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I think that's just a regular suit cutoff at the knees with scissors. Also, the jacket looks like it was cut to fit spongebob.
I don't see much point in importing fabric for the most part. The Korean stuff's quite good, so unless you have some very specific on your mind like Tonik or something that isn't popular in Korea like tweed, I'd use domestic fabric.
For what it's worth, Korea did have the world's first metal movable type printing.
I like the imagine Isaia sends hunters into Walmart to gun down wild patrons and skin them for their sweatpants.
In this weather your nipples are going to be stiff as boards, and with your shirt like that everybody's gonna know.
Whatever you do, don't do the loose "It was tied earlier, but I let it out (actually not) tie look". I second just asking plainly. I showed up to a company dinner once in 3 piece suit and everybody else was super casual. Felt like a damn idiot the whole time.
I guess when you have a men's store worth of clothes dust is a serious problem.
I tell my kids what we're going to do and if we don't get it done we keep working until it is done. If that means working right up until the next class, so be it.
I think Foo's old jacket length was better for his proportions. I also think there wouldn't be so much controversy if he didn't come out of the gates swinging when he presented it. I realize the post was a joke, but there was a transparent thread of real opinion under it. Above and beyond issues of what he says, he's going to invite serious difference of opinion with some of the extreme styling on his suits. Big lapels, big cuffs and big glasses make everything else...
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