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Band of Outsiders shirt in Med - White with Blue Stripes - $110 OBO - no reasonable offer refused - Paypal gift or add 4% Shoulder to Shoulder ~17in Pit to Pit ~18in From BoC Length ~28in Sorry for the bad pictures (Iphone at lunch), can take more upon request.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaio The least you could do is say your size. US 9.5, so probably an 8 in Lanvins since they run big if I'm not mistaken.
Anyone know what model/style these are or where you can get these? The ones up aren't my size.
I lived with my ex-gf for almost 7 years before we recently broke up a few months ago (she got kicked out, I stayed in our place). It wasn't bad living with her, it was enjoyable to be honest, but I don't think I'd ever live with another gf again since I like having my own space now.
I've always enjoyed Burger Bar, and DG Burger isn't bad either.
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Anybody [especially with knee problems] know of shoes that don't aggravate your knee once you break them in? This doesn't relate to dress shoes, but go see a podiatrist. I play softball and do the occasional running and I was getting knee pain and shin splints with my cleats and turfs. I got some inserts and the shin splints and pain went away with the same pairs of shoes. Get it checked out.
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