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For what it's worth, Kermit looks pretty good in a notch lapel.
You might want a sharper knife. Looks like you trimmed the soles with a broadsword in the last pic.
Bizarre that this thread attracts people to the boards who seem to post exclusively in this thread.
The thick yellow stripe through the jacket pulls the yellow tie back into the fit as a whole I think. That being said, I've have loved to have seen something other than a grainy iphone bathroom pic.
With your post count you seem occupied enough as is.
To be fair all of these notch pictures are from the late 60's, which is basically the twilight of good taste.
Tuxedos are about the only time to get to enjoy shawl lapels, so I'm going that way for sure if I have one made. Actually, peaks appear on casual stuff these days, so maybe the loss of a feeling of formality is just a symptom of the times.
Thus he gave a perfect answer to "what kind of sweater is this?"
We've never needed such a thread because of this website.
Once hemmed the trousers will look alright. The jacket looks like a off the rack pattern with the large enough to fit everyone, too large to fit anyone sleeves and low arm holes. I'm no alterations expert (though there is one in a thread on the main style forum page for precisely this sort of thing), but my gut instinct is that the sleeves could be slimmed up a bit with no problem until the low armhole catches you.
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