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Just turned 21.
Check ur messages.
How does this jacket run? I am 5'6 will the medium be too big?
Whether you will admit it or not,people are always concerned of what people think of them. It's perfectly normal and it's human nature. That's why forums like this are created, to help give pointers and tips to how and dress better. I for one like to represent myself as a well-dressed individual. Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. As a sophmore in college, I have changed my wardrobe completely. I now go for a "Grown and mature" look for...
I don't know about you guys but I absolutely HATE GUAP, I hear people say this, and I cringe. It's slang for money.
Set up the timer on the camera. I usually play with the location so I can get a good picture. The first picture never works, so you can adjust it.
Check your messages.
Getting Laid, Getting Paid
I have the same problem. I have somewhat medium length hair. Once I take my helmet off, my hair is a mess. The only thing I have thought of is putting on a thin nike hat, I found similar to the ones swimmers wear. That way my hair is flat and straight back.
It's especially hard being hispanic, all this food is so much.
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