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This NEVER happens to me, and probably never will again, in this town. If there's such thing as a ties-only thriftening, I think I just had it. It started with a lonely Borrelli in the women's scarf section. Then it exploded. I'd never heard of Battisti before, but they're super nice. A few are 6-fold, and a few have this weird pocket in the lining. Seventeen Brionis were the least interesting of the lot. Pop x 3 Luigi Monaco, 8-fold. Kiton tie pop x2, and...
Sea Turtle, my G. but don't put it on the bay like that, restricted skin. Put as sea alligator or list on etsy.[/quote]Damn, son. Knowledge dropped!Thank you.
Been busy with Father's Day stuff (still missing mine) and helping my GF's dad work on her house (mad brownie points), so I haven't had time to post last week's goodies 'til today. All n/a, except maybe the Gustins if you have a similar pair in 34. I knew nothing about Cockpit USA, but I figured NWT and Made in USA made it worth it. We'll see. Who knew H&M made cool stuff? I so wish this fit me! Rag & Bone, but with a bunch of patches and damage on the pocket...
I love this place!Thanks. This means my first foray into estate auctions was a success.
So this was in a batch of wallets and stuff I won at an auction: First: does it look real? Second: what is it? Notepad holder?
I have a similar Brioni tux shirt with the same weird tail. I believe it's meant to wrap around to the front so it doesn't come untucked. I don't mean to brag, but the one on my shirt doesn't quite reach.
You should do what I do: buy it and give it to @1ofTheCoolKids! He loves 'em!Actually, Pucci is growing on me too, but as far as I can tell, if it's MINT, it's worth good money on that one site, and if not, it should just be for personal use.
Not true thrift, but a Junya pop from Crossroads (n/a): And a not-fake Ferragamo and a badass USA made madras SC:
Thursday dinner and a show. 
Thrifted Hickey Freeman suit. Thrifted JW Nordstrom shirt. Thrifted Larusmiani 6-fold tie. Inherited tie bar. Kent Wang pocket square. Thrifted Bulova watch. Thrifted Cheaney shoes.
Good luck with the boards.
New Posts  All Forums: