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If you come across a tagged 38R, please post or PM me - these are great suits at a more than fair price.
I bought the charcoal Hickey on Friday, received yesterday. Nice suit, great shipping and communication. Someone buy the Zegna coat!
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A Mine! Thank God. Nearly broke the bank on this.
It's hard to tell from the photos - how much/any room to let in the pants' seat/waist?
Altered since purchase?
Quote: Originally Posted by Edgar Allan Pwn wpeters is a excellent seller. Thanks! Great transaction with Edgar Allan Pwn - he's an excellent buyer.
I bought these from the good folks at Blue in Green. Unfortunately, after a hot wash in Dr. Bronner's and tumble dry, they didn't shrink down as much as I expected. So I'm selling to fund the purchase of a sz 31. Unworn except to try on. If there is interest, I'll post pics and measurements. Price $200.
I've lost some weight, so I'm selling a navy blazer that no longer fits. It is gently used and has a lot of life left. It would remain in the rotation if it still fit. Alas, 30 lbs. later, it does not. Pics and measurements below. Measurements taken using A Harris' extremely helpful post at . Prices include USPS Priority shipping to CONUS. Navy blazer, MTM by Tom James ($50 > SOLD): 2-button SB. double rear vents. 3-season...
Bump for a price drop to $80.
Bump for a price drop to $100. Beautiful jacket, folks. It needs to find a good home.
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