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No picture, but I bought these when they were first posted thinking I would refinish them. I was surprised to discover how much I like the color in person. They work really well with jeans. I recommend trying them.Also let me add my kudos to Ron for great customer support, flexible returns, fast response, and awesome deals. I can't believe how many items I have picked up over the post couple of months!
Thanks for the link
I'll also recommend Robert. I have used him for years and he has done great work on an extensive collection of shoes. Worth noting he used to make shoes for upscale retailers who private labeled them.
I have purchased a bunch of GMP for PS shoes in a range of styles in size 11. They all fit great, but I found the size 11 Chukka boots too large. I have since bought a pair of GMP for PS Balmoral boots in 10.5 and they fit great. Not sure that helps on sizing, but I can add that I was so sad that the size 11 chukkas didn't fit me...
Love these shoes. I have the same pair in a different size. Each shoe is made from a single piece of spiral cut leather. A real shoe makers shoe! I find my pair a little more Burgundy than the photos FWIW. This price is a steal. If this is your size, buy these now.
This was really fun to see. I have fantasized about the Ephtée designed room for my seemingly endless collection, but this has set the wheels spinning on the temperature controlled buildout of the garage
Buttery soft dark blue leather (looks black in most light). 360 degree contrasting white Norvegese style welt stitching. The apron has the ghost/hidden stitching the Mantellassi does so well. There is also some nice contrast white stitching used throughout the design. Shoes are in very good condition. Here is a chance to try a pair at a fraction of retail.
Well used, but well maintained Ralph Lauren Polo black wingtips size 11D. The sole is still sturdy and the heels have been replaced. Here is a chance to pick up a pair of brand name shoes for a fraction of their cost new. Free shipping in the CONUS. FYI I have these listed on eBay starting at $10.50 no reserve auction.
For those that follow the forum you will know or can easily search the several threads on Paolo Scafora. You will even find discussion of this model. It was made by Paolo Scafora for John Franco Ferre. The shoe retailed for around $2,000. Even that price is considered a veritable bargain compared to ordering directly through Scafora. I have only worn these around the house once. The shoes are a dark cherry/burgundy color. The flash makes them appear a bit brighter...
Why spend nearly $2,000 to buy these shoes new at Barney's. Get a steal on this pair, in fantastic condition, worn once by me. Original shoe bag included and free shipping in the CONUS. What more is there to say - black crocodile loafers at less than $300 delivered!
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