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Great jeans!
Hello, I had a problem with a paranoid member giving me bad feedback , based on his imagination. Can I inform about this to an Admin? I would like to show him all the messages and events with this guy so I can clear up this situation.
No , the waist is 32.5
Hello, I got a negative feedback from a retarded guy telling lies and abnormal thinking, is there a way to answer this and explain the situation?. There coud be a lot of weirdos around and is a bit sad that someone can have the freedom of posting bullshit without any possible reply
Hello, would you guys know where I can find something similar to this? cotton summer jacket, this one is sold out
The Pimlico looks nice, I had the kemptom and it was a bit roomy for me, I would like to have a chance to try the pimplico, it looks better than the Kemptom in my opinion
I am selling these 3sixteen SL-100x, brand new with tags, hemmed to 32.5 at selfedge.
Nice coat, I wish it was my size
Hello, like 3 years ago I ordered from selfedge a pair of SL100 that I had to return because they were a bit small in size. I want to order that model again, now to get the right size I can take the model I send back as a guide, have this model change in size recently?
Hello, please give me some advice before I order the UB301 -How much are these going to stretch in waist and tights? -any shrinkage in lenght? -What´s the general consensous, TTS, size one down? cheers
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