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The moment it becomes mandatory, it stops being polite.
E Pluribus Unum? It's quite american without being 100% obvious to everybody who sees it.
Never had caviar. I'm much lower class with my 알 I suppose. (Thems the eggs around the Cali roll. Koreans cook all kinds of stuff with em.)
Quote: Originally Posted by NotchLapel Definitely the Matted Ray-ban wayfarer's. Their classic looking and compliments all face shapes. Get cheap knockoffs and you don't need to see that dumb logo on the side.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flartchy necroposting FTW Weird. This is the second time I've replied to something on the first page and accidentally necroposted.
If they were sub 100 I might pick em up. I the colors.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfador some times they also have a smaller pocket inside of one of the pockets to keep your tee's in. That's not just the change pocket?
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 i wear a heather grey v neck tee under all of mine. This
I'm more a mountain dew guy. It's effervescence echoes the delicate aroma of rich sugarcane and citron.
I posted this because it sounds like some of the crits people get from time to time.
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