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Anyone know if they ever plan on making fishtail parkas again? I'm convinced it's the best winter jacket ever. P.S. I'm looking for a TOJ fishtail in either M or L, any colour.
My TOJ1 2011 finally came. Took nearly four months from payment to get to my door, but eight days of those should be blamed on Canada Post (they suck). A perfect, perfect fit. Trust Charly. I was worried that I got the sleeves too short but they drape excellently, and pull back when the arm's bent juuuust a touch; barely enough to reveal a watch or something. Thanks, TOJ team, you guys have another happy customer! Definitely going to be referring some friends to your stuff.
MDR looks good fireflygrave. Ordered my toj1 2011 last week of September, praying for a tracking number, or that it just shows up unannounced at my door too!
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester how though? it's a thin-ass jacket and i'm wearing jeans.
the jacket really is slimmer than this picture shows, due to my position, but i'd like to hear your thoughts. i'm also thinking of finally giving my jeans a wash after 1 year of wear.
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