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Sold pending payment
Looking to sell 3 like new Suit Supply blazers. Worn only a few times over the summer. There are no signs of wear and they are in like new condition. Reason for sale, the jackets are a bit too small for me and no point in taking up closet space. Sorry I'm not great at taking photos, these are from the SS website. I'd prefer to sell them as a lot for $375 OBO, will consider selling individually for $150 each. Shipping to US only, or local pick-up in the Boston (sowa) area.
It fits you very well in sleeves and jacket length. The chest seems a bit narrow, there's a bit of pulling when buttoned and it's causing the lapel to bow, you might be able to let that out. The shoulder divots are caused when either the jacket extends past your shoulder, or when your shoulder extends past the jacket and pushes out on the fabric. It's hard to tell the cause. I would go up a size at the expense of length, but that's a compromise buying OTR
Two new jackets
If you go back to my post 13161 there are links to about a half dozen new suits that were not part of the original pre-order. From previous experience SS continues to add suits throughout the season. I usually refer back to the fashion preview by searching for example, suit supply fall winter 2016 in google. You will find images of the styles in the preview but keep in mind that some fabrics will be made available in different models than shown in the preview. Usually you...
Played around with some product codes and found a half dozen new suits, change your store to a european country...
They can be had on sale with a bit of sleuthing. In fact, just this past weekend bloomingdales had a men's sale with a gift card for $175 on $500 in purchases, and backcountry had 20% off everything including for a shortwhile CG. At the current retail price, I feel the value proposition is misaligned. If I were in the market, I would keep an eye on authorized retailers that might have a sale or coupon code.
If anyone is curious I picked up my moc toe's at they regularily have 10% off sales. Total came to $108
Quote: Originally Posted by rfpgh I bought a pair of these from Endless (size 10B, the last pair of dress shoes I bought was 10.5B) and found that the toe box was really long. I don't know, maybe that's just the way this style of boots is generally constructed? I basically felt like I was wearing clown shoes. When I was trying to decide whether to keep them or not I found an old Styleforum thread complaining about this with respect to the Epaulet...
david3558 I haven't stepped into a Brannock device to measure my size since 3rd grade. But for sake of comparison I wear Loake's in mayfair last 7F UK, Hugo Boss 8D US
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