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That was the plan, but I'm a "go with the flow" kind of guy I suppose...Now, back to the cars...
That wasn't a "no"
I'd never seen you on the clothing threads and was curious where else you spouted your drivel (with over 35k posts). And no, it's not wrong. Trust me, travel/loyalty programs are something I know inside and out. I can't go in with a corp rate and say "I'm paying with Amex Plat, now give me a discount". Doesn't work that way. Trust me, I've tried.
It's been a really long time since you've had (consensual) sex, hasn't it?
But when you want to avail yourself of the Plat "upgrades" you are forced to pay whatever Amex's negotiated rate is vs. hotel status, where you receive upgrades afforded your tier no matter what the rate. Would much rather gamble on the upgrade I'll receive based on status when it allows me to pay a client's discount rate (often 40-60% lower than Amex) for that upgrade. The corp rate for the upgraded room will often still be less than the Amex rate for the regular room....
But that's not what you said. You only made reference to driving in snow. Nothing about RWD. Quite frankly your tone is offensive and I'm disappointed you seem unable to have a discussion like an adult.
You aren't making any sense here. You said I didn't grow up driving in snow. I grew up driving in snow. No applicability.
Well, the cars we had from the time I learned to drive were a Volvo 850 (FWD), an Infiniti QX4 (4WD) and an Acura MDX (AWD). My first winter experience with RWD was the year I moved back to the Midwest and brought my Lexus (acquired in CA) with me. It proved difficult to drive and more difficult to control in winter conditions than any of the cars I learned to drive on or the one I currently have. YMMV.
You're not referring to me, are you? I grew up in WI where all it did was snow during the winter.
But the article failed to take into account how different cars with different drivetrains handle in snow. Both of the cars I've had in Chicago had "all weather tires" (though I don't know if there's an objective measure such things) and AWD has proven superior for two reasons:1. Handling on slick surfaces. Volvo's system typically sends most of the power to the front wheels, until it detects slippage, at which point it distributes it accordingly. For that reason, it...
New Posts  All Forums: