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Pit-pit: 19.5 inches Sleeve length: 24.25 Shoulders: 18 Length: 29 Trouser waist: 16.25 Rise: 9.5 Inseam: 33 Leg opening: 8.5 Asking 700 Shipped. Pics will be uploaded tonight.
wtf has all of BB's shirt sales this year suck? did they ever run one of those 3 for $XYZ promotions this season?
wtf happened to the shirt deal this year? did they randomly decide not to run it this year?
Any new deals?
Anyone know how long the online sale will last?
Why not slim?
Checked my email and saw that my SA ordered the shirts I requested.........except in regular fit.
Hello all, I've been fortunate enough to be accepted to medical school (class of 2017). It is expected that I dress professionally when in clinic with patients/simulations, so I'm trying to build my wardrobe before school starts. I want to appropriately dressed, but not give my preceptors/attendings a bad impression. I'm particularly interested in shirts, ties, and trousers. What colors/patterns "staples" should I have? (anything specific to medicine?) Current wardrobe...
Who's email are you guys using?
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