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Second Margiela find ever, for me, first in shoes. Thanks to @1ofTheCoolKids and @vexco for the in-the-field verification!
It's nice when reading your feedback makes you feel good about yourself.
Denim-heads: is there a name for that kind of spiral inseam that you sometimes see on Levi's Made and Crafted, and a few other brands? Tryna sell a pair of All Saints jeans with that feature.
Advice, brothers? Picked up some nearly new USA made New Balance 993s. Not huge resale value, but imma try. Thing is, they're a women's model, WR993BK. Will women shell out for sneaks the way men will? Would you recommend selling them in the men's shoes or women's shoes category, or is it worthwhile to try both?
I forgot to list this Peter Millar SC I’ve had forever. I put it in the “listed” folder without actually listing it. So I just put it up, and it got a bid in like 5 minutes! Who knew?
Does anyone here have expertise on Red Wing boots? These are very well worn, but also have years left in them, but there aren't many visible markings. (Not sure if there ever were.) The embossed markings clearly show a "9", but they are most definitely NOT size 9. More like 14 or 15. Can anyone decipher what the number means? And offer advice on describing the size in a listing? (I should have checked more closely for a tagged size. Sometimes being in a hurry hurts me.)
Exhausting day of slim pickings. Just a few things made it worthwhile. All N/A. Ricci shirt, Barbera shirt ($$$), Prochownick tie I've been waiting to go on sale. Incotex chinolino and wool. For personal use: Brooks Bros merino "tactical neck" and a much needed new tripod.
I think of Celine as comparable with Hermes, but the average eBay buyer DOES NOT. Took me forever to unload a really nice silk/cashmere women's scarf. Same with a Celine tie, but I'll kop them for myself.
New Posts  All Forums: