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That's the source of my confusion -- they look like they should be normal but they soles hand grade. Thoughts?
It's been far too long since I've posted -- I've been tied up dealing with buying a house for awhile now and not had too much time for the hunt. Fortunatley, I've had an offer accepted and am waiting for the seller to fix couple inspection issues and I had a little time to get out today.A nice Turnbull & Asser yellow tie (not avaiable)Allen Edmonds Shell Cordovan MacNeil Longwings (avaiable) [[SPOILER]] Black C&J Handgrade Captoes (not avaiable) These are in almost new...
Awesome, glad the Kiton worked out for you!
I think just about all of them do now, but only for CONUS + Alaska flights. I fly Delta all the time and it's usually worked pretty well for me, unfortunately it won't work for hops across the pond. More info here.
Can anyone help me out an tell me if this is real? I'm not familiar enough with Paul Smith. The fabric feels nice hand anyway. [[SPOILER]] Brooks Brothers made USA cotton sweater, size 44 - AvailableNot teribly expensive, but nice enough I thought someone here might want it for spring. I'm not looking to get rich off this.I found some shoes also.Someone paid AE to have these re-crafted and they've never been worn. I don't get it. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] I...
Sorry, posted twice.
Nice, you got a good deal! Were those at a thrift store?
That's an awesome find! Unfortunately I don't think it's an original Flos Arco lamp though. The shade looks a little off and the originals have a hole in the base (like this) to put a broom handle through for moving the lamp around. The marble base is so heavy you needed two people to pick it up.Even if it's not Flos, it looks like a nice copy. Most of the clones have wimpy little bases, yours looks pretty substantial. If it’s vintage I’d imagine it’s still worth...
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