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Hah! You answered the hell out of that question! Do you just re-donate the buttonless jackets afterward?
Here's "what would you do?" Or maybe a "what do you do?" I'm selling a fairly nice, old PRL blazer, made in USA, fully canvassed, but it has a couple of tiny holes in the back, near the vent. These are noted in the description, of course. I won't be surprised if no one buys it because of the holes, so I'm thinking about just selling the buttons on their own, because I'd still get more than I paid for the jacket--I just feel bad about cutting the buttons off what is really...
I know that's a lot of items, but for any of us interested in buying or trading, could you include sizes? Not full measurements, just ballpark?
Do you do a flat-felled seam and everything, or just darts or what? I haven't had the patience to learn flat felling.
When I was checking to see if the first Hermes tie I bought was fake (it was), I just googled "fake Hermes". This hit was useful:http://jacobjmorris.hubpages.com/hub/How-To-Authenticate-A-Hermes-TieI'm no expert, but going by that link, you've got a fake. Like you, I'm curious to know what others say.
I found a nice henley for myself that turned out to be loopwheeled jersey knit. Looks good, super comfy, and apparently loopwheel jersey is the t-shirt equivalent of selvedge. The tag was torn off, so I have no idea who made it. Henley's don't have much in the way of identifying marks, but do any of you workwear guys have an idea what brand this is from the buttons?
Here's well-considered the Put This On position, informed by tailor Jeffery Diduch: http://putthison.com/post/38959291784/beware-of-steamers-a-garment-steamer-like-the-one
I don't think it could be anything but a joke. I still wouldn't be surprised if it got funded.
A new proposed garment from Betabrand. A onesy that looks like a suit. FFS. Tyrone MacStiophan responds here.
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