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Braces made me a believer in that little trap door on the front of underwear.
Hmm, I probably have 60 pounds on you, so maybe that's why I have that problem worse than you do. I'm taller and fatter alike, they they look ridiculous when I have them flapping in the wind. As for the hump, they're counter balanced enough to distend the back when their weight brings them down.
Don't you still end up with 2 car doors dangling from your armpits and a big conical hump on your back when you lean forward?
Getting kinda matchy.
Hate the angle. Makes it hard to tell. is the back vent still sealed? That will make a difference. Gut reaction is an inch or so long. Probably long in the cuffs a bit to match.
You could try buying half a dozen on ebay and try to flip them if they can't be helped.
I think TTO and Labelking need a card (though I guess Labelking cards are more a collector's item these days.)
I get what you're saying JLib, but by your own admission it's 47 year old advice, so it might be nearing it's expiration date. I don't question your good taste in classical men's dress, but I'm not sure campuses are anymore the place for the aforementioned classical men's dress. These days I expect to see more cheap cotton sweatshirts (with optional 700 dollar flannel trousers.)
For what it's worth, even a quite slim shirt will have a little room in it. I prefer to shift it back a bit to clean the front up.
I feel like she dresses him, which is kinda creepy.
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