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Maybe an answer here? http://putthison.com/post/102882249030/four-favorite-overcoats-a-classic-mens-overcoat
Is Kroon a thang? I passed on one today ...
Yep. Big, expensive box. You might be able to buy one from a local hat dealer, or if you find a big enough box, make your own. Be sure to make a ring out of cardboard, styrofoam or whatever, that's just big enough for the crown to fit through. Put the hat in upside down so just the inner part of the brim is resting on the ring, then pad inside the crown all the way across the underside of the brim.That's what I did with a Borsalino that I sent overseas, and I got no...
This is the best article I've found for info on W&G: http://www.vice.com/read/the-great-lost-expedition-brand-000212-v20n2
I sold a Hawkes/Chester Barrie sport coat with buttons like that once. I believed (and claimed) that the buttons were unfinished antler. That thing was badass.
Do any of you ever contact sellers who are obviously (if not consciously) misrepresenting their items? I sent a message to the seller of these shoes: HANOVER Master Flex Oxford SHELL CORDOVAN Mens Dress Shoes 10 E http://r.ebay.com/4hlDxn pointed out that nothing in his photos says "shell cordovan", gave him a link to an article about shell, and asked if/how he was certain it was the real thing. His response: "To be honest, I don't know. I purchased these as cordovan and...
I'm seeing a white border on all of my thumbnails as well. Maybe they've always been there and we've never noticed?I try to crop all of my photos as squares (to fit the square thumbnails) or as 5x7 landscape (to almost fit the thumbnails on the iphone app). I try not to ever use a portrait layout for my main pic, as it will necessarily be shrunken down to fit a standard aspect ratio.
Question: How are Zanella trousers most commonly worn?Answer: [[SPOILER]]
Flip talk spoilered [[SPOILER]]
One of those days. The buyer of my Kiton suit took a week to pay, then as soon as he got it, said it didn't fit, so he was returning it. Pretty sure he never even tried it on, but I gave him a refund, minus my stated 15% re-stocking fee. Now he's saying I did my math wrong. It's not that hard, but the guy muse be using some "advanced" math! Then I shipped a shirt to TN, and the buyer swears her payPal shipping address is correct, but for some reason the USPS said it was...
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