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Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Suckers rally, if it hits $4.60 I'll eat my hat. Sprint closed at 4.60....
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro Lupo- sweat knickers are on sale only because of a computer error. Cashmere and wool knickers are being made now and they will retail for $220.00 A sweat knicker will NEVER retail for $220.00 and if they do and you buy them , you are stupid. However a woolen is another story. There will be a lot of handwork in them and they will be like a trouser. They will be lined with all the bells and whistles. Please remember...
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl Not sure, why store did you order from? With some stores, ppl who have ordered from them can guesstimate the customs fee. Wrong Weather
Is it possible to tell if a shipment will get customs fees tact on? (shipped through fedex) On tracking it says "International Priority Service - Indirect"
What is up with the $220+ knickers? When they currently sell for $96...
Bluchers are more of a shoe right (whereas boat shoes are mroe slip on) (own a pair of quoddy boat shoes already)....
bag=backpacks, sounds very interesting (made out of leather and suede) that would be nice.
Bought these Common Projects Dark Navy
Bought these Common Projects Dark Navy
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