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any updates on NH/MAine outlet/warehouse stores?
looking for a barbour beaufort light weight...anyone have one? or saw one on sale
beaufort and bedale are 50% off at saks online! good luck!
are these still available?
Hi Folks - I purchased these bad boys new last year and have watched them sit on my bureau at home for too long. I was going to put prescription lenses on them, but never gone around to doing it. They look sharp, sexy, and very nice. Excellent condition. Comes with box, case, dust cloth, and "tom ford" plastic lenses in frame. A serious 10/10. Please let me know if you have any questions. $170 and I'll throw in for shipping.
$50 - offer still stands
i went there about a month ago and they are selling casual clothes polos, hoodies, etc. ive never seen these before. kinda want something new though... i'll have to wait an see. i think i remember seeing a few luggage pieces, etc
any updates on the Nh factory store? anything good?
these look nice... serious question - how do you wear these
did the tannery have any classic beaufort / bedales?
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