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Wider in the though or wider below the knee? Doesn't Tom Ford still cut a little wider down below? I also had a Paul Smith that was cut wider down below, but that was a while ago.
I'd say J. Crew for pants for sure, without a doubt. Possibly the coat too. I'd order shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt because they have some of the slimmest available on a budget and most are non-iron. There are many places to get a suit, and I'm guessing there would be about $500 left in the budget for one, just enough to go somewhere like Suit Supply, which should be a good option for now.
Uh, yea, I have a rule against spending more on the tie/cummerbund than I did on the tux itself .I'd consider custom, but without being able to see it I won't be able to know if it truly matches and looks better than black would.
Well, the thing about limiting the colors is that, aside from the shoes, that would be the only actual black in the outfit, since the suit and facings are all midnight. Will see what the tie looks like when it actually arrives and how close a match it is. If I went with a different shade of midnight then perhaps I'd also go with a different texture, like some kind of pique weave so it's at least clear they were never supposed to match exactly.
So I think I may have located a midnight bow dark enough to go with the facings of my jacket but there isn't a matching cummerbund available... Should I: Just go with black for both? Find the best match even though it won't be perfect? Go with something non-solid (but still not loud) or a different color solid (black, deep plum, etc.)?
The look can work, but not on a tuxedo cut like that. It needs to be one with a much better drape, an very structured shoulder (to the point of looking severe) and probably works best on a double breasted jacket. You can have lapels that scream "Dracula" but only if the rest of the suit does as well.
Brace buttons and side tabs are my default. Most versatile. Braces are also by far the most flattering for a man with a gut. That way you don't have to wear a belt which squeezes said gut in such a way that it "spills" over the waistband. The trousers will drape nicer.
I have a wallet and think it's great (more of a card case, actually). Was it a fun splurge? Absolutely. Was its price truly justifiable? Not a chance. Would I do it again. Yes. Also look at Valextra. My other favorite leather goods make. They sell at Barney's and have a wider range of wallets and card cases than Hermes. Also handmade and one of the only others that lines each wallet pocket with leather, not nylon. Comparable styles are about half the price.
You could try Austin Reed, not sure what the quality is like. They have a lot of options which are sold as separates; not sure which match which exactly (since there are multiple black and navy variations).
I feel like the suit w/o tie gets a bad rap because people tend to transition to the tieless look but using the same suits they've always worn. Seeing a guy in a slightly oversized charcoal suit with pleats and cuffs, an OCBD shirt and an undershirt peaking through the collar and associating that image with "suit without tie" is enough to turn anyone off to the look. And, similarly, the suits I'd wear without a tie aren't particularly appropriate for a business meeting in...
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