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Would the suede material be a lighter option than leather? More of a fall material. This would be or the collared moto. Also would suede make the jacket cheaper?
Collared Moto in suede would it be a lighter jacket (breathe more?) than leather....better for fall?
Quote: Originally Posted by computurd My duffle coat just came in size XXS. 2nd piece and I am extremely happy with. I think I like it even more than my bomber. Perfect shoulders, Perfect sleeves, everything I could ask for in a jacket/coat. what is your height/weight/chest?
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun I'm a 6.25 and I wear a 39. It's a snug fit with socks. I would recommend sizing up to a 40 on the MMM Thanks just printed out this, http://www.naturalizershoestore.com/...asure_Male.pdf, brannock tool, and it says i am a 6, little above, probably same size as you....so i think the 39 in CP and 40 in MMM should be perfect...Thanks agian for all your help
39 in CP?
based my measurements off this chart http://brannock.com/cgi-bin/htmlos.c...80404000006734 ...(after tracing foot and measuring..did this for quoddy boat shoes had tracing laying around)
according to my brannock size (measured foot...) is a 6.5...is a 39 in CP and a 40 in MMM still recommended (also based on fact i own CP in 40 that is a tad big) Thanks again ; )
yeah found some on ebay...but pretty used http://cgi.ebay.com/MARTIN-MAISON-MA...item33658ceecc....
Thanks that is what i was thinking....40s seem impossible to find in MMM though, and 39 seems impossible to find in CPs
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