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Shell cordovan double monks? You sure about that?
Similar to the shoes posted by @txwoodworker in this post, but mine have laminates covering the stitching on the soles (wearing thin, as shown in the photos). Are they Cheaney or Church's? Or something else? As best as I can tell, the markings inside are: 2 41 D M44R XS 25R ~3-60-002
I've been absent from this thread for at least a couple of months. While my family was preparing for my dad's memorial, I got a temp job that I actually like, and consequently haven't felt up to much socializing. I did get some thrifting in, and now that the memorial is done, I'm feeling more ready for socializing--and ebaying! On that note, here's a project I did on some very old Alden opera pumps. They have clearly had a lot of use, and the finish was all cracked from...
Just a few thangs from yesterday and today. My resolution to give up on shirts continues to fail: Ties: I'd never seen any Issey Miyake, so I had to buy it, even though I don't think I'll wear it. I think I'll try flipping it. The wool/silk Talbott and the PRL paisley are for me, since they're nice and slim. @SpooPoker can you help me date these Versace trousers? I know zip about Versace.
Just wanna say I love this thread. Sometimes I'm jealous as fuck and I hate you all, but even then--all the time, really--I really enjoy your posts and the cool things you find. #fuckyeahwoodfordreserveandSF
2 questions about a Ralph Lauren Rugby blazer, made in Italy. 1. Is this made by Cantarelli? 2. If so, is it possible that it's not fully canvassed? It's not passing the pinch test.
So does the dye.
My mom just took my grandpa's Bulova to a watch maker to get it tuned and cleaned up. I hope it looks that good when I get it back!
Usually when "I have a feeling" that I'll find something great, I'm mistaken. Today I had a feeling. The shirts were nice, but not nice enough, and I've lately been thinking shirts aren't really worth it for flipping (which is what I'm doing with all of today's finds). But I just had a feeling there was a RLPL in there.BANG! Along with Etro and Ascot Chang/Loro Piana.Thanks to @1ofTheCoolKids for caucusing with @SpecialK2k12, @tben, and @Ken P to help identify Zegna as...
Whaddaya mean "actually"? They're actually fucking awesome. Nice finds!
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