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For me the answer is that most SF approved clothes are a big waste of money. It's not because they aren't quality garments/shoes/etc.. but rather that people need to be aware of their personal means. I make 21 grand a year and and saving for a wedding, gradschool and the like. What is a waste of money for me isn't necessarily a waste of money for PTwilliams. I mostly use what I learn here to try to get the most out of the cheap crap I can afford in terms of...
What size tie you need at 5'4" is not the tie you'd want to wear at 6'8" as well. Always take proportion into account. That's the reason skinny ties look best on rail thin GQ models.
That's because he's this forum's outlet of incredibly detailed technical information. Though few of us can afford him, he unquestionably knows his shit. Another tailor on this forum dissects high end garments and evidently Despos gets his approval as well.
E is wide in the US. Is it different in Europe? In any case, I should give vass a look. My mutant wide feet always distend the shoe at my little toe.
Brings this to mind. EDIT: Hmm, feel kinda like I was just dog-piling on you. More specifically, this looks like a suit that was a few sizes too large then tailored down to something much slimmer.
Don't him going Mugabe on my ass. Actually by boss I mean principal. Even sport coat is one step up from what teachers wear here.
Sadly not my size. If you buy a pair of 10E's and get totally frustrated trying to sell them, ultimately give up and contest 'em away, then by all means. EDIT: Probably didn't sell because they seem a very personal sort of taste, so you gotta find the right buyer looking for used unusual shoes in exactly that size.
My boss wears a suit, so it's a nice subtle step down.
I have a hard time imagining that the Alden isn't far away the chunkiest of that group.
If "shut up" is what set him off, that chip on his shoulder must be a real toe crusher. Anyway, doesn't take more than a moment of paying attention to realize that Koreans don't yack at full volume on the bus. He likely needed to shut the hell up.
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