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What an awesome thread, and i need your help finding a wallet for me. Basically i need room for 4-6 keys and room for a total of 10 credit cards/visa sized cards , and it has to be leather material. And of course as small as possible. Any ideas?
Thank you. Have you any experience with any of those hangers and sweaters? if yes, which of their models has worked out for you?
Hi everyone I would like to purchase some high quality matching coat hangers, both very wide ones for sweaters, regular ones for shirts and regular ones with clippers for jeans and pants. I have searched and found some very nice ones from http://www.hangerclassics.com/ and http://www.beverlyhangers.com/ BUT both of them are located in the USA. Are there any similar to those somewhere within Europe? Thank you.
Thank you, i kind of like it. But J.crew is difficult to get in Europe, buying from J.crew.com means heavy customs duties and makes the brand too expensive for what you get.
What about the Fjallraven Greenland Parka? I rather like that one.Perhaps Ebay, styleforum marketplace or others will get you a used Canada Goose? Otherwise i would recommend saving up or selling some used clothes to fund the good coat. Because yeah, Chicagos winters are tough.
Where do you live? - i mean how cold does it get where you live? Some parkas like Canada Goose may not (IMO) be very pleasing designwise but they serve a good purpose in countries with very very low temperatures.For an all around parka perhaps the Fjallraven Greenland parka?
Hi Any recommendations for jackets similar to this APC? It seems like a less formal Sterling mac.
Hi guys, anyone know where i can get the our legacy umbrella jacket? I assume i am a small or medium.
Payment: Paypal (add fees) Price is +shipping anywhere in the world. I ship from Denmark (mention if you want cheap as possible or insured/track&trace) I am open for trades (look at my sig, of couse i am willing to add coin) Size. Small. In fine condition, daily used. No tears or holes. Measurements: Armpit to armpit: 51cm Shoulder to bottom: 63cm
Payment: Paypal (mark as gift or add fees) Price is +shipping anywhere in the world. I ship from Denmark (mention if you want cheap as possible or insured/track&trace) Mont Blanc Mesterstück platinum line pencil for sale.
New Posts  All Forums: