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He has different concerns with sizing than you or I. My only real objection is the tie. I can understand wanting to make my arms seem a bit longer.
A new house?
Tip the sales staff and don't feel so guilty.
I've seen nice ties from suitcloth, but Jesus matchy matchy.
Seems obvious to me that the problem with Black Tie is that it's impossible to maintain any kind of standard when most people will never attend a Black Tie event in their life. I think the overall decline in formality has more or less killed formal events for all but the most nostalgic institutions.EDIT:Does quarter lined run the risk of white shirt showing through black jacket?
I spot a cheater!
Maybe she wore the boots in and is trying on the flip flop.
The stuff I mentioned was a rolled up on the rack. I got quite a bit of handling time with it before I settled down on it.EDIT: Impolyte, is ToJ still made in Korea? Some guy asked me that in a private message, but I wasn't really equipped for a certain answer. I do know you said you shipped out a while ago.
High thread count doesn't necessarily make it better, but in any case the Samsung stuff has more variety than you're giving it credit for. My favorite suit from here is super 180 wool/cashmere blend. I don't wear it all the time, so I can't exactly say whether it's durable or not. I can say it never holds a wrinkle and feels like pajamas. I'm pretty sure my tailor only carries domestic stuff and didn't upcharge me for this stuff.
[quote name="NewYorkRanger" url [/quote] For me it's the color combination that's the killer here. The vest makes the khakis look pink and the khaki's make the vest look sickly yellow.
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