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I would say that blue/navy is at the peak of its popularity now, but true midnight ("midnight navy" doesn't really exist in this regard, IMO) will always be pretty timeless. The picture thing you bring up doesn't really matter since a true midnight will look black in photographs (same way black sometimes looks purplish or blueish).
If they are within budget, I would, without a doubt, go with these:http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503461727&cgid=mens-loafers&index=1Absolutely love that style for a formal shoe. It has certain elements of the pump/slipper but with what I consider much more masculine lines and is highly polished without having the almost plastic look of most patent shoes.If that's more than you want to spend, Paul Stuart does a "budget"...
The Japanese cars seem to hold value really well, but you left off Acura, Infiniti and Lexus; not sure if there was a reason. While I like cars, enjoy discussing them as well as the mental exercise of building my dream cars on manufacturers' websites, I would also plant myself in the "doesn't feel too strongly about cars" category when it comes to actually buying one. For people who truly fit that description, my go-to cars would be Volvo, Acura and maybe Lexus. I've owned...
Well, here more likely you're dealing with someone who's got some kind of problem and they need a fast out from a lease. Were I to be on either end of it, I'd want to look into officially transferring the lease to/from my name and also having the car inspected by a dealer. But then again my car acquisition philosophy has always been: Buy. Buy new. Buy for cash.
Yes, this would make me stay away for sure!Perhaps the OP would be better off going the route of assuming someone else's lease, provided there's some way to insure he's not liable for anything that may have happened prior to the takeover. Not sure how one goes about doing that either but if done properly it seems a lot safer.
I wasn't aware that leasing used cars was an option. Do you know that you're able to do this, or have I just been living under a rock and haven't realized it's a common option?
Yes, doubly so since I live in a country with LHD vehicles .
Screen itself also looks like tacky, aftermarket crap. Can it be folded away?But yea, that interior is ugly. Though aren't the AMG interiors supposed to look a little more spartan since the focus is on "sport" (hence the floor vs. column-mounted gear lever)?
As long as you end up looking like the one on the left...I could see it working, perhaps in a linen/wool blend, worn tieless and sock-less.
I thought that silk facings were an option, but that most were self-faced, but perhaps I'm mistaken as I've never gone shopping for a white/ivory DJ. And agree about ivory/white trousers being useless with ANY kind of silk stripes (since I don't think it's a good look with a black jacket either and it would look really stupid to wear them on their own/with a sport coat).
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