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I think they run fitted, but they also run long. I tried on the London (granted, probably one of their longer cuts) and only needed a regular. Also, I saw some HF midnight tuxedos on Gilt, which run on the longer side, I believe. They were $800. SB/PL.
Were they really dressing specifically for dinner, or did they just happen to be going there before going to something at RCMH that happened to still be BT-worthy?
Haven't you heard, the pharmacist/rapist look is all the rage for Fall '14
I'd say pick between the jacket and pants; together they scream "business casual work environment". It's just fine to do an informal wedding, but I just don't fancy the combo together. If you're set on that jacket I'd probably go with navy trousers and a light blue shirt with a knit navy tie.
Any experience with Suit Supply's tuxedo shirt? How does it compare in quality and fit to, say, Tyrwhitt's extra slim offerings? Those are my go-to shirts, but I think I prefer the collar on the SS option. Both are the same price.
No idea on any of the above, but good point on the lowering of the price as well as improving the construction. The Corneliani-made tux I tried didn't feel like the fabric was all that great, so guessing they didn't go that route. Only way I see possible is if there is some mechanized technology which allows for this that HF will employ (the way Benjamin seems to in its Chinese factories) but Corneliani doesn't. Seems unlikely, though.
So, this is one of those that says "imported", but the description suggests full-canvas construction:http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=42164066&cp=1766205.1788083&view=99&ab=ln_men_cs_suits&parentPage=family"Canvas is sewn between the shell and the lining of the jacket, providing a natural roll of the lapels and a shape that lasts." - to me this suggests full-canvas because my understanding was that only a full-canvas jacket had canvas in the lapels....
Indeed. In reality, the non-staple suits go on sale a few times a year and can get down pretty low. Formalwear rarely if ever seems to, I just happened to find one at Neiman's that was because I guess they were closing out the midnight version of their tux (which I think only NM and maybe BG purchased).It would be better if they shifted to a six-inch drop instead of seven, but I suppose more and more "athletic" guys are skipping leg day. However I'm more than happy to...
Why don't you borrow the black cummerbund and get a dark red self-tie bow if they have one? That is also a perfectly acceptable warm weather combo with a cream DJ.
Yes. Typically designers will "dress" stars, so that they can claim credit for doing so. They'll send over something and I'm sure it'll have minimal tailoring.
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