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We often talk about timeless, but because of the slightly yellowed color balance in this photo and the relatively unchanging NY backdrop, I'd believe you if you said it was from virtually any time in the last 60 years.
More info on the tailor please. Any way to get a better shot of the suit? Canvased? Half-canvassed? Fused?
Beautiful horn buttons.
I like to imagine that Victor has no furniture because at night he calls in peasants to lay in a row across his floor for bedding.
Why would they put out a jacket that buttons at the nipples and stops at the belt?
This thing is dreadful.
There's actually a couple threads for this.First one looks like it needs hemmed. Apart from that, I think people like the second better just because of the style.Looks like the second suit is a bit tight through the waist which causes that >Old Dog absolutely killing it.
I'm pretty sure one of the two of these guys is a Harry Potter villain.
Find a fat old man with his hands in his pockets that looks half this good.
Which way from the station?
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