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While I wouldn't go so far as to say "waiter's uniform", I agree that it's not the most traditional choice for conservative formal occasions. However it quickly seems that it's becoming an acceptable alternative.Wouldn't personally choose it but I think it's much more productive to help the OP properly outfit it, because he clearly seems to like it. However, should the OP have second thoughts I'm sure he'll find plenty of advice about alternatives.
The tie and cummerbund should match the facings (silk covering the lapels and trouser side seams) so you'll want to stick with black. If you choose a waistcoat (vest) instead of a cummerbund it should either be in the same material as the tuxedo (not an option here) or the same material as the facings (in this case black silk). Given how bright the blue of the tuxedo is, I wouldn't do a vest, since that will be too much black right in the middle; a cummerbund is a better...
No personal experience with either. All I know is that Launer are considered excellent quality and I think Ettinger is considered similar (though they lack the Royal Warrant, if you care about that).
There was only one Launer dealer I knew of in the US, and they are in NY (if they even still sell them). Launer has a website from which to order directly, and they'll quote you in USD.
In that case, I think you'll like Launer a lot actually.
If you like bright colors consider Launer, which will be black or brown on the outside but colorful inside. Valextra, though only single colors, has great wallets too in many shades. There's also Paul Smith but I've heard quality is lacking.
Went to a BTO event last night and, as expected, even though probably 50-60% of the guys were in some form of BT, only a small handful were 80%+ correct. However it was at that point that it hit me exactly how BT has shifted from a half-century ago: BT was created for the purpose of elegance without formality, yet today it's all about formality without elegance.
There's breaking the rules, and there's breaking the rules. No better example than the above; well done sir (and congrats on the recent marriage!).
Have a black tie function here this weekend and need a place that will do a bang up job pressing my formal shirt (I suck at ironing and want somewhere that'll do it by hand; it doesn't need to be re-laundered). Thanks!
Looks like a double-breasted lab coat the way they have the guy styled. I personally don't think white/cream should be worn with a tie, unless it's an ivory DJ.
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