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Yeah, I actually picked up the same exact thing two days ago. $90 combined for both pieces.
Should have been in the NY store yesterday, Jersey stores aren't carrying it at all. Word around the boards is that the stuff really isn't too great, but I haven't seen any of it. I'm in NY, but it would be real tough for me to get down there this week. Sorry dude.
There's a 32 dark brown one up for sale on SuFu right now. No affiliation with me...but please buy it before I do.
Saks in NY is amazing. Can't even compare the website to it. Better than Bloomies in my opinion.
I couldn't survive without Converse. The absolute perfect shoe in my opinion, especially some of the earlier Varvatos collaborations (not so much the new stuff). They can be dressed up or down and never take away anything from the rest of the outfit. There's a reason they haven't changed in god knows how long.
Hipsters are awesome, I actually like them better than the NS. I have tiny hips and the lower rise suits me much better then the (what I feel is) high rise on the NS. I'm normally a 29 and sized down to a 27 (could have gone with a 26 I think). They fit damn near perfect now, though maybe a little loose in the waist.
Quote: Is it me or do Revolve do their best to put you off buying the jeans. All the kmw jeans look terrible on the model I've never seen a decent fit on an onlne site.
On hold for Dan again...thanks!
^^^ The middle one is quite nice as well, and probably the one I would get due to the price difference. I kinda like how it has minimal detailing anyway.
Quote: Considering on ordering one of these bags at 25% off. Leather is veggie tanned in Italy, bag is made in Canada. I've posted one of them before, but not the other two. Any thoughts? $CDN 330 $CDN 250 $CDN 380 Pretty sweet. I espically like the last one. Where are they from if you don't mind me asking?
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