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Well, you can always come to my area; you won't be disappointed if you find Nothing.
I don't know if you are just looking for clothes, or occasionally branch out. I've had better luck at the Greenwich antique shops than thrifting. Prices are sometimes higher, but they are open to haggling. I have found amazing items in the area - 18th century silver, estate jewelry, Japanese woodblocks. On a sartorial note, I also used to be able to find boxes of buttons.Richards is probably having a trunk show this weekend. (Since they were bought up and became a...
Those are amazing denim.The directions I gave will take you to Wisconsin. The Board of Tourism guide recommend "charming shops and boutiques" along Hennepin, and other consignment/antique shops. Unless you are making the hunnits selling 30 year old women's clothing, I think you are safe!
I could have sworn I picked up a copy of that book though last time I was in the Cities.Yeah, I'm looking at it now... Has a page titled "Best Stores in St. Paul", and gives the directions "Get on the I-94 E. Drive 257 miles"Did you write that?
If we are talking about brilliantly written, philosophical mysteries (two pages ago?), I highly recommend Dorothy Sayer's Peter Whimsy books. The prose is dense, occasionally littered with classical allusions and poetic fragments, composed of denouncements broken with philosophic debates and the occasional chilling reference to WWII and Hitler. My post-Thanksgiving plans include a bit of cheese, whatever wine is left over, and my old copy of "Murder Must Advertise."
If it's any comfort, I gave my notice Monday, and my boss told me point blank that she was going to hire two people to replace me. One will handle the corporate blog and our social media presence, and the other will be writing new product copy and catalogues.
If its any comfort, the OxBridge applications are a bitchkitty. I started looking at them for my son (second grade isn't too early to start looking, right?) and the reason they don't look at your grades is because they think American grades are hyperinflated, ergo they expect you to demonstrate competence in your application.They added a third test.
I was about to say, "have you ever seen a male shoe collector?" but then I remembered where I was A lifetime ago, I used to run gaming and comic cons, so I have met the elusive female comic book collector.I think the big difference is that there is an idea floating around that women should save their money for accessories - it's what other women are looking at. So they buy cheap clothing that fills the landmines and $$$$ handbags. The woman who can afford a $100,000 to...
What's really sad is that the women's clothing that is flattering, made out of great materials, and has a mildly obscene original retail has very little resale value.I'm talking about labels like Akris, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera. Original retail of $1000-15,000 and I come across it at thrift and consignment shops for $50-$150. I see the H&M crap priced as high.
Like Spoo said, it's most likely shearling. However, it could also be sheared beaver. What does the pelt feel like?(insert appropriate crude joke.)Beaver is a denser fur, and a bit more oily.
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