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German Army Trainers Lots of Info in Lots of Places Hope to consolidate it all here Size Chart Search -bundeswehr turnschuhe -bundeswehr hallenschuhe -bundeswehr sportschuhe Add info about sellers that ship to USA Where to buy What Styles No MMM or Dior only authentic German Trainers
Quick question will the Fishtail be available next not have funds currently but want one.....Thanks..hope my question wasnt answered in the essay written above.
Should we (I) start an Official German Army Trainer Thread?
Chart for sizing german army trainer
German Army Trainers on ebay
Opinel Knifes, the classic pocket knife,
CP Washed Brown
How is the quality/sizing/fit of the large looped zip hoodie?
How is the quality/sizing of the large looped zip hoodie?
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty So i'm a 7.5 in most stuff, 39 or 40's for Achilles low? i am an 8 (41/42) and i wear a 40 in CPs, so I would recommend go 39, unless your foot is wide...(Achilles low are real narrow)
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