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Superb. Thanks for gettin' back. I'll ask Context to source more sizes. Anyone have experience with RRL's heavier 11.5oz twill?
Howdy NYR:How'd the 31s work for ya? Did they open-up a bit? And they were the 9.23oz version, right?Thanks much.
Howdy all: Fabulous forum. Thanks for all the help I've gleaned from posts already. I'm hoping y'all might help with a few summer afternoon wedding tips, please. We're looking to marry seaside--groovy & fun. My bride-to-be wanted me in seersucker, so I nabbed Brooks Bros. suit & tailored it trim to fit well. We're using various madras ties to pull the wedding party gents together. They're sporting chino & linen suits. I went with a madras bowtie & suspenders, as an...
howdy flurec: I'm looking at Rescues & New Standards,- though may need a 30. you near Madison, by chance? Ben
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