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I feel like the suit w/o tie gets a bad rap because people tend to transition to the tieless look but using the same suits they've always worn. Seeing a guy in a slightly oversized charcoal suit with pleats and cuffs, an OCBD shirt and an undershirt peaking through the collar and associating that image with "suit without tie" is enough to turn anyone off to the look. And, similarly, the suits I'd wear without a tie aren't particularly appropriate for a business meeting in...
Well, my newly acquired BT rig is nearly complete now. Pretty much just need a cummerbund. So far I've got: RLBL peak lapel tuxedo in midnight Zegna marcella front shirt with turndown collar T&A black satin bow EG/RLPL chiseled toe black calf two-eyelet lace-up Ivory silk Trafalgar formal braces Either onyx/MOP striped studs with gold plated back or the MOP/white metal studs that came with the shirt (and are actually quite nice for the studs that come with a shirt) Also,...
When it comes to any three-piece suit really, but particularly a dinner suit, I think the contrast is practically required as opposed to out of place. You can always do a lapel-free waistcoat, if it's a single-breasted waistcoat, but if doing lapels I would pretty much always prefer they differ slightly from the suit jacket.I think my favorite, whether daytime or evening attire, is a peak lapel jacket and a double breasted, shawl lapel waistcoat.
It's also hard to gauge how something will really look when it's modeled by someone who looks like a sex offender.
Not to mention the practical issue of the tie staying in place on a stiff collar better if it's a taller collar, particularly if it's a detachable collar with no tunnel or even loop. It's one of the reasons I won't go with wing collars for black tie; just too hard to get everything to stay in place.
I think it was determined that in the interim, while HF ramps up production, they will be using Corneliani's Eastern European factories to make suits at a lower price point than the previous Italian made ones. The Italian stuff will probably end up at the outlets.
#4. Not only is making everyone rent a dick move (cost), they'll all invariably look like tools.
Even at that price, a mostly polyester tuxedo with a notch lapel is rubbish. I'd try the sale section of Austin Reed; some very good looking deals there.
I think the dinner suit sounds fine, particularly as it is the slightly less formal shawl collar version. As it sounds like the suit is black, I don't know that I'd go with a midnight waistcoat, especially if your tie is black. In fact, for a less formal affair, I'd almost certainly prefer a cummerbund. If you are at all concerned with being too formally dressed, I would recommend swapping out your current marcella shirt for a pleat front one (the wider, five-pleat...
Not a fan of that suit; the black trim looks a bit cheep/cheesy and one-button suits that aren't tuxedos often look painfully trendy. I'm also not a fan of a bow tie in this situation. Personally, I find bows more casual than long ties when not worn in a black/white tie setting. Were it me, I'd go with a dark charcoal suit, lilac checked or solid shirt and a dark purple long tie. The white shirt with those items will look a bit too much like business wear.
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