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Tyrwhitt. You have to opt for the pocket for an extra $6, but it's available. And ignore the $100 "price"; there's the perpetual "4 for $199" deal.
So it just as easily could have been an issue of wardrobe screwing up, or someone spilling on him two minutes before showtime and everyone scrambling to find a clean white shirt before the camera began rolling.
But the shirt goes perfectly with Black Fleece's abominable excuse for a tuxedo http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Wool-Tuxedo/FK00070,default,pd.html?dwvar_FK00070_Color=BLCK&contentpos=2&cgid=0717
Sounds like the cut would work for a casual sport coat, perhaps worn with jeans (how I typically wear them) but not for a suit. I much prefer a more classic look and the Anthony model is about as fashion-forward as I'd go.
Thanks. Seems like that won't work for me then. I'm a perfect 42L in the Anthony and I doubt that I'd fill out a 44L in the Austin (and I'd need that in the trousers).
Just curious, for those who have actually tried on both the Anthony and Austin models, how do the fits compare, specifically in the trousers? The Austin looks to have a more natural shoulder, but I can't tell whether the fit itself is truly different (and therefore would require a different size, or may not fit altogether). I can wear the Anthony OTR with just slight trouser tailoring (to give a little more butt/leg room) but want to know if I can legitimately consider...
To clarify, I never meant to imply that a peak cream DJ would look like an odd cream sport coat paired with formal shirt and trousers. It was more that, technically, there are no differentiations (besides, arguably, the single button) between the two, unlike a tuxedo jacket, which has silk facings, for example.My personal favorite for an ivory DJ is a 4x1 DB with shawl lapel, specifically to avoid the problem you mention.
It also makes it unmistakably a dinner jacket. Since many are self-faced (and some have uncovered buttons), they can just look like cream sport coats if they aren't shawls (which are essentially reserved for formalwear).
I'm not even going to ask where you found that graphic...
Agree 100%. The purpose of the B&M store is evolving and is now more about providing an experience than being a point of sale. The experiential store seems to be the new way to drive online and other channel business and thus can barely break even (or even be a loss leader) because it is part of a bigger picture. This topic comes up all the time in the RL threads; the company makes its money on pony-clad polo shirts, but needs to offer $6k OTR suits as part of a lifestyle...
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