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Brilliant, thank you.
Does anyone have any idea who is the best person to contact about starting an affiliate thread?
I stand corrected, thanks guys. Always happy to learn something new
Fair enough, it didn't "feel" like a lining though, just felt like the back of the leather (i.e it was in no way soft as you describe), and I bought them as unlined. Weird. Still, I can't see cowhide being stiffer then those things, they were stiffer and more brutal than any other leather option I've had.
A few pics of Whites past and present.
For comparison, my Sienna Buffalo hide SD's.
Whites told you that bull hide wasn't as stiff as cow hide? I've had bull hide boots from Whites and they were the stiffest, hardest boots I have ever worn. Are you sure you don't mean buffalo? My boots were unlined but still comfortable, the sole was extremely rigid though. My Bull Hide boots.
Those SD's are THE classic SD look.
Sold !!
Thank you, they're standard 6" hight. I really wanted to try the contrast of smooth and rough out leathers and I've been quite pleased with the results. What is the consensus around here for leather treatments? I've been using Huberds Boot Grease every few months.
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