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Did this guy look at even one post in this thread before he posted himself slouching in a t-shirt.
Little pricey for sure, and actually not even in my size, but as a point of discussion what do you think of the design. I'm a little surprised to see the goyser on a mainstream brand.
I have a bad eye for things like welting and leather quality. Anyone more knowledgeable have an opinion on these? I know Mezlan isn't overly loved around here, but these look unusually nice. http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/mezlan-testa-chukka-boot/3189877?origin=category
I'm in.
Not feeling the button down with the 3 piece. It's all a bit disheveled for the formality of the cloth and the 3 piece look.
Exactly, and I think the soles are beautiful. Again, the leather that looks like it was skinned from a tyrannosaurus rex and the 2 tone design puts it a bit over the top for me.
Low rise + pleats and cuffs is something like a Ford Focus with leather seats and Platinum rims.
Move the buttons out a bit and I think you can really change the roll on that shirt if you like. I'm no tailor, but physically, anyway, it makes sense to me.
Seems like the collar is buttoned itself. Is this some round about way of making a mandarin collar?
I'd say they have a place in entertainment/clubs/etc.. Nobody wants to hear about "The Man in Charcoal"
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