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Guess that makes you the Marquis de Sade
In this case, the thread title means discussions about pictures that aren't on Scott Schuman's blog "The Sartorialist".
Does what you do on a cocktail of cocaine and heroin count? Are you gay if you have sex with a member of the same sex tripping balls on LSD for example?
Am I the only person who thinks UC looks just like Jason Jones from the Daily Show?
The flatcap does seem at odds with the western theme.
Perhaps we did.
Anyone got some basic store information about the Armory. I have a hellacious layover in HK and I'm coming in kinda late, so I'm curious if it's possible to stop in.
That 40% at the door dept store markup is madness. If you don't have time for a MTM suit from Korea, I'd just wait til I got home.
One of my facebook friends posted this. Too much fun not to pass on. The girl in this video is superhumanly nimble.
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