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Is there a mobile version of this site?
Quote: Originally Posted by Peacoat A tailor can make it smaller without much trouble. If you need to widen it an inch or less, the buttons can be moved, but it may look a bit off kilter. _____ Edit note: That's a cool sweater, Gradstudent; thanks for the link. They also have other UK items. Haven't bought from them before, but have heard of them. Good company. So a tailor can make it slimmer all around?
Repost Bundeswehr Hallenschuhe "GATs"
Is it possible to alter a peacoat...make it slimmer? or is it easier to widen a peacoat?
repost is any of this guys Rick Owens stuff real, or is it knock off
Quote: Originally Posted by 510kut Pretty sure its still not working for Small just gave it another whirl bunch of colors show up but when I go to select size no smalls available. Yea I've been comparing the two charts. Seems like the Small section is broken but in Before Dinner Red Royal Grape Spinach Pixie Stix in After Dinner Black Red Charcoal Washed Dewberry Blueberry Royal Grape white Apricot Black Gingham blue...
Quote: Originally Posted by 510kut Er I pretty much wanted to confirm if I was to get a M in the UD shirt I should probably get a S in the current BD oxford. Also the size filtering wasn't working for me. I selected Small a bunch of shirts pop up but none actually come in small. The filtering is working now. Also just look at the size charts Mauro gives.
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