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That reminds me - are some of you guys into David Chu? I picked up this shirt just because I'd always wanted a chamois shirt made from a real chamois, but 1oftheCoolKids (currently touring the Middle East, BTW) told me it was kind of a thing. Size Medium, but a bit too big for me.
Authenticity check anyone?
What the?Fit pic is MANDATORY for anyone who wears that out.
Da-a-a-ang!May I ask how long it took, approximately?
So sorry to hear about your cat. It's amazing how those guys become part of the family. Best of luck with your sales!
Getting my F/W game together! My Second Woolrich Shacket in this style. (The other one's lighter.) N/A. Scotch & Soda Parka, missing the camo liner. N/A. H Freeman topcoat, fully canvassed, in perfect condition. N/A--possibly for me. APC Wool Jacket, N/A.
I absolutely agree, however it's not clear (to me) that this is happening at GW. As I understand it, it's legal to pay some workers below minimum wage because they're already being supported by the government, ostensibly well enough that they don't need to work at all. For some in that position, GW is a good deal for the job training and/or opportunity to contribute to any kind of social project. I could be convinced otherwise, but I think there are much bigger giants to...
There was a discussion about this on this thread about a year ago, with a lengthy rebuttal from an SFer who had some experience working for Goodwill. It's not a cut and dry issue, and it's worth exploring in a bit more depth -- but I don't feel like searching for it here. Give it a try though, if you're interested.
According to this website, your Pendleton is 70s-90s era. It looks awesome.So many great finds in the last couple of days. You guys are lucky, persistent bastards! Salut!
36R gentlemen: I don't know this brand, but thought it worth mentioning. Van Gils Couture cashmere 2x4 DB blazer. I don't believe it's fully canvassed, and couldn't tell if pick stitching was for reelz. I didn't kop, but I don't think it's going anywhere, so PM me if you want a proxy.
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