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Aight Sounds good. cause people who buy XS are most likely short already....
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro two weeks. The new shirts are .5 inches longer. Then I am making a monkey arm shirt which is 3/8 inch longer than that. The monkey arm shirt will also be longer in the body by 1 inch. Can you leave the XS alone? No changes???
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Where did you buy these?
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter Please! I've been doing some research on these in the past few days since I've seen pics (mostly the MMM ones) and am interested in finding a pair but rarely see anything for sale or even any info on these at all. There's a few old sales threads over at SUFU and a bit on ebay but very little info about styles, where to buy currently, etc... Made a...
was thinking the varsity jacket, but dont think the white works for me.....
only if that varsity didnt have that white.....oh well
Guy on Superfuture http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk...d.php?t=216825 $75 plus shipping so $95 --Expensive eBay.de Sellers Some don't speak English, use freetranslation.com nanopreise (recommended by dawit) exilberlinerin2009 moeller0_7
This http://www.rodengray.com/shop/Large-...variantid=3952 or http://alternativeapparel.com/Shop/I...Y&Color=ECOGH# and i still can get these with money left over http://alternativeapparel.com/Shop/I...Y&Color=ECOBK# Thanks
Are there any small sizes?
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