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Thanks! I'll give it a go.
My post office called to say they'd get in touch with the Palo Alto post office and see if the package ever got on its way. Lo and behold, there it was, all beat to hell, at the bottom of my staircase today.So how do I go about charging the buyer for the 2nd shipment back to him, now that he's updated his address? Anyone ever do something like this?
I got a question from an interested bidder who also knows me from soccer. I don't fuck with Hugo Boss, so I don't know how to answer his question. Can anyone here provide insight on: "In your opinion how does a Zegna 44 fit compared to Hugo Boss sizing?" If not, I'll just tell him he needs to check the measurements.
I've never regretted adding a 15% restocking fee to my return policies.
I'll try USPS to see if I can clear anything up. At least they have a call-back customer service option, so I don't have to wait on hold for 20 minutes.
I need advice on a shipping/return issue.Buyer is new to eBay and didn't enter his apartment number with his shipping information. So, the sport coat I sent to him was undeliverable, and the tracking info says it was returned to sender--but the tracking info stops at that.I haven't seen the package, and have no idea where it went after Palo Alto. Maybe it's still there, maybe it came to my shitty apartment building and someone stole it ... who knows?*Buyer says he'd be...
I love this place.Anyone have any luck flipping them?
Posting here first because this thread is more active than the label ID thread. Long shot: can anyone identify these English jodhpurs? It was one of those "made in England = must buy" decisions, but I just can't make it out. Anyone?
Great work! Thank you for sharing.
Got a note from a buyer: "The package you sent did not include an apartment #. So the package was not delivered and based on the tracking information will be returned to sender. I would still like the product however. So could you resend it once it arrives? I would be fine with the least expensive shipping. If not could you please refund the purchase." I assume I should instruct him to update his address in PayPal before I try to re-ship, right? Anything else?
New Posts  All Forums: