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I had an embarrassing/humbling moment last weekend. Took a gal to a specialty beer shop, wearing my thrifted digital camo BDU shirt. (Size S Xtra Long is a nice, slim fit on my size 40 frame.) The very friendly proprietor informed me that they offer a discount on cases for veterans. Actually, he may have been offering me a discount for the 5 beers I bought.* I just smiled and paid full price.I'm going to study the DIY thread and dye that jacket before I ever wear it in...
Oh, of course. I thought it was some online resource for maker info. Thanks!
That IS obsessive!I can see the SNAD explanation now: "Item was described as RGB 0/58/69, when it was clearly RGB 0/53/74."
Go digital:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colors:_A%E2%80%93F
Damn, son. That looks to be pre-1995, which means before they were bought by Lands End, which means the WG-heads will be knocking on your door, HARD!'Grats!
If you can't find your Black Watch waxed cotton, consider using something that'll provide a nice contrast/complement, like dark moleskin or leather. Someone on this thread added leather cuffs to lengthen the sleeves of a wool toggle coat, and it looked good enough that I'm probably going to steal the idea.
This is the label info inside a pair of Barrie Bootmakers Ltd. "made in England" oxfords. From what I've read, most of their English shoes were made by Cheaney, this looks about right. Can any of you guys confirm that these are Cheaneys, 175 last, size 11?
I'm soliciting photo opinions. Which backdrop works better with these shoes? I'm shooting on auto, with flash suppression and a couple of lights through umbrellas. [[SPOILER]]
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