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It was a last minute thing, but I hope to spend more time down there, since my friends confirmed that I have a regular place to crash. I'd love to meet up for a shop and a beer!
I haven't felt like I've had any worthy finds lately, but last weekend I visited some friends out of town and hit some estate sales and thrift storesVarvatos mainline suit, Corneliani blazer (orphan?), and Shades of Grey SC [[SPOILER]] 3xAE, plus some Florsheim Gunboats in need of serious TLCBest J&M shoes I've seen.Seasonally appropriateSeasonally inappropriate. Reyn Spooner pants? NWT I'll take a gamble.Eton and RugbyRolex themed VV, and an ancient BrioniOn consignment,...
As long as we're posting pet photos, meet Lucy (seen earlier in a VV bag) and Muddy. I can't get these freeloaders to do a lick of work around here.
Thrift cat.
I have a pair of those too, and I've been holding onto them in hopes that someone would confirm they're Inco. Positively not?
First one is better, in spite of the fact that square would fit better on instagram and some ebay pages. The pattern looks confusing in the second shot, and (IMO) it's best not to obscure the body of the shirt.
Only had time for a quick trip while donating some furniture for my sis, but it went well.
Nice. PM me if you ever thrift a copy of this:My dad loved that movie. IIRC, it was pretty funny,
Hah. Whiskey for me.But, slightly more seriously, meditation can help with that stuff. If you're in NY, check http://www.newyorkmeditationcenter.com/, run by a couple of friends of mine. ~20 minutes twice a day can smooth you out a bit--not that you seem to be hurting!
I must be getting better at this, because I was sure that was Marinella before I saw the tag.Beautiful find!
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