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So here's a slightly, uh, um, embarrassing fit question/issue... I received SL and ST 210s in the mail today and tried them. SL are too bit all around in the proper waist size, while ST fit perfectly with one exception: there appears to be some serious moose knuckle action going on, however the jeans don't feel too tight. Is this an issue of material stiffness, or just them being the wrong cut for me (not quite enough butt/upper thigh room, which causes pulling...
I wonder if 50% was stores planning to ship their leftovers out this past week, while 30% was/is for those stores keeping their stuff till it sells out. It's also possible that some stores had lower marked prices; Chicago had marked prices below what was online so it may have equaled out.
I'd say it took a dive in terms of quality when Theory bought the company. Now, few things other than jeans are made in the USA and those have gone from being made in NC to NY to now LA, CA. The jeans used to all retail for $200+, were made from great, elegant denim (most were resin-rinsed, one-wash; some were raw; none had pre-distressing or 'stretch') and had construction details otherwise only seen on Japanese-made jeans. Now, I'd consider them great go-to jeans if...
Add Chicago to the list of "shipped out". Now I may try a couple of the secondary stores in search of some casual sport coats.
Which others, out of curiosity?There's a store here in Chicago that I think has the ST in a 34, so if I can get over there that will work. However of the potential "matches" that's the only one I can get locally.
Thanks. Who's measurements would you consider most accurate (since 3s, SE and BO all have slight variations for the exact same jean)?I also don't know that I need a roomier jean, per se, it's possible I just sized wrong. My "typical" jeans size is a 32 or 33, but perhaps 3sixteen just doesn't vanity size as much as others, in which case I may just need to go bigger.
Ok, so I got to try some SL-120x in a 32 and I could barely get them the last inch up my thigh, and they were about an inch or two from being able to close at the waist. So, now the question is what to do, so I'd appreciate some guidance on the following: 1. If I can't even get a 32 to close, and the thigh is skin tight, I'm assuming I'll want a 34, not a 33? 2. With the above in mind, how would I want to size the ST-120x or should I not even bother trying? 3. SL-120x...
Highly doubt it. The seasonal stuff tends not to be (other than the 'Low Standard'), and the selvage stuff always says so in the description.
Yup, these are all examples of Black being folded into Purple. And an example of the web dept at a department store being as confused by the whole thing as anyone who doesn't work for RL nor follow such on an internet blog...
Nobody, and I mean nobody, is rich enough to wear pants that tight without being able to display a legitimate bulge.
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