the OP said, in the States, most see it as just a quirky tuxedo, out of place only due to its quirkiness. In a place where people understand the differences between WT and BT events, then showing up in that "quirky tuxedo" will draw the attention of those who assume you didn't know it was a BT (or BTO/cocktail attire) event, and wore your WT...
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