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The shoes are getting closer, though a lot of people around here dislike the split-toe so you might not get the best responses. Burn the tie in the middle, unless you matching cuffs
What a horrible question. It is entirely depended upon any number of factors. Most importantly where you live. Obviously the summer in Texas is a hell of a lot different than the summer in Canada or England. Also it depends on what you like to do. If I have to do yard work or am going hiking I would die in pants. Whereas someone without a yard and who doesn't go outside very often may never need shorts. But to answer your question, of course it is possible, but...
Jorts are appropiate for all situations. Attachment 65734 Except maybe an interview. It may be frowned upon
yes and no. The issue becomes whether the seller actually has the item at that time. I would do one if I knew I could get an item at a discount and only wanted to sell it, but wanted to make sure there was a market for the item. However I recently saw a Zegna suit "interest check." The vast majority of people know that is going to generate some interest, unless it is an unusual size.
people pay money for that
Spoo - pretty sure that was a bit more than an excuse to show of bracelets...
^ yes, if that movie has one thing it is some fantastic one liners. These are fantastic http://www.bonobos.com/store/item/swims_orange_loafer. How can they not be considered a 10.
Spoo. May not be the kind of bracelet's your thinking of, but he generally always has one on
A ten! An f'n ten! No need for a raincoat, complete overkill.
Referring to the original post? Or the AEs
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