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IMO, the best was what RL did with the old BL suits: attach the sleeve buttons for convenience, but have the cuff such that working buttonholes were possible. But yes, on full-price merchandise, button attachment will generally be included (though at best you'll get fake buttonholes, not working).
Is there anything to the idea that consumption of soy is bad for men due to the estrogen content? Or has that been completely debunked by actual science as well?
I've only ever seen one RLBL suit with belt loops, and I've been buying them since '09.
The suits were previously a minimum of $1,795 for the basics, and a minimum of $1,895 (many over $2k) for the seasonal offerings. So again, we're talking about a few hundred increase, which is to be expected from time to time even without the label change or a serious material upgrade.The basted sleeves are actually a downgrade, IMO. Previously, the sleeves were setup for working buttonholes, but with the buttons tacked on, making it possible to wear the suit prior to...
It's not really a $600 markup; more like a $200 markup (for the only other suit that seems to have carried over completely): think the sharkskin must just have upgraded material.The side tab reference was to the positioning and shape of the tabs themselves. The new suits have them a bit lower, off the actual waistband, with wider ends. They're more...
Plus, even if it were possible to test hypotheses on human subjects, where are you going to find a study cohort genetically identical enough to control the experiment (an advantage of mice bred for the lab).
What shoes are you wearing?
I'm a non-apologetic carnivore, but have certainly had some of the same thoughts as you. That's why I go for free range chicken/eggs and pasture-raised (grass-fed, if possible) beef/lamb/bison. I've always been more about quality of life than length (as a general principle). This decision isn't entirely selfless, though. I'm convinced that the better raised the animals, the healthier they will be for me to consume. I don't know the life expectancy of a cow or chicken, so...
And, should one insist on going without a waist covering, a fly front shirt is a must, because it will eliminate that awkward studs-to-buttons transition visible when the jacket is open.
I'll just add to #1 that the entire thing can be midnight as well, if you are wearing a midnight tux with midnight facings, go that route. My preference on a non-matching cummerbund would be some kind of tonal pattern (paisley, etc.). I also think that the cummerbund's texture can differ from the tie/facings; I personally have a grosgrain cummerbund since it was far and away the darkest blue I could find and I have a midnight tux with midnight facings/tie.
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