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I wish this fit as well as the James Perse pants I found a couple of weeks ago. N/A
A bit of cool vintage Americana:
Thanks. I may have to go back for them.
In the field. Legit reptile? [IMG][IMG]
Flip Talk: Is there any market for M65s from other countries? I have access to a handful of Croatian ones, presumably from the 90s.
Anyone have use for a pair of shell Hanovers with a crack right on the upper? If so, PM me right quick, because they're bound for the donation bin otherwise. LB Sheppard, 9.5D, suicide heels.
Redux on the old brown Nike Village runners. The more I learn and look at them, the more I like them. Good thing they're not my size, because I need money more than new shoes! Barely worn. Presumably made in 1978 (Nike-heads, school me if I'm wrong, please.) @dustinmyself, the soles are in the pics below. The most info I could find on them was here, at arkamix.
I stayed up late trying to figure this out. Looks like they're from 1978. "Village" model, not to be confused with "Le Village". They seem rare, and I can't tell how popular. Probably too big for Japan market but I hope to make a little off them.
Can the sneakerheads weigh in? I know nothing about sport shoes so I usually ignore them, however these Nikes caught my eye, and when I saw "Made in USA" on the tag, they seemed unique enough to pick up. Do I have anything good/interesting here?
Thanks, amigo. I guess that MADE IN ENGLAND script and the "since 1873" is consistent with other Cheaney labels out there, so that sounds right to me.
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