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Thanks, my man! I'll check out DJ's!
I have this question too. My dad left behind a bunch of baseball cards, along with some basketball and football, including a bunch from the 1950's. I doubt any of them are true mint, and I need to figure out if grading them would cost more than it's worth. Do you just weigh your estimated blue book value against the per-card cost of grading?
There's so much winning on this thread that I'm tired of winning. Not much time to post lately though. I did kop this Celine pocket square/hanky thing for under a buck. The edges don't look hand-stitched, but the printing looks very good. Any bets on the authenticity?
Thanks. I can change the extension, but GarageSale still won't import it. I'll see if their customer service people can be of more help.
I can change to commas using TextEdit, but I can't save the resulting file as a .csv, only as .txt, which can't be imported into GarageSale.
Speaking of inventory systems, are any of you using the GarageSale inventory system? And if so, can you talk me through uploading the data? I've been using Excel for Mac to keep track of my inventory. (Which means, I put each item on an excel sheet, and never look at it again.) I recently entered all my inventory onto the form that GarageSale provides on their help page, but I get a generic error message every time I try to upload it. I contacted GS customer service, and...
Not 100%, but pretty sure all their barrel cuffs come with 3 buttons, except maybe custom jobs. Very nice shirt!
Back from Italy, back in the shops. I only went to one actual "thrift store" in Tuscany, and it was more like a Buffalo Exchange, where people sell their clothes which are then re-sold at higher-than-thrift prices, but not quite "boutique". I did find a couple of really good boutique stores, but bought nothing, as I was broke from Xmas shopping. From the thrift store I got these three items: Dolce & Gabbana sport coat and multi-check shirt, and a pair of like-new...
Did not kop. About 700€ in a boutique. Honestly, it didn't feel that amazing. But fun to see. And the other stuff in the shop was fantastic.
Can you tell me exactly how this request to the manufacturer goes? I've wanted to do this, but been reluctant to say, "I'm too cheap to buy your stuff new, so I bought a used one off a dead guy. Can you send me some free buttons?"
New Posts  All Forums: