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+1I passed on a cranberry one, but people are saying a black knit is "essential", so what could I do?The tie came from my 2nd stop. My first stop was complete BS, to complement my complete BS day (modem up and died on me, so I had to buy a new one). I had given up, and was about to leave, when I thought about the cool bags @1ofTheCoolKids has been finding, so I dug into the luggage pile. It all looked like crap. And then it didn't, when I saw this:The previous owner even...
This may have just solved a big question for me as well. I have a Dries Van Noten women's suit, with the tagged size "42". Am I correct in assuming that Belgium uses the German sizing rubric, so that according to the conversion chart, the suit is a size 12?The jacket measurements are:Armpit to Armpit 20 inchesWaist 19.5 inchesLength from Back of Collar 30 inchesShoulder to Shoulder 16.25 inchesSleeve from Shoulder Seam 23 inches +1.5
Leaky Thrift Sink?I'd never heard of PRPS before today, but I snagged it bc of "Made In Japan". They seem to do ok on teh bay.
Hey all. I'm finally acclimating after my return from Burning Man. I've decided that black suits are for weddings, funerals, and Burn Night. A desert fit pic may come later, but for now, can anyone tell me if this tie is a grenadine?
Gentlemen, I've been offline for awhile, and will continue to be so, as I leave for Burning Man tomorrow. You can trust that I'll be the steeziest motherfucker on the playa, and I trust that you'll all be collecting the grailiest things to make me jealous while I'm gone. A bientot!
So, does this mean dub-monks have finally jumped the shark? p.s. This is NOT a brag. They were all brand new JD Fisk or something like that, with glued-on soft rubber soles. You do not want.
In a little over a week I'll be leaving town for 11 days, and I want to make sure none of my auctions close while I'm away. Several of them are scheduled to automatically relist, however. I don't see an obvious way to change this on the "edit multiple listings" page. Does anyone know a quick way to make sure all of my items DON'T automatically relist?
Well, I guess if I post stuff like this, I should absolutely expect feedback. Bring it!I've gone back and forth about whether or not wool pants should go w linen, and I guess I'm still undecided, but I see your point.
I'm not sure what was going on there, because it doesn't always do that. But this was only my 2nd time wearing it.The things you learn when you take fit pics ...
Thrift fit. Sport Coat: Polo Ralph Lauren by Corneliani (thrifted). Trousers: Club Monaco. Shirt: Banana Republic (thrifted). Shoes: Shipton & Heneage by C&J (thrifted). Pocket Square: Ralph Lauren Purple Label (SF trade).
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