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Thrift sync, @GetBlatzed?A few more from the past few days, all N/A:More than I like to pay in a GW, but this thing is baller!Not exciting, but they always move on the bay.Practically new:Can any Gucci aficionados tell me if this is legit? I have doubts ...
Thanks! I'm trying to list these RIGHT NOW, and decided to wait 'til I could get more info on the tags.Is it weird that there's not an English language size/content tag on a pair of J. Press pants? These don't seem like a thing that would get counterfeited (and they look really well made), but it's odd that they're tiny (maybe women's size?) and not much English info. Any thoughts from the community?Edit: I overlooked Versace Guy's thought that these were made for the...
Burning Man thrift fit. Pretty sure I was the only person wearing an Etro sport coat (courtesy of @SpecialK2k12) on the playa. Everything but the boots thrifted.
'Nother question, eBros: Who knows about European military surplus clothes? I have this coat I'd like to sell, but I don't know the size, style, or going price. Appears to be Swiss. Can anyone tell me about it?
Can anyone familiar with Chinese decipher the content info on this label? Incidentally, on a pair of women's J. Press trousers. Is it weird that the label is all in Chinese?
Awesome link. Thanks, man.I just accepted the return. I leave for Burning Man tomorrow, and I don't have time to deal with it. Depending on when he sends the return, I should barely be able to refund his money in time.
Yes, chili an AE term, but I don't know anything about their color codes.
Goddammit. I think this is my first return request to do SNAD. What the hell color does this guy think a chili is? I'm happy to take the return if he's unsatisfied, but the shoes damn well do match the description, and I don't want to pay out $27 in shipping without charging a re-stocking fee. Do I just have to eat this?
Yay! I finally got another item in the Put This On eBay Roundup!
New Posts  All Forums: