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Honestly, I'm not a big fan of this one, but I live in eternal envy of his tux in Thunderball.
I'm assuming the NSFW is vox's avatar before he stopped paying the cable bill.
While there's an argument that the tie doesn't need to reach the belt of low rise trousers, this one should absolutely be tied longer. You're kinda swimming in that suit. Old dog is probably on the extreme loose end of the range I'd consider wearing a suit.
That beard puts 15 years on Barims.
He's asking you what you use to fertilize the shrubs of the BBQ restaurants you patronize.
Is that not referring to the chambray shirt?
Where'd you get the super tapered chinos?
I think the Batman character somehow avoided meaningful copyright here, which means that a slough of designers saw the recent Batman movies and felt compelled to use it. Actually, some of the shirts are quite nice since they tend to ape the original Bob Cane designs.
Must be Korean. I live in Korea and evidently Batman is a profoundly feminine thing here. I see girls in short shorts, stocking and Batman swag constantly.
"AlwaysDressed" -> Must be a nevernude.
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