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Quote: Originally Posted by rjd2 I've been a vegetarian on and off my entire life...all 28 years . In my experience it was a bit easier putting mass on when eating meat but it was not a night and day difference. It is more difficult to eat a balanced vegetarian meal, at least in this society. Western people tend to forget their has been a long tradition of living without killing animals; Buddhists and Hindus have sustained themselves in this manner...
i know use witch hazel down their after i shower, it helps a little bit but they smell don't smell fresh like how i want them
coconut milk goat milk camel milk soy milk- the only one i have tried and its horrible!
Quote: Originally Posted by ken Creatine isn't going to put 25 lbs. back on you, however unhealthy it is, which it isn't--at all. My vegetarian friends have kept their weight up by eating alot of candy. They replaced any muscle they had with fat, but their weight stayed up. If you feel sorry for animals, fight hand-to-paw with a lion. If you win, you can eat him without remorse. If he wins, he eats you. It's a great way to get your cardio in,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 I liked Kiehl's Sodium PCA Oil-Free a lot. Now I use a gentle cleanser and cut back on the medication if my skin starts to dry out. Seems to work better, and I'm not constantly applying moisturizer and removing dead skin. im beginning to think you work for KIEHL'S every topic you claim to use a Kiehl's product as if its that popular. to the topic, when you have oily skin its almost impossible to use a...
driving to a gym to workout is too much like another job, i'd perfer to exercise in the comfort of my own home
Quote: Originally Posted by mizanation oh boy. here we go again. and guess what? you have to pay a bunch of money for it
i went vegterian for 6 weeks, now i've never been a big guy i was about 160 prior to doing it, when i weighed myself i was 135 pounds. i notice it appered my head was getting big but i didnt think i lost that much weight. what are some things you could eat to maintain weight? thats HEALTHY, because CREATINE is not!
brazilian jin jitsu training is overrated, its basically high school wreslting pratice for adults!
exfoilate your shoulders, with a pumice stone or loofah
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