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Thanks. It was a very small gamble, but I had hopes.
Any chance this is legit Thom Browne?
I wasn't searching paypal transactions, because this leak had nothing to do with my paypal account. I searched my checking account, which should rarely-if-ever have funds going out to paypal. My checking account doesn't usually see that much action, so it's not tough to search.I'm intrigued by the notion of keeping a second account, but that doesn't really prevent a thief from stealing your checking account info and linking it to their paypal account. It's a good idea...
Unless this happened a few years ago, there were no test deposits other than the ones I did to initially open the account. Digging through my records, there are, however, a couple more transfers from my account into a random paypal account, almost a year ago, but they're under $5. I'm wondering if it's either just a clerical error, or if it's thieves taking tiny amounts from hundreds of people who never notice.
Awesome haul!This might be unnecessary to say, but I caution you not to assume ties are NWT simply because the price tag is still there, hidden in the lining. I've found that on very old, worn ties before. Apologies in advance if you already know that.
Apparently it's a pretty common angle.http://articles.latimes.com/2010/nov/30/business/la-fi-lazarus-20101130All a thief needs is a check in order to get account number and routing number. PayPal needs to make it possible to limit access to one's bank account to just one PP account.
Cash only, and definitely NOT thrift prices. Originally $300, dropped to $150 today, so I would have gotten at least one if it had still been available. Dude, I first heard of Zilli like a week ago. I'm still learning the ropes!
Zilli coats were gone by the time I got back, dangit!
A better-than-usual estate sale weekend for me. POP! on Brioni shirts x5, plus one Stefano Ricci Not as nice as the last one I found, but I won't complain. Brioni x4 Plus a suit Dolcepunta pop!X2, Zilli (pop!), and Ricci (sadly with a bit of a stain that might not come out.) Practically new Ferragamo, and very much not new A. Testoni. Anyone know if this is real gator? @SpooPoker? And a couple of thrift store finds: RLBL (pop!) and Naked & Famous
New Posts  All Forums: