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Love this one. Part old school Maserati, part Lagonda but a lot subtler and classier than what others in the segment are producing.
Or, in China, in front of a firing squad.Another issue with wealthy Chinese kids driving fancy cars is the cost of such cars in China. An M5 could be a few hundred grand there but not here. And, of course, dad gets to drive it when visiting.
Haven't tried Burberry, but a high button stance is killer for me, and I don't even have that extreme a drop (probably 7-8in). However for someone with an even moderately athletic build high buttoning jackets (those where the button is noticeably higher than the natural waist) tend to lack shape (since waist suppression is very difficult) and why certain really nice suits, like Isaia, just don't fit me.
RLBL slim is "good slim", while that Burberry is way too slim. In fact, I'd consider it skinny to the point of lacking elegance. The jacket and trousers should still drape nicely. In fact, part of why I like RL (mine is a Black Label) is that it is slim but has a long enough rise (in a long) to still wear braces and it has very structured shoulders, both of which, to me, make for a more elegant look.
Assuming you want to buy OTR, instead of going MTM, then I'd suggest looking at the following brands, as they'll be at various points in your price range and better quality/more timeless than the Burberry originally linked: Zegna (may be above $3k for tux now; check their outlets) Canali (may be too wide a lapel for OP's taste) Ralph Lauren Black Label (all three lapel styles available, am similar build to OP and it fits me well) Caruso (also manufactures RLBL) Brooks...
Hublot? You blow. Just kidding In all seriousness, never been a huge fan of the brand, but can't find fault with the Portofino. Or if the OP ever tires of the Tudor, then there's always the Aquatimer (though I much preferred the previous generation, and think it would probably have been more the OP's style).
The jackets are mostly unlined, which I don't really like for a suit, so haven't ever seriously considered one. For that reason, haven't bothered to try them on either.
Here's a beautiful sterling formal set that is mostly onyx: http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/barneys-new-york-onyx-cufflink-%26-stud-set-502848420.html#start=8
That's a good point about continuity. I like something with MOP but my reasoning has to do with having a midnight tux. Another option that I saw on the barney's warehouse site were plain sterling. Could be interesting (some contrast but not as much as onyx) and they're almost 70% off; about $200 for two links and four studs. Good deal in my opinion.
So my birthday was a few weeks ago and my wonderful wife bought me a beautiful new set of links/studs. Perhaps a little more involved than some here would prefer, but I love them! They're sterling with eggshell enamel and MOP center. I prefer non-black since my tux and all facings and accessories (other than shoes) are midnight.
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